Eastern Part Islands @ THE DEWA Koh Chang written by ลุงเสื้อเขียว

. I did join the activity on FB: Next Travel Magazine and won an accommodation gift Voucher for 2 nights Deluxe room and breakfast at THE DEWA Koh Chang, tax value of the prize (980 baht) but I have paid for other costs of this journey, the vehicles, One Day Trip tour by myself. For t

Eastern Part Islands @ THE DEWA Koh Chang

Eastern Part Islands @ THE DEWA Koh Chang


I did join the activity on FB: Next Travel Magazine and won an accommodation gift Voucher for 2 nights Deluxe room and breakfast at THE DEWA Koh Chang, tax value of the prize (980 baht) but I have paid for other costs of this journey, the vehicles, One Day Trip tour by myself.

For this trip, I was traveling by my personal car from Bangkok through Motorway (Highway 7). When you see a Chanthaburi sign, turn left to the Bung Bung (Highway 334 ) then go straight through the Klang three intersection . Then Turn left again and follow the (Sukhumvit Highway 3) and drive straight through the PubPla traffic light and turn right. Then go straight across the River Weru. After passed the first traffic light, you will see the second traffic light and a sign of ferries of Koh Chang. Turn right and go straight There are signs along the way there.

Going to Koh Chang by personal car requires to use the service of a large ferry boat from Lamrob Trat province. There are only 2 ports.The first port is at Koh Chang, located at natural Bay and the second port is in the center point port ferry located at Klong Yai district.

I will tell you the detail about both ferry ports for you to make the decision to use the service at Koh Chang.

The first point of Koh Chang ferry port is at the Center Point Ferry Port. If you follow the way that I said before Koh Chang ferry port is nearest port to Koh Chang, takes around 30 minutes. The ship will depart every 30 minutes, the fee is 80 baht / person, 120 baht / 1 car.Going to Center point port is passing through the Koh Chang ferry port. Taking the ferry for about one hour, the fee is 80 baht / person (if you buy a round trip tickets, it is 120 Baht / person / round), 100 baht / 1 car (if you buy a round trip tickets,160 baht. / car / round)

I choose Koh Chang Ferry Port.

After buying a ticket, keep it safely because before parking the car, the officer will ask for a ticket. I wait for about 10 minutes, then officer will let me drive the car to the ferry boat. The large island in the front is Koh Chang.

The boat divides into three floors. The ground floor is for parking. The second and the third floor are for passengers. The second floor has a shopping store, selling snacks along the way to the island.

When the ship reached the island, I went ahead to Klong Pow Beach which is the location of The Dewa.The Dewa entrance is in the narrow alley so the sign is smaller than Amari Hotel. I suggest you to look for Amari Hotel. The entrance door of The Dewa is the same way to Amari Hotel, about 300 meters from the alley to The Dewa.

On the left is an area for guests to relax while waiting for check in.

The right side is a Front Desk designed as an elephant.

The left side is a Front Desk for guests to relax here.

After check in completely, I went to sit in a small garden that next to the front desk and drink a sip of Welcome drink, Pandan Juice, smell so good.

The Dewa, this word is from the word TEWA . The design here is the Rustic Tropical style which focuses on bringing rural culture mixed with a tropical style. So, the design is a combination of simple structures (Rustic) and natural Tropical (Tropical) of Koh Chang. The building and villa are made of exposed concrete with a natural materials. For example, the roof is using the Red Baron grass and cedar wood as a component to harmonize with nature. In addition, the resort also decorates the garden perfectly.

The way to the room has a very peaceful atmosphere. My room is not far away to the front desk.

Although I can't walk to a swimming pool from my room but that's not a problem for me. The room that I stayed is quiet. When I stand by the door of the room, I can also see the pool. I think the room that near the pool is not quite private because guests will always come to lying on the pool almost the entire day.

I stayed at this room for 2 nights, The 'do not disturb' sign is awesome. This picture is a sign shows that I want to take a rest and please do not disturb me.

In front of the room, there is a small relaxing place to see surrounding atmosphere and a lamps to light the candle on the evening that can build up the romantic atmosphere too.

