Tusita is from the word "Dusit" means heaven in Thai. Tusita Resort & Spa is divided into 3 different zones offering 3 different atmospheres. If you want to know what are they, let's go to Tusita Resort & Spa!

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Tusita offers 3 different kind of atmosphere. The first one is in the concept of heaven as the name of the resort. It is a low rise building in the middle of lush greenery garden and called "Tusita in the Garden". Tusita in the Garden is designed in English-Indian style plus a little touch of Thainess. Each guestroom is connected by the wooden walk way giving you the feeling as if you are in heaven.

The Lobby area and the Spa.

The main swimming pool.

The relaxing pavilion in the middle of the resort.

We stay at Tusita Residence. Tusita Residence is perfect for a family because there are 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 1 attic room. It is totally spacious.

The living room.

The main bedroom.

This cute little monkey is a complementary gift from the resort.

The main bathroom.

The second bedroom has two single beds.

Another bathroom.

I would say this attic room is pretty special and unique, there are not many resort have this type of feature available.

Another bathroom is outside and separated from the room. The bathtub is available here in the middle of relaxing ambiance.

The shower room is luxurious.

The second atmosphere is called Tusita @ the beach. The guestroom is located right by Arunothai Beach and comes with the private Jacuzzi. The room is designed in Modern Mediterranean style and all rooms are facing to the ocean perfectly to welcome the first sunlight of the day. However, all rooms are different in size and feature. It is about 500-meter far from Tusita in the Garden.

This zone includes Swimming Pool, Games Room, Entertainment Center, and Library.

Even though the swimming pool is not big but it is very beautiful.

My family and I are very lucky to have got a chance to trial stay in this type of room. We stay in room number 1002 on the 2nd floor.

Double bedroom.

The Jacuzzi is available in the bathroom.

We are totally happy and have a lot of fun.

One of the highlight of this type of room would be this huge balcony. There is even a big comfortable hummock for you to enjoy with beautiful sea view.

This spot during the sunset is also truly beautiful and magical.

The third and the last atmosphere is about 4-kilometer far from Tusita @ the beach. It is called Tusita @ sea or 117@sea Luxury Homestay. This zone is perfect for those who want to experience the traditional local houses like a fisherman. They also have a wonderful relaxing area right by the beach so it is a great spot to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze.

The room looks like this.

The buffet breakfast line at Tusita Resort & Spa offers various kind of food range from sausages, ham, bacon, salad, bread, boiled rice, to fried rice. What I like the most would be the Chinese doughnut with sweetened condensed milk, they are going so well together.

Moreover, the dinner at the resort is totally impressive. The seafood is super fresh since there is a local fisherman village nearby so the freshly caught is delivered to the resort right away.

Sour Soup with Crab and Sour Bamboo Shoots is very tasty. It is such a concentrated soup with the uniqueness of the southern spices. I would say this one is the most delicious sour soup I have ever tried.

Fried Papaya Salad, the papaya, shrimps, and squids are deep-fried served with the authentic and tasteful sauce. No wonder why it is popular among children and adults.

The conclusion of the stay at Tusita Resort & Spa

  1. The guestroom is clean and very comfortable
  2. Tusita in the Garden is very refreshing with the lush greenery surroundings and Tusita Residence is perfect for a family
  3. Tusita @ the beach, the room is in modern style with amazing balcony but the beach is not that beautiful
  4. The resort is located in the southern part of Chumphon so it is pretty far from the downtown, the attractions in the north of the province, and the local airport
  5. Our family could not agree more that Tusita Resort & Spa is one of the most beautiful and well like by us resorts we have ever stayed

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