Do you still remember the feeling when you break up with your boy/girlfriend? You still can't totally get over that person and lots of questions arise, for example, you don't know how to start with a new person, you are not sure if the new person is nice, just like the last one, or whether you guys would have the match chemistry, etc.... I'm sure you have experienced this. I said so because I feel just the same when I left Hallstatt and move towards St. Wolfgang.

From the last episode, we stopped by at Hallstatt and before we could leave Hallstatt, it was already afternoon. We really didn't want to leave Hallstatt. Since all hotels in Hallstatt were fully booked that day, we couldn't spend a night there.....So before we could leave Hallstatt, it was quite long as it was really hard to leave. Until, finally we made up our mind and leave to spend a night at St. Wolfgang.

Let me firstly talk about our hotel tonight, MARGERETHA. It looks old from the outside. It is a 4 story wooden building which looks so normal just like other 3-stars hotel. We feel a bit disappointed but once we go in, we were speechless. It is decorated in modern style and each room is different. We go in this room and that room just like when a kindergarten teacher let children to go play. We ask to see different room and found that no room is the same. This time we can only see, if we have time and enough money, we would sleep in every room!

After having enough fun from other rooms, we go to our room. And the first thing we see is this lake view which calm all the previous chaos down. I put down my luggage and walk to the balcony like I was hypnotized. We simply walk pass the room, the bed, and the bathroom like it was nothing although we just felt speechless about it.

When looking out from the balcony, we see the green door from the opposite side. There's a person standing there and we can just open in, it is a pier which will take you to a different world.

Surprisingly, though the other side of the lake is mountains, we didn't feel uncomfortable. We feel so free and can't think of the word to describe this feeling. All I can say is "happy". I'm not sure if it's because of the green and the blue that city people are yearning for or is it because of this view reflecting back and forth, making us unsure whether this is a real world or just an imagination one.

The sun is about to get off from work. The sky people start to dim the light down, from blue to dark blue, to purple, orange, red, and black finally. The sun and the people from the sky already go home but below people still look at them from the same place like we were put under a magical spell.

The dark starts to appear like the curtain, telling us the show of today has ended. If this is a drama, it could end in different way depending on how the actors interpret it. If you come in a couple, it would be a happy ending with a love and romantic scene. The atmosphere will tell the story. If you come alone, it would end lonely, sadly, or quietly. Everything happens at the same place but people feel different.

St.Wolfgang is an ideal place for relaxing, simply sitting there to enjoy the view, feeling this happiness till it overdose and taking some for people in Thailand too. Some might respond like " I'm so jealous". I didn't mean it but the happiness can really osmosis via the photo. What a beautiful city! Tonight view is nothing to brag about, the shops close at 8 p.m. including restaurants and wine shops.

We simply enjoy the view to its utmost. The sun has long gone and seems to bring with her the warmth for people at the other side of the world. We go to bed, sleep, with happiness. The sky is beautiful, the mountains, and the lake also. Although we literally can't see it, we know it's there.

It's the morning now, let's go exploring around!!!

Soap shop

The coffee shop smells so good, I'm so hungry......let's go!!!

We stop by for strawberry and take some back to the hotel.

The display in each shop is so amazing.

I don't know how to blame, whether it's water, mountains, the sky, the fish, or the stars but I already fall in love with St. Wolfgang. Now I just want to know if St. Wolfgang would feel the same???

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 Wednesday, July 26, 2017 9:54 AM