Let's come to see inside of the room, when open the door I see bed in the middle of the room, the wall and the floor is the exposed concrete, on the other side of the wall is use the wall curtains as a component, ceiling above the bed have a white thin texture, making the room looks more elegance.

There is a sofa at the end of the bed with big pillows for guests to sit and watch TV.

Behind the bed is a working area and wardrobe.

In the wardrobe has coat, safety box , flashlight , coat hangers , shoes for walking in the room , slippers for a

walking outside and towels to use after swimming.

In the corner of the room is the entrance to bathroom.

The area inside the bathroom is narrow, parallel to the length of the room. Having Bamboo as part of decoration. The bathroom is separated into two areas. When opening the bathroom,the left-hand is the basin and bath

For Basin area, the resort provides equipment to use in the bathroom, including the hairdryer, bath towels Shampoo and soap liquid.

The right side of the door is the toilet with a shower hose and Rain Shower, clearly separate wet and dry area in the bathroom .

There is a note pad to write note on it

Hotel provides a Minibar, drinks, snacks, tea and coffee

When pull up the Mollie in the bath, you can see the area of the rooms.

I think that the bed in the middle of this room makes the space seem a little narrow. Living space is the area around the bed, which can not fully utilize the space.

Let see other facilities that the resort provides for guests, begins with a little shop which close to the front desk.

Next to the shop is the stairs leading up to The Spa.The Spa is open from 09:00 to 20:00.

The second floor is Spa Reception.

Area for guests to sit and wait here.

Guests can also have a massage outside the room to feel the outer atmosphere because they have already prepared for it.

Or if you want a full spa treatment, just come to this room. Inside was decorated simply but beautiful.

Each room has space for Spa and Soaking tub. Some rooms have steam room also.

Tired travelers who want to relax their muscles should try spa here. There is a variety of treatments provide in the most luxurious ambiance. A relaxing massage at the Spa is fulled with quality products and good quality.

Let walk outside to see some good atmosphere.

The Green area, many people have passed through this area and I am sure that everyone will take their pictures here.

Let see the Swimming pool, Swimming pool is open daily from 07:00 to 19:00 PM. The pool is about 700 square meters, it's quite large.

There is a children's corner besides Bar too.

After tired from swimming, you can find some snack or drink at Pool bar.

สระว่ายน้ำของที่นี่จะเป็นสีดำประกายทอง เมื่อต้องกับแสงจะดูระยิบระยับมากครับ

The atmosphere around the pool

Look like a spiral sign that can be seen in many corner of The Dewa I think it's unique here.

Let's see the accommodation of Villa.

The Villa is the exposed concrete style and Imperata Cylindrica grass were used for decorate.Each Villa designs differently. You can see the sea from most of the Villa areas.

Walking through the Villa is The Beach area. There are a dining tables available to serve for guests.The Beach is open from 10:00 to 22:30.

And at the side of The Beach is a seaside recreation area.

After relaxing in the resort to get boost up energy, I go out to buy a package tour for a tomorrow trip in the morning at HAD KAI BARE Beach . Many packages are available to choose whether diving, riding elephants, hiking, drive ATV, but I choose diving .

Package tour prices have a varied price depending on tour companies and types of boats, I choose a services of Koh Chang Boat trips.The tour is four-hours boat trip,going to Koh Yang, Koh Rung, Koh Lon and Koh Waii. The fee is 500 baht / person. But who those do not like long time boat trip, you can buy a speed boat trip which costs 900 baht for speed Boat / people.

After I choose the tour, I return to the resort again to watch the sunset on the beach at the resort.

For those who love taking a photo , You can go to the beach behind the resort to look for a beautiful place for photo taking. You can find several common elements into the camera frame.

Many activities in the resort.

While waiting for the the sunset, I went on to find a place for photo taking.

Every Friday, the Beach provides a Cabaret Night Theme for Thai Buffet.

The event will start from 18:30 PM., adult fee is 599 baht and 300 Baht for children.

Now The beach is completely prepared a space for Cabaret Night. Chef team is ready to serve you. Take a look at my spoon and fork It looks like a shell.

For those who want a private seat, the resort can provide it for you.

