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Let's start the review together.

For this trip, I have taken my girlfriend's mother and my little niece.

It rains a little bit once I start my trip from Bangkok heading to Klaeng District. The weather is not so hot today.

Our first destination is to visit and respect Sadej Tia (Krom Luang Chumpornkhet Udomsak's shrine), it is located in river bank. Furthermore, it is also clean, shady, quiet. You are able to enjoy seeing mangrove forest and the fishermen boat as well.

Then, I continue riding to Sunthorn Phu monument. I can recall that I used to remember his various poems.

Once we come to the province where is the birth place of Sunthorn Phu, so it is better that we visit and pay respect at his monument.

" Sunthorn Phu was born at 08.00 hrs on Monday 26 June "

There is the statue of Sunthorn Phu and main characters in Pra Aphaimanee literature, it is Sunthorn Phu's master piece

Pra Aphaimanee

Little mermaid

Phee Sua Samut (Giant)

It is the statue in front
Sud Sakorn is the son of Pra Aphaimanee and mermaid.

Sin Samutr is the son of Pra Aphaimanee and Giant.

And the nude man statue, we wonder why he did not put on some clothes but it can be understandable that the weather is so hot.

We decide to have our lunch at Mr. Kiam's Fish Dumpling restaurant at Sam Yan.

The restaurant is quite big and still crowded even it is already afternoon.

The represented sign of the menu is very big but we sit a bit far from the sign, hence we need to seriously stare at the sign.

Three Flavored Dumpling.

Mixed Fish Dumpling

Yen Ta Fo Fish Dumpling

Boiled and Dipped menu

We think the dumpling is cooked with too much flour but the clear soup is delicious.

The signature menu of summer season is durian ice cream, my girlfriend and her mom said that the durian ice cream is very good because it mixed with durian texture. But, I prefer to have coconut ice cream instead.

It costs around 420 Baht for this meal.

Then, I continue driving along the sea on the way to Mae Pim Cape, Suan Son, Ban Pae. I decide to visit some souvenir shop and buy crispy durian snack at Nuan Thip Pier- Ban Pae. The taste of durian snack is quite well, this might be because it was freshly cooked at that moment. We also know the tip of having tasty durian snack is to add a bit salt from seller.

Once I reach home, I really regret that I have not bought much durian snack because I would like to have them more.

I continue my trip heading to Nikom Phattana district to meet my close friend, we have a discussion for a while

Then, we go to visit Pagoda which is located in the Klang Island, this place will be normally closed at 6 pm (you can actually ask the staff for the precise of opening and closing time) but I do not notice this point before, I continue taking the photos till 7 pm. Fortunately, the staff still work and open the gate for us, otherwise we may need to spend our night on this island for sure.

If we come in Loy Krathong festival, we will see the beautiful ceremony of the long parade of the boats along the river in order to respect the pagoda.

I still wonder how this island is called as Island in the river. Then, I search for some information and found out that this information is true.

The photo from Google map

There is the Mangrove Forest learning center, the wind flows very well. I continue walking to the exit.

You are able to do a little exercise.

I sit for a while and wait for the sunset, the air is so fresh over here.

After taking photos for a while, we will then take a dinner at Krua Kaeng Phed.

Most of menu in this restaurant are spicy in according to its name For those who do not passionate in spicy food, we do not recommend you to try it.

On the other hand, those who like eating spicy food. Please do not hesitate to try this menu.

I think the most delicious menu is fermented rice flour noodle with green curry.

Mixed mushroom salad

Three egg salad

Steamed shell with butter, the taste is not so outstanding.

" Hoi Ja" is another menu cooked from shells.

Finally, my preferred menu is served, it is stir fried crab. I am so hungry, I can have them all.

The total cost of this meal is THB 855.

After getting full, it is time to go back to Brookside valley resort.

I buy the promotion of this resort once I joined the activity which was arranged by Tour Tourism Organization. One room can normally accommodate 2 people but my mom has come with me for this trip hence I need to reserve for an extra bed, it costs THB 800 including breakfast.

This resort is very lovely, it is located in the middle of the hill, the decorative style of this hotel is Dutch. There are various activities that you can do in Strawberry town.

For those who like to do adventure activity, it is also available in the resort but you is required to the ticket. I would like to take your attention to see my room.

The room is very neat but there is one thing that is not quite fine for me, it is the air conditioner. It is not quite cold (but I am not sure whether the weather is too hot or not)

There are some standard amenities provided such as soap, shampoo etc.

There is a tour group who comes to the resort for the meeting. At first, I thought it will be quiet because it is the weekday and low season period

I am able to see Strawberry town from my room, it is such a lovely place. The staff told me that if I come in the winter, it will be very crowded.

I stay in the right building, it is quite far a way.

