" Famous waterfall, City of fruits, Good pepper, Plenty of gemstones, Perfect nature, King Taksin the Great, Gathering to save Chanthaburi "

Project : The Amazing Journey Blogging Contest

Is a project under cooperation of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) with Nok Air and Thai Rent A Car.

It is a big integration of over 30 Thai bloggers.

To travel to 12 must-visit cities and present interesting aspects of each city.

For this trip, I have grouped with another 2 bloggers; Khun Ae-Aoi from Travel Planet by Vichie81 and Khun Tum from Tummeng Trip Travel Magazine.

Bringing family to orchard is not enough to considered that you have been to Chanthaburi.

Since Chanthaburi actually has multiple attractions including the sea and waterfall.

Or even traditional livelihood of aged community and historical knowledge of different places.

Which will help you to understand the past why King Rama 5 decided to grant other cities to France while keep Chanthaburi.

If you are ready, let's start the journey together with my family.

For this trip, I choose to go during weekdays, as usual, because I mainly intend to bring my little nephews to watch dolphin show.

The trip starts on Monday to Wednesday, 3 days 2 nights in total.

Let's go!

I depart from Bangkok on Monday morning in order to avoid traffic jam. I get to motorway breakpoint fast in order to have breakfast.

The Coffee Club

Location : N13°32.352, E101°0.558

A nice restaurant with plug and free WIFI for working.

It is connected to Burger King.

Let's order.

My girlfriend orders Big Breakfast set to eat with the kids. It is good and real big. The sausage is slightly salty. This set is 305THB.

My mom has Boiled Rice with Shrimp, quite nice, at 135THB.

I order Stir Fried Chicken with Steamed Rice plus Fried Egg. Delicious one. This dish is 99THB and extra 30THB for fried egg.


Frappe Passionate 120THB

English Breakfast Tea 90THB

Frappe Citrus with lime sour and mint scent 120THB

Time to continue the journey heading to "Isaree Thai Horse Farm", Amphoe Tha Mai, Chanthaburi,

Location : GPS N12°43.53, E102°3.114

Since there was an accident, we wasted 2 hours. During the way, I call to the farm asking if there is any restaurants in that area.

Staff says normally they have cook but currently she goes out. Anyway, staff will call her. So lovely.

We arrive at 2.00PM with hunger. First thing we do is ordering the food.

Chamuang Pork Curry

Clear Glass Noodle Soup

Shrimp Omelette, full of shrimp

Stir Fried Chicken with Bay Leaf

(Bay Leaf is local herb of Chanthaburi since it has the highest quality in Thailand.

So, there is high demand from both domestic and international market. Its price is subsequently higher than Bay Leaf from other places.

Bay Leaf helps reducing flatulence, assisting anarcartharsis, curing skin disease and lessen diarrhea.)

Every dish is delicious. I'm not saying because I'm hungry. It really tastes good. This meal costs 350THB.

While eating, there is a horse joining the meal.

After lunch, we get on train to tour around the farm. The kids are excited as it is their first time. They keep mentioning about it even we have arrived home.

This farm allows you to pick Negrito and mangosteen from trees and freshly eat.

For Lansium, they ask not to collect because bunch will not look nice causing in lower price and damaged root system.

The farm also offers fruit buffet at 200THB per person. Touring in the farm is 50THB per person. Another activity is riding a horse at 300THB for half hour.

There is home stay, 900THB per house for 2 persons. This rate includes breakfast which is Boiled Rice.

After touring, we eat various fruits including Mhon Thong (durian), Negrito, mangosteen, Zalacca and Lansium.

We don't eat that much as we just have lunch. Upon leaving, staff kindly packs the fruits for taking home and gives discount 50THB.

The farm opens since 1 May. Most of the fruits are available till mid of July. Lansium is however available up to October.

If you are interested, please contact before visiting every time. Durian is not all-time available.

Contact with Khun Waewsiri Rittiyothee.

Tel. 089-990-9141, 039-395-046

PS. Don't forget to bring mosquito-repellent.

Continue the journey to "Ao Koong Krabane Development Study Center Under the advice of His Majesty the King".

Location : N12°34.416, E101°53.706

Ao Koong Krabane Development Study Center Under the advice of His Majesty the King

Aims to develop and create sustainable fishing and farming practices for villagers living on the coast of Chantaburi.

To acknowledge ecology of mangrove forest and to be able to fully utilize the limited resources.