Let see the food, this section is where Chef has prepared the foods for guests in advance . On the day I went there, there were fried vegetables, fried seafood, spicy pork curry, stir fried chicken with cashew nuts, fried pork with ginger, sour soup, Tom Kha Kai. For a beverage, there are Punch and Yadong (foreigners like to drink Yadong ).

Wind and sunset are very romantic atmosphere.

In addition, there are several menus that Chefs are ready to serve freshly such as Pad Thai and fried fish patty.

About 7 p.m., there are many cabaret shows. After the show end, there is a live music by singers from the Philippines . During the cabaret show, many guests from nearby resort joined this cabaret show too, after the show finished, beside resort also showing a fire dancing show so I got to jam with them too.

After enjoy the dinner, I went back to the room to relax. When entering the room I found the Welcome Fruit that I saw waitress prepared to serve to each room in the afternoon. For tonight, I will take some rest to boost up energy because tomorrow the tour company will arrange a car to pick me up in front of the resort.

The morning heading out for snorkeling, I am going to get some more energy at The Restaurant which is located opposite to my room, near the swimming pool. The Restaurant opens from 06.30-10.30 am.

The Restaurant is quite large, many tables are provided in both right-wing and left-wing and in the middle of the building.

Let's see the breakfast menu, quite various. Starting with Potato Au Gartin, chicken pepper sauce, ham, sausages, chips, Palo pasta, vegetable fried with oyster sauce, fish with celery, salad, bread, fruit salad, yogurt, fresh fruit, Papaya Smoothie. Moreover, there are also eggs, bacon, pancake, sea noodles, made fresh right there. For me, I especially like bacon because it's crispy and very tasty.

08:15 am, two rows bus of Koh Chang Boat Trip company come to pick me up in front of the resort in order to send me to Bang Bao port. It is quite bustling at Bang Bao port this morning because many tour companies use this port to start their journey.

Bang Bao is the fishing village.There are many seafood restaurants. Lighthouse is a unique building here.

According to the schedule, the ship should departures from the port at 09.00 am, but today it's late for half an hour. The more we ship away from the shore, the more we can see a clear water.

First island, the boat driver just shipped there to take something, he said the name of the island but I could not remember the it's name. I see the clarity of the water. Water color is very beautiful.I don't think that water of the Gulf of Thailand will be that clear when compare to Andaman.

The first destination of today is Koh Tong Lang or Little Giants Island . Little Giants Island is a small island formed in the middle of the sea, no sea beach and quite rocky. This area have many sea urchin and many small fish as well.

It's lunch time after finished playing with water. This meal is a buffet with omelet and fried noodles and chicken curry with eggplant. Just eating for a minute then we arrived to the second island, Koh Lang. Koh Lang has clear water, white sand, looking out you will see the difference of color of the sea. If no one mention that this is Trad sea, I would also think that I'm travelling to the Andaman sea.

Look out for another corner.The Middle Island is a Koh Yak Lek island. It's my first destination. The island on the right side is my next destination.

Going out from the Koh Lang, now will go to Koh Loan or Koh Yak Yai. Koh Yak Yai adjacent to the Koh Yak Lek. Koh Yak Yai is large enough to see the coral clearly more than Koh Yak Lek. Small fishes are everywhere.

Today's final destination is the Koh Waii. The man on the ship will give each person 1 chicken barbecue, a half boiled corn cob, 3 pieces of watermelon, 2 pieces of pineapple,arranged in one dish while travelling to the island which can refreshing me a lot. Koh Waii is the largest island here. The highlight is the wooden bridge that stretches from the port to the beach. There is a restaurant for tourists on the island as well.

We ended the program tour at the Koh Waii, they sent us at Bang Bao port. We reached the port at 17.00 PM and they took us to the hotel .

After Koh Chang Boat Company dropped me at the resort,I planned to go to see sunset at Kai Bae scenic viewpoint.

