Yeah! finally it's weekend.

Let's find someplace to hangout with crazy friends. And I heard a choice of restaurant&cafe at Ayutthaya. That's "THE SUMMER HOUSE"

The Summer House is the restaurant and cafe which atmosphere of the river. It's located in "AYUTTHAYA". It's just take an hours away from Bangkok. It was decorated half is minimal and half is luxury.

It offers traditional and modern Thai foods. (I love everything in this place no matter the cover of the menu book.)Let's take a look with our meals.

Let's take a look with our meals.

This is our meals "meat and dessert dish" I would recommend "moo-r-ma"(the picture of left side). I really like this one. So, they will serve you with sticky rice. it's real Thai traditional.

(zoom withGranny's Grilled Pork; moo-r-ma)

healthy dishes (walnuts salad)

Indoor zone. There are more type of tables to support.

(EX; Long type, couple type and family type)

Couple type.

Family and friends type.

Extremely, I love every corner of this place. Decoration, Color, Tone, location, atmosphere and service is perfect too. So, I can touch warm and relax feeling from this place.

This is our dessert dishes.

Rice Berry Mousse & The 3 Blondies

Red Velvet

( For me, It so good but little bit sour and greasy)

ohh! I forgot to talk about tea. there are many tea from others country that you can choose you own tea.

I choose "MARCO POLO" flower scent.

After you got your own tea just step back and told someone in the bar for make your own tea pot. And then get back to your seat.

Waiting for a while they will serve you everything in shortly time.

The dish that I give 1000% of love is "Rice Berry Mousse"

Love and love and love and love it. Do not forget to try this one.

It's time to say good bye.

I promise I'll coming back as soon as possible I can.


- Tea pot 160 Baht.

- Rose & Lychee 95 Baht.

- The 3 Blondies 75 Baht.

- Rice Berry Mousse 95 Baht.

- Red Velvet cupcake 100 Baht.

- Granny's Grilled Pork 170 baht.

- Apple & Walnut Salad 140baht.

Totally is 835 Baht.


 Saturday, July 22, 2017 11:39 PM