A wooden bridge on the opposite side of the center, 1,600 m long, winding among the mangrove trees with signs and story boards posted for visitors to learn about ecology of the project area. Other activities include canoeing and an aquarium.

Signs and story boards at multiple areas.

My schedule is affected from the accident. So, we can only walk on the wooden bridge.

Learning center has closed. I miss a chance to visit aquarium and floating basket. If two more hours, I may be able to visit all.

This place is windy, peaceful and very beautiful. If you have time, I strongly recommend to come. Two hours are just perfect to travel around.

Then we continue to "Noen Nangphaya Viewpoint".

Location : N12°35.466, E101°52.884

This viewpoint is selected as dream destinations by TAT.

For being must-visited site located between Hat Koong Wimarn and Ao Koong Krabaen.

It is where you can see sea view, watch sunset and appreciate the beauty of Chalerm Burapha Chonlathi road, that is parallel eastern coast.

Project 1 Person 1 Day 1 Piece

While waiting for sunset, my family and me join Project 1 Person 1 Day 1 Piece.

It is an easy project requiring everyone to pick 1 piece of garbage per day, in various attractions in Thailand.

Let's say there are 100,000 people, we can pick 100,000 pieces of garbage per day. Tourist attractions in Thailand would be more tidy. It is also to instill conscience of environmental concerns to the kids.

The result may not be seen today but I believe there must be changes in long-term.

Today Premo picks garbage at Noen Nangphaya. The bin is here. Let's try to dump in the bin.

"Ploen Talay Restaurant"

Location : GPS N12°32.052, E101°56.4

I'm hungry right after finish photographing. I firstly plan to have dinner at Yai Tu Restaurant. I have checked that they open everyday.

However, upon arriving, we find it is closed for renovation 1 day. So, wechange to "Ploen Talay Restaurant" next to Hat Chao Lao.

The restaurant promotes the beach here has black sand. It is because it contains various minerals including Thorium, Titanium, Tungsten and Zirconium.

Can be used for body scrub.

When I arrive, it is dark and raining. So, I don't take photos of the atmosphere in restaurant. The sand is really black, can't see anything, haha.

Let's check out on food.

Tom Yum Seafood, Baked Salted Prawns, Steamed Crab

Stir Fried Squid with Garlic

Fried Rice with Sun-dried Salt Fish, the kids don't finish all. I guess they don't like it.

After the meal, we continue to Amphoe Laem Sing as we will stay at "Laem Sing Natural Beach Resort".

Since I want to take photos at Laem Sing Bridge in the morning, staying here doesn't have to wake up early. It's better for the kids.

"Laem Sign Bridge or Taksin Maharat Bridge"

Location : N12°29.034, E102°3.552

Laem Sign Bridge leans across Chanthaburi river located at the mouth of river, Amphoe Laem Sign.

It is connection between Amphoe Laem Sign and Amphoe Tha Mai.

It is 1,060 m. long which is considered as the longest and the most beautiful bridge of eastern region.

View in the morning is splendid. My girlfriend tries to take photos by her mobile. After a while, she walks to me.

Her : Why photos displaying in my mobile don't look like the real one.

Me : That's why photographer is for. Mobile is not capable enough.

Her : (Walking to my camera) Chi! You, put on an act. Anyway, the real view is much more beautiful.

Therefore, I recommend to see it by yourself. The view is really better than shown photo.

PS. We are too much excited with the view that we forget to take photo of the bridge. This photo is taken by my girlfriend's mobile.

Then we head to "Tuk Daeng" (Red Building).

Location : GPS N12°28.878, E102°3.75

While wait for sunlight, I meet an uncle opening building's door.

He tell me to wait for a second. He will open the building and return back.

Tuk Daeng was established in 1893 or Rattanakosin era 112.

It was originally the site of the Phikhat Patchamit Fort built in the reign of King Rama 3. It was aimed to defend enemies from territorial waters to trespass into the land.

Later, French military seized Chanthaburi by using dispute of a land on Khlong riverside. The fort was dismantled and re-built as Tuk Daeng.

Used bricks from fort to build this building as headquaters and encampment of soldiers guarding at Paknam Laem Sing.

A single storey, red-tiled roof building.

There are 8 tamarind trees beside the building which is planted since the reign of King Rama 3 in order to trick enemies.

Tuk Daeng was renovated in 1984 and served as library and learning center of Amphoe Laem Sing School. It is afterwards opened for tourists.

Paknam Laem Sign Artillery was drown at Paknam Laem Sign area.

