Sabaidee.. Hello Laos...

Welcome to my journey...

I would like to write this review to share my good memory and impression of this journey. Sometime we have to do something different. I start this journey in rainy season but it is not a problem for me at all and another thing is I take a boat to Luang Prabang....

When we do thing different from other, we will see thing differently....

1. Raining

For the first day, I take a green bus to Chiang Khong and stay there for a night.

@ Fai Guest House (350 THB/ Night) providing everything like in the hotel.

Then I buy a package slow boat to Luang Prabang including boat ticket for 2 days, shuttle bus to the border, and shuttle to the pier for about 200 THB. (For the first time, this package is very convenience for you).

In the morning, we will get a form to complete before crossing the border and get a sticker to identify yourself which company are you coming with.

We can do the exchange at the border just enough for one day because you can exchange again in Luang Prabang where you will get a better rate.

Once we cross the border, there will be a shuttle to pick us up and go to the pier. The boat is departure at 11.00 am. then we will get a ticket for 2 days which there will check again. You better eat at the pier or buy something from outside to eat while onboard because everything in the boat is very expensive.

There are both locals and foreigners on the boat. It would be best for you if you have you own hobby to kill sometimes. For me, I am so excited with an amazing view around me^^.

Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge 4 : Chiang Khong-Huaysai

If I take bus or plane, I might miss a traditional way of life of people beside Khong River as you can see...

The boat will stop at some station for local people to get off and we will see people on aside waving their hands to tourists

2. A Painful Lesson

Around 5.00pm. the boat will stop for a night. We have to find a place to stay which there are many options. I decide to walk and choose the hotel on my own. And that where a painful lesson happens.

I found a hotel room with air-condition for 50,000 LAK. When I pay for the room, the guy at the counter try to cheat on me and when I go up to the room the air-condition is not working, the socket is broken, actually nothing can really use. In the morning, I ask the other they also have the same problems. There are good hotels but they are going to be very expensive.

What more painful than the room is a regular fried rice with pork for 120 THB. It is very expensive.

3. Nice to meet you

In the morning, it is time to move on through the shower rain. I buy sandwiches to have on the boat.

Today the boat departure at 10.00 am.

Check the ticket and get on the boat.....

It is raining all day and it is getting cold.

The good thing to be here in rainy season is you can enjoy all the season; hot, cold and rain. And the boat can go faster in rainy season.

Hello my new friend..... Nice to meet you

4. After the rain always a clear sky

Arriving in Luang Prabang about 4.00pm. the rain stops and the weather is so nice.

At Luang Prabang Pier, there are cabs services to the city center. I take a cab to the hotel with my foreigner friends who have not got a place to stay. The last person who comes along the trip with me is my Chilean friend.

@ Downtown Backpackers Hostel which is located in the city center and next to the morning market. It is a dorm room with capacity of 6 people. The rate is around 200 THB including breakfast. (The taste is not bad :P).

My first meal in Luang Prabang....Pho... (Noodle Soup) with free vegetable

Beer Lao....(just try other they would say that you are not really here).

5. Alone but never alone

Even it is raining, the show must go on. We go on as a plan to give sticker rice to monks at the morning market.

From other reviews, there will 200 - 300 monks to come but at the moment there are only 6 -7 monks to walk under the rain....

In the afternoon, my friend and I go to Tad Sae Waterfall (a cab for 170 THB round trip including entrance fee). At the entrance, there is black bear conservation center where we can stop by to take a photo with this little cute one.

Here we are, at the beautiful fall ever....

Why am I the only girl here???...^_^...

After having fun at the fall, we continue to walk up to the top of the fall...

Here we are....the top of the fall^^.

In my opinion, it is not beautiful as I expect as it is covered by many trees. It starts to rain again so we go back to the hostel, have some drink and chit-chatting.

6. Time to say Good Bye

This is the last day in Luang Prabang and some of my friends are leaving. So it feels so depress. I visit temples and other tourist attraction places before heading to Vang Vieng.

