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Hostels/Hotel group in Taiwan welcomes you to participate in tour review!

Taipei ~ Taichung, review our hotels, discover Taiwan

Offer to Blogger :

  • Room with breakfast For 2 person(s)
  • Room type Private for hotels, dorm for hostels, capsule for capsule hotels For 6 night(s)
  • Transportation fare amount 1000 THB
  • Pocket money amount 1000 THB

Blogger Must Do :

We are a hostel group in Taiwan who thrive to show the world all about Taiwan!

And we are currently looking for bloggers to work together.

We have 7 hostels in Taiwan and more than 10 hotel partners, all situated around Taipei - Tainan - Taichung - Kaoshung.

We have already worked with more than 20 Thai bloggers, all sharing good content review for Taiwan.

If you are interested in Taiwan please do not hesitate to contact us!

Hotel brands and partners:

  • Mr lobster secret den design hostel
  • Muiu capsule inn hotel
  • Box design hotel
  • Trans inn hotel
  • 4 u hostel
  • 4 plus hostel
  • Lovei small apartments

1.Theme setting

Discuss the theme of the review, we always work with high quality content, so that the viewers can really learn and enjoy Taiwan, the blogger must write good content and useful info for the viewers.

We will provide the theme for the trip (for example: 5 days budget travel in Taiwan, Top 5 hotels in Tainan)

You will review in detail the hotel / hostel, and the trip around Taiwan.

Post done in social media & blog, blog format or video.

2.Tour setting

Taipei - Tainan - Taichung - Kaoshung - hualien

Usually the entire tour will be 4 - 6 days.

3.Extra sponsors

Depending on the date of your arrival, we may include other sponsorship, please contact to discuss further details.

Restaurants, private kitchen meetings, events or even transport or tours, depending on the theme or the partners involved in each blogger reviews.


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