Wind, Sky, Forest and Sea here I am… Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort written by RinSa YoyoLive

If our body has request for relaxing at the sea and we will find out that the sea whispers us " Su Su" (the sound from the sea) If we desire for the soft wind, we will definitely feel the soft wind at the sea. And if you would like to have some greenery space which are full of trees, the

Wind, Sky, Forest and Sea here I am… Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort

Wind, Sky, Forest and Sea here I am… Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort

If our body has request for relaxing at the sea and we will find out that the sea whispers us " Su Su" (the sound from the sea)

If we desire for the soft wind, we will definitely feel the soft wind at the sea.

And if you would like to have some greenery space which are full of trees, there is also the place nearby urban area which can provide you as per mentioned

Once we talk about the sea, sky and journey, all these happen once we step out from our houses.

Shall we go to travel together?

Wind, Sky, Forest and Sea have blew us to this province " Chanthaburi"
The province where we have previously thought for passage way only, it is also the province where we have never attentively visited despite Chanthaburi province is actually city that we should not miss to visit.

Hence, we decide to visit here for 2 days 2 nights, we really want to invite you to join the trip with us.

We would like to take you to acknowledge more about another place of Chanthaburi province. Let's go.

We start with this forest, the greenery scene of the forest and pavement make us feel so challenging. The more we walk, the more we wonder of what will be at the end of the pavement.

"Ao Khung Kraben Mangrove Forest"

Nowadays, this forest is well know as one of the beautiful and plentiful mangrove forest in Chanthaburi province

So, it is the time to learn about mangrove forest, it opens daily from 06.30 hrs. till 18.00 hrs.

We continue walking till the end of the pavement, then we finally see the sea in front of us.

We can feel that we feel so sweaty because we walk in the day time and the sun is still very strong even it is the rainy season.

We think the most suitable time for walking to this area will be in the morning and evening but we can choose the appropriate time by our own.

We have lost much sweat but we try to have the positive thinking that the more we lost sweat, the more we will lost weight. Hence, we will be so slim lol.

And we can finally fly a little by little after losing much sweat. Well!, it is just a joke.

Chanthaburi province is really suited with the name " City of Fruit" , you are able to find various types of fruit over here such as Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan. Especially in rainy season, it is the paradise.

It is very easy to find and buy the fruit as you can see the little shops along the way and especially in the souvenir shops, they have plenty of fruit available.

We really want to call out at the driver to park the car to buy some fruit but we fee considerate.

Hence, we are unable to taste the fresh Durian in this trip but we finally got many packs of crispy Durian on the way back to Bangkok.

Once you get the chance to come to visit Chanthaburi province, please do not miss to visit this place.

"Chalerm Buraphatit Road"

It is named as the most beautiful road in Thailand once we drive along the curve, we can really feel that we are currently at the car racing battle. In another point of view, many people who are looking up the hill, they maybe keep an eye on our car.

This place is also the view point for seeing beautiful sunset and we can truly tell you that the wind is so strong right now.

Furthermore, there are many tourists too especially on holiday.

Furthermore, this place is very popular for the lovers to put the key symbolizing the love and the number of the key is expected to increase according to the number of tourist. This reminds me thinking of N Seoul Tower where Thai people have also placed the keys over there too and we could not argued with this because we have obviously seen an evidence.

We have visited some places of Chanthaburi, it is time to go to our accommodation now

We will clearly explain you how to get there, it takes around 3 hours from Bangkok.

We start our trip from Bangkok by driving on Burapha Vithee highway, it is the way to Chon Buri province and we then use the highway number 361 (Pattaya - Rayong). To turn left on highway number 344 heading to Klaeng district, Rayong and continue driving. You will see the big junction and turn left to the road number 3 continue driving till you see Chao Lao beach. To turn left to the road number 4002 and continue driving for 5 minutes then you will reach your accommodation.

Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort is on the right hand side and it is close to Cha Lao beach.

Finally, we reach here, we will stay here for 2 nights at Chao Lao beach. This beach is the most beautiful beach in Chanthburi province.

Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort is the newly established resort.

Once I open the door, I have to say Wow because I have seen many fruits (decoration) above my bed. Hence, we can take them to eat whenever we are hungry lol.

This chic design has revealed my smile since my first step into this room.

We get Deluxe Corner Room, there are 2 beds (for its size is 6 feet and 3.5 feet. The room is quite big and wide.

Once we open the door at the balcony, we can see the swimming pool and them sea. We forget to tell that we are served with welcome drink and fruit, and it is the real fruit this time.

The room amenities are promptly provided in the room which are television, air conditioner, internal phone and hair dryer.

Furthermore, the resort also provide 2 bottles of water, coffee and tea as the complimentary. The television is also available in the bath room, this I what I like the most.

PS. There are also spray pose and bath tub. As this is our accommodation, hence we have not taken the photos from other point to show in this review.

I have forgotten to tell that there are also another room types too. I will take you to take this opportunity to wander in the evening at Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort.

The central area of this resort is really nice especially swimming pool area. At this moment, I feel so refreshing due to blowing wind.