From harbor bridge and the bridge in front of Wat Laem Sign 80 m. to the north, water dept is 4-5 m.

Listen to the story from Uncle Lek is much more fun. You will get full information about Laem Sing since King Taksin the Great period.

I have to say Tuk Daeng would be nothing without Uncle Lak. It would be just a red building.

With Uncle Lek, Tuk Daeng becomes meaningful. Uncle Lek is an Outstanding Elder selected my community to be guide of this place.

He tells stories of the building that are not recorded in history. Some are inherited since former generation of Uncle Lek.

He says Tuk Daeng was left deserted for long time without attention. He had a chance to clean and repair things to be in better condition.

He is 85 years old but still healthy.

He just wishes Fine Arts Department would take care, renovate or only provide new door panels. Currently there are only 4 of them working.

He tries to repair as much as he can. It would be deplorable to leave it declined without any efforts. It is a significantly historic place of Chanthaburi.

When he firstly open the building, he found wall damaged looking like the king. He hanged a frame to protect from touching.

If you would like to visit Tuk Daeng, I recommend to contact Uncle Lek for making an appointment at 98-603-5407.

"Khuk Khi Kai"

Location : GPS N12°28.872, E102°3.942

Khuk Khi Kai was built to hold Thais who were against the French in 1893.

The porous roof is said to have been used as chicken coop through which the birds dropped their excrements to prisoners as one of the torture method. Therefore, it is called Khuk Khi Kai (means chicken's excrement prison).

Let's see accommodation of the first night.

"Laem Sing Natural Beach Resort"

Location : GPS N12°28.746, E102°4.038

Each house is separated into 3 zones consisted of bedroom, living room and private balcony.

We stay at Chom Dao Room. Normal rate for 2 persons are 2200THB. Extra bed is 500THB. This rate is included breakfast.

Our room is next to the pool.

I call for reservation with call center, very friendly.

The room is clean and equipped with nice air conditioning plus comfy bed.

While wait for the kids to wake up, I walk at Laem Sing beach.

It is an estuary beach where Chanthaburi river flows to Ao Thai. It is shady with pine tree line along coastline.

From the beach, you can see Koh Chula and Khao Laem Sing.

Once the kids wake up, we have breakfast and swim. The resort provides only adult pool, no kids pool. So, we swim just a short moment because the pool is very deep.

Then it rains. We accordingly check out at 10.00AM. Keep our fingers crossed at "Oasis Sea World" if they will have a show.

"Oasis Sea World"

Location : N12°29.52, E102°4.194

There is promotion till end of June for my fanpage. Sharing the review receives 50% discount.

Oasis Sea World : Once in your life swimming with dolphins



Open everyday 9.00AM - 5.00PM

Dolphin Show is available everyday with 5 rounds a day; 9.00AM, 11.00AM, 1.00PM, 3.00PM and 5.00PM.

Additional round for weekends at 7.00AM. Ticket fee for adult is 130THB per person. My kids are free.

Swimming with dolphin offers at 9.45AM, 11.45AM, 1.45PM, and 3.45PM at 2500THB.

This place aims to breed and preserve dolphins in gulf of Chanthaburi. There are 2 species including Irrawaddy dolphin and Bottlenose dolphin.

Apart from dolphin shows, it also offers variety of activities such as fish spa, watercycle, Clownfish cave, mangroves and camps.

There are souvenir shops, restaurants and Thai dessert stalls which the kids eat a lot of them. I have never heard of "Leum Kleun" dessert (Mung Bean Flour & Coconut Dessert) but it tastes good.

Dolphins are very cheerful and clever. The show is super fun.

The ventriloquist is so talented narrating in 3 languages; Thai, English and Khmer.

Though the place looks slightly shabby and the roof is leaking, shows are superb. Not boring at all.

When it comes to the end of show, it is raining and windy. The ventriloquist says dolphins don't like rain because rain drops on their noses. So, dolphins don't perform the show.

However, some of them can perform. We keep our fingers crossed for dolphins to end the show beautifully. It is a must to visit this place. Very fun.

Luckily there is a promotion for rainy season. When buy ticket photographing with Bottlenose dolphin at 300THB, take photo with Irrawaddy dolphin for free, valued at 200THB.

The kids are so happy that they cry. Oops ... or they are scared of dolphins, haha. This place allows you to take photo by yourself closely. You can also touch dolphins.

If you have enough time, try swimming with dolphins as well.

Then we continue to "Wat Munglorn Booppharam" or "Wat Leng Hua Yee".

