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De Princess Udonthani enjoys a prime location in the heart of Udon Thani city with easy access to the main shopping and business district. Unique among Udon’s choice of accommodation De Princess will offer a genuine premium international 4-star experience brought to life through its outstanding fully equipped accommodation, first class amenities and personalised service.
Spacious rooms ranging from 32 – 157 sqm are luxuriously appointed offering a cosseting stay and facilities include De Nang De Restaurant, a swimming pool, gym, massage room, De Library, function space, a private dining room and Coffee&Co-Working DeSpace for startup companies, including private offices as well as fixed and flexible desks.
The overall interior and architectural design concept has been created with a modern living lifestyle in mind experienced through the use of contemporary décor, furnishings and colour palettes.
Date of Opening : August 4, 2018.


De Princess Hotel Udon Thani
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