Saensukaram Temple

Chiang Thong Temple

Wall painting of Chiang Thong Temple

Luang Prabang National Museum

Phrathat Phu Si

Luang Prabang City

Bamboo Bridge @ Kan River

7. Good bye Luang Prabang

It is time to leave but I still do not to leave because Luang Prabang is a very peaceful city, not a busy capital like in many big city as every shops and bars will be closed at 10.00pm.

Alright, it is time to move on....

I have booked a van to Vang Vieng which they will pick us up at the hostel. It is raining all the way there, the weather is colder and have fog. So it is quite low visibility and the van cannot go too fast. From Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng, it takes about 4 hours as the road is quite difficult to drive (go up and down the hills).

My first day in Vang Vieng is raining so I just stay in the hotel.

I would say that I am the one who also fall in love with Vang Vieng mountains as it is so beautiful which is very high and cover by greenery scene.

8. Tubing Party

Another day in Vang Vieng with water activities such as rafting or tubing....

Luckily, the hostel that we stay, they arrange a trip for all guest to tubing party. There will be bars along both side of the river and they will throw the robe to us so that they can pull us over...

At the bar there is a game that we all play together and the winner get the free drink. We are having so much fun.

Money is not everything, just enjoy every moment in your life.

9. Jumping in Blue Lagoon

My friend and I rent a motorbike to Blue Lagoon as it is cheaper than taking a bus and we can stop by any places as we want to.

If you are going to ride, you have to be careful as Laos people they do not tight their cows.

Arriving at Blue Lagoon....

We decide to go up to the cave first as their are so many tourist at the lagoon.

There is a Buddha Image and beautiful stalactite inside the cave. It is quite dark and very slip so you must be careful.

This Blue Lagoon in the Rainy Season..... :)

10. A day in Vientiane

It is a depressed again when I have to say goodbye to my Chilean friend and continue to Vientiane.

I stay at Avalon B&B for 250 THB a night including breakfast. The hostel is in the center of tourist attraction places where we can walk there.

Twilight at Vientiane

Starting the trip in Vientiane from The Black Pagoda, I use application to help myself during this trip. I would suggest to you to have it on your mobile as it is an offline application so do not worry about the Internet.

Srisaket Temple (They do not allow to take a photo inside)

Hor Phakeo Museum

After that, I continue walking to the Victory Gate and Pha That Luang. At the moment, the tuk tuk driver comes to offer me a ride for 100,000 LAK but I think it is too expensive as the 2 place is close. So I tell him that I can accept at 50,000 LAK and he agrees. (At first he does not want to but when I turn my back he accept my option).

Let's jump on Vientiane tuk tuk....(@ half price...^_^ so proud)

The Victory Gate

Pha That Luang

After I have visited all places that I want to, it is time for me to go back. I get back to the hostel as get ready to go as I have booked the ticket there. The bus is direct from Vientaine to Udonthani but we have to stamp the leave card at Nong Khai border and stamp arrival card for entry Thailand.

This journey is my new experience that I would share to the other. However, how much I say that it is beautiful and amazing, it does not like you come visit and see it with your own eyes. Money is not everything is our life, we have to spend it out for something that more valuable and unforgettable.

"I would rather own little and see the world, than own the world and see little of it.” - Alexander Sattler.

Expense conclusion:

- Bus to Chiang Kong 259 THB

- Hostels 2,257 THB

- Boat package 1,350 THB

- Food 2,130 THB

- Taxi and other transportation 331 THB

- Entrance fees 443 THB

- Motorbike rental 126 THB

- Tubing 223 THB

- Bus to Vang Vieng 417 THB

- Bus to Vientiane 190 THB

- Bus to Udonthani 252 THB

- Border pass 100 THB

- Plane ticket to Chiang Mai 1,559

Total 9,547 THB

Thank you very much for visiting my page

See you again on my next journey



 Thursday, June 15, 2017 11:46 AM