Location : N12°31.26, E102°9.834

Is Mahayana Buddhist temple in Chinese sect.

It is a branch of Wat Mungkorn Kamalawas (Leng Nei Yee) in Bangkok. According to feng shui, it is believed that the temple is situated on dragon's head.

For dragon's belly is right at Wat Leng Hok Yee, Chachoengsao province and Wat Leng Hua Yee is dragon's tail.

The temple was established in 1977 with combined arcitecture between Buddhist Thai-southern Chinese.

At the front is viharn of the four keepers of the world situated Goddess of Mercy together with four keepers.

Inside is a location of Chinese style ubosot with three-layer roof housed 3 principle Buddha images.

Besides remarkable architecture, there is ubosot beautifully decorated with mosaics in different patterns.

Temple area is peaceful and shady suitable for those who are interested in practicing the dharma. It also provides accommodations.

The temple hosts 2 annual ceremonies which are "Kathin Ceremony" after end of the Buddhist Lent Day and "Temple's Annual Merit" arranged 21 days after Chinese New Year.

Lots of villagers join the ceremonies and stay at temple for 7-10 days for preparation.

Our next stop is "Namtok Phlio National Park".

Location : N12°31.656, E102°10.716

Upon arriving at the national park, we have Som Tum and grilled chicken for lunch, quite delicious.

There is parking lot for personal cars behind the restaurant. Parking fee is 30THB.

Before entering, don't forget to buy string bean. Shops inside national park sell more expensive. The price here is 10THB per bunch or 6 bunches for 50THB.

Entering fee is 40THB per person.

There is shuttle bus for way up 400 m. at 10THB.

At waterfall entrance, don't forget to unwrap string bean. It is prohibited to bring any food or drinks into waterfall area.

Upon reaching to waterfall, you will find a memorial stupa and Along Khon chedi which were built during the reign of King Rama 5.

His Majesty traveled to this waterfall several times during 1874 - 1881.

And this place was admired as the most beautiful waterfall among other places His Majesty has been.

Namtok Phlio is a large and beautiful waterfall that fills up with water for whole year.

It is composed of 2 rivers. One flows through rock nook while another smaller one drops from 20 m. cliff.

Both of them join together at a crystal clear pond where we can see rocks and sand at the bottom. Water dept is 2 m.

Inside waterfall and canal, there are plenty and various kinds of fish living in that area especially Mahseer barb.

I have been here during weekends, there were lots of people. I guess this place is popular because it is convenient.

This place is more charming when I visit on weekdays. It is more peaceful and private like our own waterfall.

After playing in the water, I bring the kids to feed fish at waterfall beneath since upper level is too deep. I'm afraid they fall into water. So, I decide to move.

At bottom, my girlfriend slices string bean for the kids to feed one by one. However, they throw whole bunch in just a minute.

What a waste of time to slice it.

Then we head to "Farm Pu Nim Restaurant", Amphoe Klung.

Location : N12°26.358, E102°13.104

Drive from waterfall for half an hour reaching to Amphoe Klung. Going straight to end of road is a pier.

There is a board showing phone number (Tel. 086-834-4523). I call and tell them to pick us up.

The restaurant is located in the middle of mangrove forest, not accessible via road. A boat comes within a while. Along the way to restaurant, you can see floating baskets on both sides.

From pier to restaurant is 10 minutes.

Here's what we order.

Fresh Oyster, Steamed Glass Noodle with Soft-shell Crab, Stir Fried Soft-shell Crab with Garlic and more importantly Crab Fried Rice. Very delicious.

There are few customers because today lottery announcing day. Every place seems to be quiet, haha.

We get on boat returning to land. It is fun and windy. It is the first time for kids to travel by boat. They are afraid at the beginning but during returned trip, they ask to sit separately. Getting fun.

Return back to Amphoe Muang of Chanthaburi in order to check-in at "Gems Club Hotel".

Location : N12°36.468, E102°6.87

The hotel is located at city center, in the middle of gem market junction.

On the ground floor is gem and jewelry distributor offering low-price products directly from factory.

There are plenty of choices consisted of silver items, gold items and gemstones cut by Chanthaburi locals. Opens everyday from 9.00AM to 5.00PM.

I decide to stay here because I would like to take photos of Catholic church. That's all.

Normally, this place is popular among gem traders. They stay for long time.

That makes it difficult to find accommodation on Friday to Sunday and the rooms are fully reserved every week.

