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This is one more chance for a trip to Hua Hin, This time I have to take my little niece with me, so my trip is going to be very concerning...

Start up with elephant riding, searching Hua Hin elephant village but GPS has shown wrongly, search again, here we go "Hutsa Din Elephant Foundation" which is a none-profit able association, established for helping old and ill elephants to have proper nursery..

There are six elephants..

The fees for riding is 600 bath/30 minutes, free for kids..

After riding continue with elephant show, this is Song Kran, he is performing dancing, play football, ball through the ring, give kid a hat, sitting for picture and carry a basket begging for his tip,,, very lovely....

So then we left the foundation, reading sign on the road ....ELEPHANT VILLAGE.... ok! now I know we went to the wrong place.. let just stop over for a quick lunch at But Q restaurant by Khun Phikoon,, really good as said,,

Tom Som Sam Lee fish (Thai local sour soup with butter fish)

Stir fried pork with black pepper

Stuffed chicken

Vegetable wok style

After luch heading to the hotel, Wan Vayla condominium, Tutor Hill

with the slogan "Here day and time is yours"

The condo belongs to Land and House which is recommended by a friend of mine. I also like housing of this brand that's why I want to try the condo this time, I want to buy a room! well but no money!! rent for a night at least I experience for one night..

I booked through Facebook.

Transferred room's fees, send a picture of ID card and car number to the room's owner..

At the beginning of the soi has seven eleven shop, along the road there are many difference condominiums from many brands..

Wan Vayla is at the end.

Just tell to security.."I'm staying in Krab"

Then go to the lobby with a copy of ID, to get the key

Fitness is in the front

My room is on the third floor, the building is not completely finish, some workers are still here to touch up their works.

I am very impressed with a security who tell me not to park near the color touch up be cause the color might fall down to my car.. he is so kind.

The build I stay in has four floors, each floor has four rooms

Can see the swimming pool from balcony

My room has two bedroom, two bathroom and one living room

Nice decoration and well designed, sofa bed is very comfortable..

All equipments and facilities are provided..

In case someone is interesting,, click the link below ..อยากเที่ยวหัวหิน-ต้อง-วันเวลา/778695578869764?fref=ts

Let's see the inside...

Open the door..

Look back to the main door...

Inside the rooms


There are some kid's toys

We have a nap before swimming..

The pool has three zones and the front part is connected to the beach. My niece swims in the pool, which is quite fun and very empty not many people, there are only three group of people... We played here for a bit then we play at the slider...

We were playing here for quite long...

I am told by the room's owner that we can do BBQ too, there are three ways to so so,,

1. Buy your own ingredients and bring your own BBQ equipments

2. Buy your own ingredients and rent equipments, hire a maid 500 bath + 500 bath for equipments

3. Hire people do all for you, 200+500+500, ingredient shopping+Cooking+equipments

they provide all what you need, plates and bowl, deep sauce, service and stand by until 10 pm.

but you have to inform them before noon!!

the location for BBQ is around the pool which you can choose where you want from three spots

But I planed to eat at Loong Bung, so let it be next chance I will try...

Let's have a look outside. I take pictures by my Iphone be cause the big camera is not allow..I am very sorry if some pictures are not good enough..

After taking all outside photos, we go to eat at Loong Bung restaurant, fish head hot pot on Hua Hin 51...

I like the service here even with in-welcome face but they pay attention to the kid, always asking "is it too spicy?" "would you like pepper?" very kind of them..

All what I ordered is so delicious..

My recommended menus

Fish head soup, Tom Yum style..

Grouper wok with green pepper, kaffir lime leave, chili and ginger

Pickled crab with spicy sauce

Fried rice with crab meat..

Steamed egg with veggies

We order fried rice with crab meat and mild soup with seaweed and tofu to take home for our breakfast...

On the way back I stopped by a pharmacy for a cough syrup with a pharmacist.. there are many of pharmacies in Hua Hin but when you want to buy somethings, remember! always ask for a pharmacist..

Back to the room, bedding my niece, then I watch my series. In the morning my girlfriend bring my niece for horse riding at Hua Hin beach ...But I wait for them in the room....

Horse riding is 300 bath for 20 minutes, not many people on the beach just some joggers and someone sun beating....

Then come back to the room and relax before packing...

Check out and return the key

Have a peak at the fitness..

The walk way to Black sheep Farm, the name is black but there are white sheep,, little puppy as receptionist to welcome guests...

Entrance free is 40 bath for adult, kids is free..

we got some carrots. It's not that hot today..

They are looking starving, and familiar with people feeding, as we stand there they walk to us quickly...

we enjoy feeding them.....

there are also bunnies in the other corner, a small photo spot with a bank, the bathroom is at the exit. My niece and the puppy are playing together....

Then we stop at Huay Mong Khon temple but it is too hot so we even don't leave the car to pray..

It's time for lunch at Lek Dee restaurant, Naraphirom, where I had fried rice with crab meat last time...

There is a seminar group here just finished their lunch break..

I order the same fried rice, but the rice is too soft, might be newly cooked, but I get a bigger portion than last time..

Crab curry with Cha-Kram leave (Suada Maritima), can't finish it, so we pack home and will eat later..

Seafood with spicy and crispy onion, really good...

Pad Thai is also good

After eating we walk on the beach for a bit then head back to Bangkok

I think it's too tired for a short trip with long driving...

But if you have time limit is not so bad to try this, easy and nice place.. The weather like this is not a bad idea to go to a beach, you should try Wan Vayla, Hua Hin..

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