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The final episode of Sabaidee the journey; kayaking in Song River, lay over at Vieng Tara Resort and cross the Orange Bridge.

After walking around, finally we decide to buy a kayaking package for 2 hours with this shop which provide a guide, all equipment and pick up from the hotel. The price is quite expensive but acceptable. And we also buy a ticket back to Udonthani from here. We that an old women will not cheat on us but sadly she does. We buy a direct ticket to Udonthani but in the evening she call to change to a public bus and did not refund the money. This is a warning, you all must be prepared and better book everything in advance avoid this kind of problem.

Anyway, let's enjoy the trip...

The shuttle come to pick up us on time, there is only us for today. They take us to the begging of the river and kayaking to down town.

After half an hour, we arrive at the starting point....

There is the other group beside us...

Bicycle gang.....

Take a lesson before go on the field..

Ready??? Let's go....

There are both still and rapid parts so we have to help each other to control the kayak.

There are 3-4 bridges to cross the river.

It is so amazing...

Yon will not hit any stone, If you have the guide paddles for you....

In some parts are rapid.

In some parts are still.

So relaxing....

In the city zone, we will see many restaurants beside the river.

They can just drive cross the river at the shallow part.

Finally we arrive at our destination, get on the shore and walk back the hotel...

Vieng Tara Villa is quite famous as it is very beautiful and located in the middle of the rice field and surrounded by mountains.

The sun is going to fall behind the mountain.

Everyone is looking for the right corner for their beautiful picture.

Let's go to find our right corner for beautiful picture....

The sun is falling from the sky and turns the sky to pink, it is so wonderful.

Another activity in Vang Vieng is getting on the balloon to see the beautiful sunset but it is quite expensive.

Taking photo at the Orange Bridge and exciting with stalactite in the Jang Cave

The Orange Bridge is a suspension bridge that made from metal to cross the river to Jang Cave.

Local snacks are selling during the way that we walk...

There is also a small waterfall at the entrance of the cave that you can sit and chill out here.

This is the way to Jang Cave, which is stalactite cave. The weather inside is totally different from outside.

We can also see the Orange Bridge from here.

In the morning, the bus come to pick us up to Vientiane on time. It takes us about 4 hours to get there.

Once we arrive, the bus driver tells us to wait for the next bus to bus terminal, we wait there for more than half an hour. Then this minibus comes to pick us up.

Arriving at the bus terminal, we have to wait for the bus for an hour, it is waste our time and waste our money. At the price that we paid, it should be a direct bus.

The bus is Laos bus, the condition of the bus is so disappointed. It is very hot because all windows are closed and no air condition. We just would like to get pass this moment as soon as possible.

Finally, we arrive in Udonthani and take the last flight back to Bangkok.

This trip is very nice with all the nature which similar to Thailand but many expenses such as food, transportation fee and other that are very expensive or sometime they cheat on the price. So it makes my budget trip change to an expensive trip.

The other might have a good and smooth experience, so we just would like to share another experience which might not be nice as the other.

Over all, we are happy with the trip, some local people are nice and many places are very beautiful.

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