In my case, booking the rooms on weekdays are hard enough though the hotel confirms the availability. (The hotel still doesn't accept booking. How hard it is.)

I'm afraid of not getting the room. Have to keep fingers crossed till last day. Finally I get it.

If you are coming during Friday to Sunday, road in front of hotel would be jewel street. It will be crowded with gem traders walking around like Jatujak Market on weekends.

I choose to stay on the 6th floor at 590THB per night, plus key deposit 200THB. Same rate to every room.

Parking lot is also provided but you have to inform the hotel in advance. There are limited spaces.

Comparing the price with view is quite worthwhile. Nice view.

After checking in, I go straight to the church to get evening moment of "The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception".

Location : N12°36.558, E102°7.116

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is situated in same area with Stri Manda Phithak School.

It is a Roman Catholic church in Gothic style.

It took 275 years to construct the church. The first construction started in 1711 on the west bank of Chanthaburi river.

Under foundation of Father Hert Tolentino and a group of Vietnamese Catholic.

In 1834, the construction was moved to eastern coast of Chanthaburi river which is current location.

Later in 1903, the current church was renovated to be larger in order to increase capacity of welcoming Christians.

Interior decoration is adorned with Stained Glass in various saints.

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is the largest, oldest and most beautiful church in Thailand.

Walk from Gems Club Hotel around 600 m.

Open everyday at 6.00-7.00AM and 6.30-7.45PM.

Before prayer in each day, you can visit and take photos.

Please dress politely.

After photographing, I bring the kids to eat ice-cream at "Warnkumnung Cafe". It is a lovely cafe in Rimnam community, close to Gems Club Hotel.

Open Hours : 12.00-8.30PM

Wake up early to take photos of The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Then we have breakfast at "Khao Gang San Toong Restaurant" near Wat Phai Lorm.

Location : N12°36.132, E102°7.134

We arrive at the restaurant quite late, so there is not much food left. There are lots of customers, such a good business. They also offer wild food as well.

We afterward go to "Do-Bun Shop" which is near the restaurant.

There are Steamed Chinese Bun, Pork Dumpling, Crab Dumpling, Chicken Pie, Taro Pie, Red Barbecue Pork Pie and Egg Tart.

We grab some Chinese Bun, Crab Dumpling and Chicken Pie to try. We also want to have Egg Tart but all have been reserved.

Then we drop by "Wat Phai Lorm" as the kids want to make merit.

Wat Phai Lorm is an ancient temple of Chanthaburi equipped with space of 28 rai (or 11.2 Acres). The temple was built in 1777.

It was classified as third class royal temple in 1996.

The temple also houses the largest Reclining Buddha image in the east inside viharn. Since, the staff has not arrived, I don't have a chance to take photos.

Now we have made merit and the kids are happy, stop telling to go to temple. We go to The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception for walking at Rimnam community.

During the way, he finds a garbage and pick it up.

Rimnam Chanthaboon community is a small village hidden in the city center of Chanthaburi.

Rimnam Chanthaboon community is an old community of 300 years, since the reign of King Narai the Great.

It is situated in a right location for transportation resulting in lots of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese settle down in this area.

Which brings a perfect combination of religious, culture, tradition, art work and livelihood.

It has been a gloriously commercial and economic center since Rattanakosin period till today.

Especially in the reign of King Rama 3 to King Rama 5 is counted as the most flourish period of Chanthaboon.

Riverside of Chanthaburi river on Sukhaphiban road is originally called "Leab Bon Natee Road" (means road beside the river). It is province's first road with distance of 1 km.

Sideways are full of old wooden households which contain remarkably outstanding architecture.

The buildings hold variety of carving patterns but blend culture of western, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai together.

It well reflects the past gloriously commercial district and creativity of carvers in former times.

Walking from Catholic church crossing Niramon Bridge and making left turn, you will find "Pa-Tai Quatre-quart Shop". It has moved from original location last year.

The shop used to located at house of Khun Burapa Phiphol which is an ancient European style building aged 100 years. Formerly, it was printing house but Khun Burapa Phiphol bought the house for living.

Next generations bake Quatre-quart for living which becomes well known in Chanthaburi. They have been operating for over 60 years.

Good scent, sweet, crisp and delicious. My mom buys 10 packs.

Walking to the right side, opposite to the shrine, you will see habitual activity of community "Chess".

Since I'm at ancient community, let's visit old-fashioned drugstore...

