Coming to Phuket, people will think about sea, sand and all beautiful beaches. But Phuket also has other tourist attraction places that involve art, culture, and tradition way of life of Phuket people that are also very interesting. Today, I would like to introduce you a new way of travel in Phuket which is about traditional way of life, believe and culture. This is to support the concept of Tourism Authority of Thailand, "Discover Thainess" that emphasizes on traditional way of life and culture of each area.

Culture of Phuket is a combination of Thai and Chinese Hoklo culture. Due to in the past, there were tin mine business and Chinese people were coming for working and do some businesses. Then they married to Phuket people and bring their culture into the city, especially "Phuket Vegan Festival", which makes people believe in Chinese Gods and creates many shrines in Phuket. For Phuket people, there is a connection and believe in Chinese temple or "Arm". It is a spiritual anchor for people in this city.

Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket has an idea for presenting a new way of travel in Phuket to match with "Discover Thainess" concept. As a Phuket citizen, I would like to pass the story of "Phuket way of life" to everyone by "Discover Phuket by following the Holy route... "Do not miss it". Are you ready to go with me?.... Let's go^^

To make it easier to travel in Phuket, the best way is to rent a motorcycle or a car because public transportation in Phuket is still inconvenience. So for this trip, I will travel by car and set a GPS for each place to make it easier. You can insert this GPS code to App Google Map on your smart phone and follow to the destination.

Today, I rent a car from Budget Thailand. You can book a car from website: or telephone 02 203 9222. For pick up, you can choose whether to pick the car at the airport or hotel.

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Phuket Thai Hua Museum

GPS 7.8853198.38674

Starting with Phuket Thai Hua Museum, it is a history museum of Phuket people and the coming of Chinese Hoklo culture in mine period. So that you can learn more about traditional way of life, clothes, food, and culture and understand why Thai and Chinese culture are still within Phuket people until today. For me, Phuket Thai Hua Museum makes me proud to be born in Phuket.

Entrance fees: For Thai people 50 baht

Opening Hour: 9.00am - 5.00pm. Everyday

For more information: Tel. 076-211224 or visit the museum website:

Pud Jor Shrine or Arm Pud Jor

GPS 7.8835198.38342

This shrine is more than a hundred years old, located on Ranong road where Guan Yin or Guan Yin Pud Jor (Phuket called Pud Jor) is located. It is the shrine that Phuket people really believe and involve in traditional of way of life of Phuket people that they believe in such as pray for child, marriage and fortune sticks about diseases. Moreover, there are other Chinese Gods such as Tai Soi Ear and Jai Sin Ear that they believe to change one's bad fortune through a ceremony and pray for luckiness. Come to this shrine and pray, everything you wish will become true.

Jui Tui Shrine

GPS 7.8832598.38351

This is also one of the most holy shrine which located near Pud Jor Shrine where the Vegan Festival take place. It is also more than a hundred years old. Many Gods that Phuket people beliefs are located here, mostly they pray for healthy, money and luckiness.

Sang Tham shrine or Arm Tang Kong Tong

GPS 7.883898.38813

This shrine is located on Phangnga road, opposite Kasikorn Bank. There is God Ong Sung Tai Sai who is the main god of this shrine. According to the history, Luang Aumnatnararak built this shrine in 1891. It is a small shrine but full of believers. It just renovated a few years ago, made it even more beautiful with Chinese architecture. Inside decorated with old painting to explain the history of Si Yin Gui of Kung Royal family which the background of Ong Sung Tai Sai. If you pass by Phangnga road, you can stop by and pray for smartly and sharply.

Jiu Tean Geng Shrine, Saphan Hin

GPS 7.8621898.40009

The shrine located at the edge of Saphan Hin where God Kiw Tien Lien Lue is located. It was built in 2004. During Tsunami, the shrine was not hit by the Tsunami even it is only few metres away from the beach. That also make people believes in the God and come to pray from safety. Moreover, there is also Guan Yin Pud Jor which is made from white jade loaded here as well.

Bang Neaw Shrine or Thep Rasri Foundation

GPS 7.8766798.39418

It is one of the oldest shrines in Phuket, located at Bang Neaw intersection. It was built in 1904 where people come for Vegan Festival. There is God Sam Tong Ong located here which people believe that can help to succeed in their career.

Guan Au Shrine, Na Bon

GPS 7.8467998.35458

This shrine is about 130 years old, where God Guan Au is located. In the past, this area was a small channel where Chinese people come to dock their boats and brought the picture of God Guan Au for praying. After that, many people in this area also came for praying and were successful. So they donated and built the shrine up. In 2010, the shrine committees decided to renovate the shrine which made it more beautiful until today. People come here to pray for money, to be rich and successful business.

Wat Chalong or Wat Chaiyathararam

GPS 7.8459898.33732

It is an emblematic of Phuket, everyone who come to Phuket should come to pray homage to Luang Por Chaem for their luckiness. If you come to Phuket and do not come here that mean you have not arrived to Phuket yet. Luang Por Chaem is very famous for holy, mercy, grandeur and to take away disease which make many people believe in him. Moreover, there is Phra Jom Thai Barame Pagoda where Buddha Ashes from Sri Lanka are located.

Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri or The Big Buddha Phuket

GPS 7.82788 98.31227

The big Buddha is made from reinforced concrete and decorated with white jade marble from Myanmar (Called Suriyakanta) which located on the top of Nak Kerd Mountain. This Buddha started to build in 2005. When you go up to the top of the mountain, you will see 360 degree of Chalong Bay and Ravai Beach. It is one of the most beautiful viewpoint of Phuket.

Katu Shrine

GPS 7.91814498.345785

It is one of the most important shrines of Phuket, where the Vegan Festival was begun. In the past, there were many Chinese people came to work in the mine and had epidemic. The Chinese Opera that performed in the area believed that to observe religious precepts for 9 days 9 nights can help to stop epidemic and it was helped. So people started to believe and continue to have the Vegan Festival until today. At Katu Shrine, there is Ong Lao (God Tien Hu Nguan Soi) located here who is famous for praying to be the love of everyone and a charming person.

Wat Phra Thong or Wat Phra Pud Phuket

GPS 8.03387698.337767

It is also one of the oldest temples which built in Ayuthaya period where the half gold Buddha image is located. There is only the head of the Buddha image protruded from the ground. The history said that there was a child who tied his buffalo with something that protruded from the ground. Then he got sick and died as well as the buffalo. One day, his dad dreamed about the reason of his death, so he told people in the village to help digging the Buddha image and found that it is a half Buddha in Gold. People believed in the Buddha holy so they built the temple. So Wat Pud is also one of Unseen Thailand of Phuket.

I believe that Discover Phuket by following the Holy road... "Do not miss" would help and could be a new way of travel in Phuket moreover than sea and beaches. You can go to these places within a day. For more information you can contract Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phuket Office or Call: Tel. 076-212213, 076- 211036 and


Thank you very much for following my reviews...Do not forget to pray for your luckiness at these holy places when you come to Phuket.

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