__Suan Sayam (Siam Park City) ________Hey Hey !! (With Video Clips) written by RinSa YoyoLive

"Hey you! I want to make a trip" "Hey you! when are we going together again?" "Can we make a day trip because I can't take leave?>_<" ??? These are the conversations among the gang of travellers. It's not easy to make each trip that all people in the gang can join because everyon

__Suan Sayam (Siam Park City) ________Hey Hey !! (With Video Clips)

__Suan Sayam (Siam Park City) ________Hey Hey !! (With Video Clips)

"Hey you! I want to make a trip"

"Hey you! when are we going together again?"

"Can we make a day trip because I can't take leave?>_<"


These are the conversations among the gang of travellers. It's not easy to make each trip that all people in the gang can join because everyone works in different places and different times. Everyone has different period of holidays. However, spirit is counted to make it happens. It's fun to go with friends.

"Shall we go to Siam Park City "Sea of Bangkok"?? It's nearby."

Everyone is stunned for 3 seconds. We have not been to Siam City Park for so long. Exactly! since we were kids and now we are grown up as adults.

What about you? When was your last time at Siam Park City?

Let's go to Siam Park City with the gang in a brutal, fun and amused version.

Hipsters at Siam Park City in this version emphasise on chic photos inside the park.

Ready! Let's go!!!

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These are members of the gang who join the trip today. We are ready and the sky of Bangkok is ready too. It's ready to shine its far more sunlight to us.

Though it's rainy season, it's hard to believe that during the recent mid September has this kind of bright sky.

Alright, let's take some memorable photos of 9 peoples and 1 photographer.

There are lanterns in several spots around the park. It is said that from November 19, 2015 the park will host the event "ASEAN Lantern Festival" to celebrate 35 years.

You can enjoy exploring the splendour of giant lanterns and this theme park for long from 10:00hrs till 22:00hrs.

But at this time huh huh....

Great action first before starting to play all rides. Look at facial expressions, everyone is so happy.

There is a promotion on admission fee to the park till November 18, 2015 at 500 baht instead of regular price at 900 baht per person for all rides including the water park.

Ready to go and get wristband to enter the land of Siam Park City.

Double-Deck Merry-Go-Round is a symbol plaything of this park. It's a classical two story carousel but only one story is open to service.

When I see this, I likely think of Slow Life haha.

To warm up the body before going to other playthings.

Our team ride roller coaster "Boomerang" forwards and backwards. Another is one of the two largest suspended looping coasters in the world "Vortex". We have to hang our legs. This is really a test for one's willingness. Totally sweating!

It's a challenge. Whoever is scared do not ride. We don't want to be humiliated so we run up together to the plaything immediately.

Most of people like to play this plaything. It's the most fun thing in my option. Oops, that is not true because there are more fun to see. This is just a little.

But at this time, let me go and scream out loud first.

Oh, Do I really lose my voice from screaming at this first station. Not yet!

To enjoy more, let take a look some of the video clip because photos may not give enough excitement.

How is it? It's exciting enough that tiger balm or inhalant are needed haha.

Twin Dragon or Dragon with two heads. Let's prove the strength at this station. We are all strong.

Each plaything restricts the height of rider. Not everyone can ride. There will be staffs to supervise closely.

When everyone is ready. I'm not sure if the look of rider is also restricted. We are all in good look and make it through only one take. And again, the screaming sound is continuing to play.

Ah Ah Ah Ah….

Just photos are not good enough. Let's take a look video clip to see how fun it is huh.

Siam Park City or so called "Sea of Bangkok". The sun doesn't provide just normal heat but very strong heat on that day.

Let's go to the water park zone now. A giant 7-storey-high rainbow slide "Speed Slide" is still one of the highlights of this Siam City Park.

The team walks to this water park zone. It's refreshing to see the water.

There are also beech chairs provided for those who want to lie on and relax.

When I was a kid, I liked to play in the water all day long here.

If my mom did not stop, I would be completely rotten in the water haha.

But Mom, today we are all adults.

Thus, I want to be myself.

#The team of women is ready.

#The team of men is also as ready as us.

The photo from the top is taken at Si-Am Tower. It's a tower to see breathtaking views above the park at over 109 meters. It's the highest in Southeast Asia. Oh wow!

There is air conditioning inside the Si-Am Tower. You can really enjoy the breathtaking views from the top. If you are up here, you can see Siam Park City from the top in every angle.

You can see the enormous playthings especially the roller coaster that covers most of the area in this park.

Like this heat, we want to be up here a little longer. I hope you don't' mind.

Log Flume is another plaything that shouldn't be missed. Definitely, we don't miss this in such a hot day like this. Water splashing!

This zone you will get wet but it's definitely cool.

It can relieve the heat very well on the day like this.

Wow, it is energetically chill and cool.

Tagada Disco is a first generation plaything at this park. I have one word to say that I feel sort of dizzy hahaha.

Jurassic Adventure

The enjoyment of our team doesn't stop here. If you are ready, we are also ready though the heat is extremely strong but we are not frightened of it.

I want to say that Bangkok is so hot during the rainy season. (Many times of repeating) hahaha.

The last scene of our team but this is not the last zone in the park. There are many playings in different zones. Some of them are being repaired. Some are indoors and some are outdoors. And this zone is the Grand Canyon Express.

As I said, this trip is to emphasise on chic photos and there are many trendy and hipster corners depends on each individual's creation. It's really a great fun to walk and take photos all day long here.

To bid farewell with the team photo of bottom holding, there are many action, much fun, laugh and smiles.

A hipster trip at Siam Park City is really a great fun. It's tiring but full of happiness because of friends.

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  • Photographer : BiO (Sarawut Pathan)
  • Story :RinSa YoyoLive