"Jung Kwang Aun Pharmacy" is a drugstore offering traditional medicine. There is harmacist certificate hanging in the store.

This Chinese drugstore has been operating over 100 years providing both herb and Chinese medicine.

Currently Khun Prapaiphun Chansasawat is a descender from her father. The store is made of wooden house with traditional medicine cupboard comprised of 36 drawers.

"Pa-Jinda Traditional Rice Crust Shop" uses ripe rice cooking on pan to get slightly burnt rice crust plus burnt scent. Eating together with special sauce is super delicious.

The owner of "Chua Seng Huad House" is Seng Sua, a Chinese who emigrated to Thailand with his parents since 6 yers old.

The house aged more than 100 years where used to be filming and advertising location.

Highlight of the house is 4 ventilators and windows at upper level.

"Baan Luangrajamaitri" is another interesting place.

Luangrajamaitri is regarded as "Father of Rubber Business in the East" since he brought rubber seeds from Malaysia to grow in Tumbon Pliew.

Also, he developed the species until they could be exported to England.

The house is on Sukha road with 2 different views on opposite side. On riverside of Chanthaburi river is teakwood building.

Another side is western style building which has been modified as boutique hotel.

To serve tourists as well as educate history of Luangrajamaitri, venerable person of Chanthaburi.

Next attraction is a house number 69, near city shrine, called "Baan Khunanusornsombut".

It is a learning center of Rimnam Chanthaboon community where houses various activities included collecting and broadcasting knowledge for villagers.

Open on Saturday to Sunday and holidays : 9.30AM - 5.00PM.

I visit on weekday, so I can't see inside.

Following by "Chanthaburi Gems & Jewelry Center" to energize women.

Location : N12°35.844, E102°6.276

It is the largest center of Thailand and Asia where displays and promotes gemstone & jewelry.

The center is consisted of gems museum showing precious stones in Live Museum style plus 3D room.

To describe gem process, digging process and cutting process.

Gem Bank is a gem verifying center and displays products including interesting exhibitions.

Address : 1/29 Maharat road, Tumbon Tarad, Amphoe Muang, Chanthaburi 22000

Tel : 039 303 118

Open Hours : everyday 9.00AM - 5.00PM

It also offers "Ploy Muang Chan" (famous Chanthaburi precious stone) in set of ring, earrings and pendant. 5000THB is enough to grab a set.

A saleman says don't think Ploy Muang Chan is always expensive. It is available in various range, from hundred to hundred thousand, depending on your budget.

PS. It is prohibited to take photos in the shop.

After beautiful things, we start to be hungry. My nephew is not interested gems at all. He rather pay attention to Negrito offered to shrine.

So, we hurriedly go for lunch at "Chan Pochana Restaurant", Maharat branch.

Location : N12°35.85, E102°6.732

It is an old restaurant opened since 1962.

Highlight of Chan Pochana is local food and seasonal creative menus.

For example, during fruit season, they use fruit as main ingredient in various menu; Spicy Mangosteen Salad, Chicken Mussaman Curry with Durian, Spicy Durian Salad, Spicy Rose Apple Salad and Roasted Duck in Red Curry with Negrito.

And the must try menu is Chamuang Pork Curry which is worthwhile to eat at restaurant and take home.

Let's see what I order.

Chamuang Pork Curry, Chicken Mussaman Curry with Durian, Broiled Shrimp Salad with Thai Herb Sauce, Stir Fried Rice Noodle with Crab and Deep Fried Seerfish.

Zalacca in Syrup, Coconut Milk Jelly, Coconut Ice-cream, Durian Ice-cream, Butterfly Pea-Lime Juice and Lemongrass-Pandan Juice.

Everything is delicious!

"Noen Soong Fruit Market"

Location : N12°38.994, E102°2.304

After the meal, we get prepared to go back home. However, we stop for some souvenirs.

We go to Noen Soong Fruit Market where offers seasonal fruits. During this season is durian, Negrito, mangosteen and Zalacca.

So, this is the end of my trip. I'm super full. Chanthaburi ... must-visit city.

For me, the must-visit places are Namtok Phlio and Oasis Sea World which are perfect attractions for family.

Chanthaburi is full option with the sea, mountain, waterfall and delicious food.

My girlfriend tells me to bring her again since we haven't been to many places.

Including Hat Chao Lao, Nai Lek Hoy Tod Restaurant, Jae Eed Seafood Noodle .... etc. I really have to come back ^^

What about you? Are you interested to visit Chanthaburi?

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