Let's enjoy the nice view of this resort, I take the photos of the atmosphere in the morning and wake up to take the photos in the morning

Many photos with beautiful corners

To cross the bridge, there will be swimming pool call Sun Deck Pool, you are able to swim till 6 pm

After having breakfast, I take a walk to Strawberry town for a while.

Then, we go to Rayon aquarium in the late morning. Please be inform that it is closed on Monday and Tuesday (please be aware once you set up the schedule.)

There are sharks too.

Oh! what is that fish?

The aquarium is not that big hence we can walk around in the short period of time.

I drive back to Pra Du temple, I normally tended to come to this place on the first day trip but I did not have enough time. Then, I decide to visit on the second day.

There is also reclining Buddha at this temple too.

This is the old Buddhist sanctuary.

To have a look on up stair.

This is the new Buddha sanctuary, it is beautiful.

The temple is very clean, the toilet is also clean. My mom has inspected all of them.

After respecting the Buddha statue, I drive to Rabiang Mai restaurant, it is close to the aquarium. I highly recommend that you should try the menu at Rabiang Mai restaurant. At first, I plan to have my dinner here but I prefer to show the resort photos in the evening first. Hence, I swop to have lunch in this restaurant in stead. The weather is very hot. Even though, the food is not spicy but I am sweat a lot. I suggest you to come in the evening, it will be so good because the food is very delicious.

I would like to tell you about the menu.

Deep fried shrimps coated with tamarind sauce.

Fried shrimp - paste balls

Shell ligament salad

Steamed sea bass with soya sauce.

Stir fried rice with crab, it is delicious but I could not have them all.

And another exotic menu is ice cream, dry shredded pork with salted egg, it seems not go along very well but it is delicious.

I take a photo till the toile but I apologize if it is not polite.

The way to the toilet.

Men toilet is so chic with apple snail shape.

It is really worthy for having lunch here, the total charge is THB 1570 and I still left some fried shrimp patty to take away for my dinner too. I continue driving to escort my nephew and my girlfriend back to the resort.

Then, I take my girlfriend's mom to buy some stuffs in Central super store in Rayong city, it is the grand opening day. There are 2 super stars; Nadech and Ya Ya also come to participate in this event too. This makes the super store be crowded, I could not see so much things. I decide to visit my close friend and go back to the resort.

My nephew has just woken up and go swimming.

I prefer to not take the dinner today because I am still full from my lunch (you are able to guess from above photos that I have ordered many menu).

I have ordered some fruits from the resort.

In the morning of the 3rd day trip, I spend sometimes to take the photos at Strawberry town. Then, I take the breakfast that resort prepares for us.

It is time to check out from the resort, I continue my trip to Fruit Market at Ta Phong.

Then, I take a walk in Koh Kloi market, it is close to Central super store in Rayong.

The market is not so crowded due to the weekday.

I would like to play the car (toy), I try to insert the coin to run the system but it is not successful. I continue walking and I have found another car (toy), I try to insert the coin again but it is still not successful again. I am so sad.

I can get Pong Pang (one kind of music instrument)

I have lunch at Bang Sare, my girlfriend has ever taken me to this restaurant before but I could not remember the name, I can only mention the location.

Once I arrive, it has now become Jae Juk restaurant Branch 4 . I have asked local and noticed that this restaurant has been taken over, it was named Rim Had Seafood Bang Sare. It has been changed for 6-7 months.

I recommend you to have a look at the seafood in front of the restaurant. The fresh shells seem so fresh but I regret that I could not have it.

The restaurant is nice.

Let's have a look at the menu that we have ordered.

We ordered 2 steamed crabs, it costs 100 Baht per 100 grams. It is really delicious even I do not dip it in the dipping sauce.

Stir fried shrimp with rice, I think it should be added with some salt.

Stir fried squid with garlic, it is better to eat right away because you can taste the crispy texture.

Winged bean salad

Deep fried crispy sea bass

Shrimp soaked with fish sauce. The shrimp is really fresh.

We have ordered many menus in this restaurant and we have left some fried rice again. The total charge is THB 2295. We continue our trip by heading to Pattaya Dolphin World, the entrance fee is 300 for adult but it is free for a kid.

There is a cowboy show before dolphin show. We sympathize cowboy because the weather is quite hot. The show is very funny.

My niece is helping the cowboy lifting the horse.

Once the cowboy show is end, we feed sheep while we are waiting for dolphin show.

The are 2 irrawaddy dolphin and 1 pink dolphin, the y are so cute.

The dolphins are a little stubborn, hence we can not see much dolphin show.

The show is end. It is time to take the photo with dolphin by holding the fish to lure the dolphin to jump up for the fish.

The trip is end, we can go back to Bangkok

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