This would be my first travelling review, it is kind of an Alone Trip style, travel by myself. Lol. However, I have got a lot of friends along the way.

I totally spends 6 days in this trip which I have booked a round trip air ticket of Lion Air via Traveloka (Our cute red lion airlines 🦁). The ticket price is considerably reasonable which costs 5415.61 THB altogether (A round trip ticket). I choose to land at Jakarta which is the capital city of Indonesia as the ticket price would be pretty cheaper than getting to other cities in Indonesia.

This trip would be a trip as to pleasure myself, traveling to seek for a Breath of God and then get across to take a pleasant slow life time at Bali😂😂. I might not go all the places like any other does, yet I still would like to share my fun experience to everyone that I have been to Bromo once in my life time and I suggest you guys should try and visit this awesome place once as well.😝😝✈️✈️

Day 1: 07:05pm Donmueang Airport arrive at 10:35pm Jakarta (3 hours 30minutes)

**Jakarta time equals to Thai time**

Day2 : Take flight from Jakarta to Surabaya Airport (At first I plan to take a train, but my plan suddenly collapses thus I have to change it 😂😂)

- Upon arriving at Surabaya airport, I take Damri bus and get off at bus terminal in the city, the bus ticket costs 25,000 RP (it takes approximately 1-2hours)

**Indonesia currency is Rupiah**💷💴

On the Damri bus to terminal station. Let's go!🚌🚌

-Upon arriving at main bus terminal, I get off and continue taking another bus to Probolinggo. There would be a bus service in the terminal, thus I just walk in to the terminal and choose the bus that bounds to Probolinggo, the price for the bus is almost the same which would be around 30,000-50,000 Rp (it takes around 4 hours ride)

This is a scenery along the way to Probolinggo which is located pretty far away from the city. The more I travel to the suburb area, the more I have seen the cultural clarity and the nature of the local people here.😄

They are selling things like this, it's very original and I love the natural style here🙃

- When arrival at Probolinggo, there would be a lot of Agency selling a tour program for tourist thus you could choose agency as you prefer or you could share a tour with other people in case you are travelling alone like I am. I choose Mr.D's agency which I inform them to search for an accommodation for me as well (I also buy a ticket to Bali which includes in the tour.)

- Then I take a van to an accommodation, I stay at Yochis hotel which is located in Cemor Lawang village (The path to the accommodation is an ascend way to the mountain which is rather steep)

This is my accommodation in Cemoro Lawang village, Yochis Hotel.

Day3: At 03.30am, A van will pick me up, it is a shared van with other people.

- First stop, they would take us to see the sunrise scenery at Penanjakan which is a first scenic spot that we stop by. The weather is pleasantly cold.😝😝

-Second stop, I am going to explore Mt.Bromo!!! The van will stop and wait for us at one of the hotel, then let us walk along the way by ourselves (Ps. As I have mentioned earlier that I buy a shared tour which is not a group tour, thus the van will not take us down to Bromo area but it will stop at a hotel and let us walk by ourselves) I thinks it might be a lot of fun for those who love hiking for sure.😝😝

Candi Bentar Monastery is an only Hindu monastery that located among the black desert of Bromo. They said that it was built to worship God of Bromo.🙏🙏😁

The scenery around.

230 steps stairs! Let's goooo.....!

There is a riding horse on service as well which costs around 150 THB, and round trip would be around 300THB.

The spot is a Bromo's crater, it is fantastic like its great rumor of the origin of the breath of God.

- Now it is around 11.00am, I check out from the hotel and take a bus to Probolinggo again to connect a bus to Denpasar for Bali🌴(Going across the city and ride on the bus for 9 hours. It takes me like a whole day trip😂😂)

**Hello!Bali 🌴🏄 **When get across to Bali island, the time would be 1 hour faster**

Day 4: Riding on a ferry and hop on a bus safe and sound. 🛶

- I ride on the van to my accommodation which is Maya Village Bali, it is located around Kuta beach.

Maya village Bali, my accommodation in Bali.

I choose to stay in the capsule style accommodation and tonight there are only 3 people in the room. 😂😂.

The room is nice, clean and overall is good. Yet, here they also provide private room and double room, but I choose a capsule room style for me as the price is pretty reasonable and the room is quite nice. Moreover, I could exchange the different culture with my shared roommate as well. 😄

Day 5: Having a chill time at Bali

Take a walk at Kuta beach, the sea water at Kuta beach is not really beautiful, I would say it is more suitable for surfboard. 🏄🏄

**Wondering around the city**

This menu calls "Nasi Jinggo" which is considered as one of the favorite food for the local here. There are meat, rice noodles, meat floss and many more stuffs in it. The delicious taste is from the chili paste which I don't know what kind of the chili paste that is, yet it tastes pretty yummy and awesome.😋😋

Day5: Last day in Bali with a heavy rain in the morning time🌧

I take a taxi in the evening to Denpasar airport which Indonesia people calls "Ngurah Rai International Airport".

Breakfast before going back.

Then take a flight to Jakarta Airport once again.😂

A scenery around Jakarta airport.

Day6 : Travel back to Thailand.

Back to Thailand safely. Bye Bye Indonesia I will back come back again then 😍😍

**For more suggestion**

- For those who are interested in Mr.D tour agency, I have contact number and email for you guys down below:

📠 [email protected]
📞 +6285330727499

- If you would like to take a taxi, I recommend you to take a Blue Bird taxi. It is a blue color taxi and the meter price costs similar to taxi in Bangkok.

- I suggest you guys to buy a sim card at convenient store rather than buying at the airport as the sim card selling at the airport is pretty expensive. As I have to buy at the airport because at that time I need to use a phone, but if you guys don't mind you could choose as you prefer. 😁

- For an accommodation in Bali, if you would like to stay near the airport, you should stay around Kuta beach. However, the beach is not as pretty as you think. If you guys would like to stay in a beautiful beach and a lot of temples around, I suggest you stay at Denpasar and Ubud.

- To calculate the exchange currency between Thai and Indonesia, just cut three 0 digits in the back out and then multiply by 2.60. Therefore, it will be the amount in Thai currency. Or you guys can choose to multiply by 3 to safe your money😁😁.


1. Round trip ticket 5415.61 THB

2. Ticket from Jakarta to Surabaya costs around 3,423THB (An immediate change from train to bus, thus the price is rather high, so sad😂😂)

3. Sim Pati costs 500THB

4. Tour price to Bromo+accommodation (200RP for the discount that I have asked😂)+ Bus ticket to Denpasar, the price in total costs 2,470THB

5. Damri Bus to bus terminal costs 65 THB

6. Connect bus to Probolinggo costs 104 THB

7. A van sending to Maya village costs 200 THB

8. Accommodation at Maya village Bali (2 nights) costs 500 THB

9. Other food stuffs costs 300 THB

TOTAL: 12,977.61 THB👏👏😆😆

Eventually, my trip comes to an end. Now, you guys could use my trip plan if you like. It might not be a perfect trip or the worthiest trip, but I would like to share my good experience to those who loves traveling like me, to go out and touch the horizon together. 😝😝

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