Not so far from the resort to get to Kai Bae scenic viewpoint. This place can be seen Koh Marn Nai, Koh Marn Nok, Koh Pree and Koh Yuark, I stood at this viewpoint, looked at the islands below and saw the tourist from Koh Chang kayaking to Koh Marn Nai. I strongly respect their power and patience to paddle to the two islands, because it is far enough when I estimate the distance with own's eyes.There is also a red letterbox looks like a rocket for tourists to take photo with it at the viewpoint.

After sunset, I was in hurried of going back to the resort and took a picture of the atmosphere at the resort during a twilight time.

Start at the front of the resort and the reception here.

The Restaurant and swimming pool

บริเวณ Villa และ The Beach ครับ

Before going to bed, I went back to the pool again because today the sky was fulled of stars.

Some bakery provided by the hotel for you before going to bed.

The day before going back home I need to stock up on supplies before leaving, the same place at the same time that The Restaurant.

Breakfast menu for today, starting with a fish sauce with white wine, Hutcheon Brown, Breakfast Veal Sausage, cabbage with red crab, squid curry, Mix Fruit Smoothie gourd chicken and noodles. You can notice that most of Thai food is changed.

Although this is near the sea but Deluxe rooms, the rooms are invisible to see the sea. But that was not a problem because just walk two hundred meters from the room to the beach. Staying over two nights at The Dewa,I feel pleasure here. This place is peaceful, private and the officer have a great service too. I can say that my journey this time I have eaten (delicious) food and sleep well.

Before leaving, I went back to take memories at Kai Bae scenic viewpoint again.

Then headed to Supparod port. We visited the white beach to take photos on the way too.

I choose to use the services of the Koh Chang ferry again.

The front island is land of the Thailand,Trad province.

Travelling on the Koh Chang, If you not travel with your private car, you can use the service of a minibus or rent a motorbike to drive around the island. But the road on the island is quite narrow and the slope is hard to drive like driving in a northern part.The step is up and down, it is very hard to drive here .

Koh Chang National Park consists of 52 satellites, Koh Chang Island is the largest island in the area. And it is the second large island in the country after Phuket. Koh Chang has a natural resources. The island also a source of fresh water and natural waterfalls. In 2014, the Tourism Authority of Thailand was announced Koh Change island as 1 of the 10 Dream Destinations which you should visit it once in your life time. Except from Koh Chang, others island is also equally beautiful such as Koh Mak, Koh Kood, Koh Kadard and others. I hope that I will have the opportunity to visit the Koh Chang National Park again and visit Koh Kood, Koh Mak soon.

For souvenirs from the island, salted seafood is popular here besides that durian is also popular too, whether the fresh Durian or preserved durian. Too bad I did not come during durian season so I did not taste it.

After reached the shore of Trad, the final destination I went was the Natural Tourist Center at Hat Sai Dum Beach and mangrove forest. There is special black sand which only 5 places in the world (Taiwan, Malaysia, California, Hawai and Trad).

Hat Sai Dum Beach is not far away from natural port which is about 15 km. There is a sign posted along the way but the sign was disappeared at the intersection. You just turn left about 500 m. at the intersection to the way to Trad then you will see a small sign of Hat Sai Dum Beach leading the way to the right side.

Hat Sai Dum Beach is the only black sand beach in Thailand, the scientific name is Limonite., it's a reddish-brown to black minerals that is occurred by the decomposition of mining waste and shells, mixed with Quartz Silica. Originally the mangrove forests have been degraded, but later on there is a reinforcement of afforest in this area, turning to a fertile forest and becomes a recreation area and it was a center of small aquatic animals.

The forest is set up as a mangrove nature trail up along the way to study the variety of plants such as mangrove leaf.

White flowers

Walking along the way about 500 m. to Hat Sai Dum Beach, I felt regret that the water comes up at that time so I just saw a small pieces of sand that was blowing off to stuck on the beach side, did not see the black sand clearly. There is a pavilion for relaxing at Hat Sai Dum. Overlooking from this pavilion you can also see Koh Chang.

For those who would like to visit Hat Sai Dum Beach, please inquire about the tidal at this number 039-619-326-7 or contact K'Ke at 089-605-1614 before visiting.

I will come to visit this place again to see the black sand clearly. I would like to end the trip here.

It's wonderful and it's one of the trip which impresses me a lot.