The central swimming pool is applied with salt system, there are 2 types of swimming pools- for adult and kid. If you have a look through the resort , you will see that some rooms on the first floor will have some space at the balcony to access to the swimming pool. This privilege is available only for the guests who stay in Pool Access room and Premier Pool Access Room.

PS. We are unable to take the photo of those mentioned room types because they are occupied.

We like to look at the sunset in the evening. Since we have the chance to visit here and listen to the serenity, kids' laughing and all movement at the moment, they make me smile definitely. Even though, the level of happiness are unequalled because we all have different expectation but we really believe that all people in this photo are really happy at that moment.

The Shore

It is the restaurant nearby the sea. It is open air restaurant, this is one nice corner of Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort.

To chill out and enjoy watching sunset while having a drink with someone, it will be so great. Don't you think so?

The atmosphere in the evening at Sand Dunes Chaolao Resort.

At Rice Berry restaurant - this is the main restaurant where we can have our meals in the morning and evening.

These are some partial photos of our dinner

To start with Karamari squid/ stir fried asparagus with oyster sauce/ deep fried fish with garlic/ fried three tasted sea bass (I like so much) and followed by spicy seafood soup, I also like it a lot because I like spicy taste.

Tonight, I have time to check internet. Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort gives you the Wi-Fi code since you checked in.

I already test and find out that the speed of internet is very good, I am able to work and watch Youtube without any signal interruption. The Wi- Fi code is specific for that particular room.

After taking some rest all night, once I wake up and I ask myself that why the night time has passed so fast lol.

I really feel that once I sleep on the soft and clean bed like this, it makes me wonder why night time has passed so fast.

So, we will have breakfast buffet at Rice Berry restaurant. Breakfast is open at 06.00 am till 10.00 am.

If you have asked me how do I feel about breakfast at this resort. I think the buffet line of breakfast are not variety.

It might be because the resort has not officially open and all room are not occupied, then the breakfast line are available for choosing only half of them but this is just my opinion. Anyhow, staffs are always there to serve you. Most of the menu are Thai.

After finished breakfast, so it is time to take a walk in order to let our stomach start digesting process better. There would not any better place for a walk like swimming pool.

For those who want to come here, please do not forget to take the photo of this corner too.

I believe you will have many beautiful corners to take the photos once it is the grand opening.

Apart from wind, sky and sea, we can also see the greenery field at Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort too.

For those people who stay in the room which could not have sea view but they can still have the view of greenery field instead. You may notice from above photo that how strong wind it is by seeing the direction of the tree and field.

Today, I have got the chance to visit other room type of Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort. I have taken some photos to show you.

As mentioned earlier that the resort has various room types. So, we start with Deluxe Room.

Deluxe room has both double bed and twin bed, and the connecting room is also available in this room type.

I like the design of the floor because it is very good combination of brown wood and white wood, it is quite outstanding. It is the chicest design that I have ever seen.

The design on the wall over the bed are different in each room.

Likewise my room, I have the fruit painting on the wall above my bed.

The bath tube is not available in Deluxe Room but the rest is the same as other room types.

The bath room has been obviously divided both wet zone and dry zone and all amenities are definitely new.

Deluxe Corner Room

It is the room where is located in the far end of each floor (it is room where we stay), the decoration is pretty the same as other room type but the space is a bit wider, it is suitable for family up to 2 people.

The design on the wall is so chic.

And again, amenities are promptly provided for this room type including bath tube .

It will be so good to soak our body in this bath tube but I think this bath tube can fit with my body very well.

But I do not exactly know how to tell whether the bath tube is big or small lol.

I really the view from my balcony, I think this is the most suitable place to chill out. Furthermore, I am really refreshing once I can enjoy seeing the view from this point.

So, I will have lunch at the restaurant of Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort again lol.

We start with Sand Dunes Salad, it looks yummy. Anyhow, this menu is defeated by stir fried shrimp with tamarind sauce. It is covered by tasty tamarind sauce.

And followed by steamed squid with lemon, it is very tasty. The seafood here is very fresh because it is closed to the sea. Please do not miss to try this menu.

I would like to show the master menu of the day and it is.....

It is stir fried crab with black pepper, it should be named as the master menu because other guests have also kept an eye on this menu lol.

This might be because the crab's carapace is so big

Sand Dunes Chaolao Beach Resort is one of the good choice for your trip. Once it is completely built 100%, there will be 192 rooms.

And this resort also has the meeting room which can accommodate maximum 1000 participants, the price/ night starts from THB 2700.

The staffs at the reception are not new because they have experience from other hotels.

After the first step into this resort, I can hear the greeting from staffs.

I have met with a staff where I get familiar with her, she asked me " Madame, do you recognize me" I smile and answer her " Hi, so you move to work here now"

I sometimes think that the world is too small because we have the chance to meet some people whom we have ever met before even we will see them in different place and time.

But I feel really good because we are warmly welcomed with smiley face.

We would like to thank you for everyone who comes to visit this place. If you have further question, please leave your comment and greeting at

Thank you

RinSa YoyoLive