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Hello again everyone. According to my previous chapter review, I take everyone to visit Toledo city and Segovia city which they both have long history that located in the middle of Spain.

South of Spain has been greatly influenced by Moor people which makes the architecture style pretty differentiates from those cities in the middle of Spain and they look gigantic. Well! Let's watch it together.

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Head to Cordoba

In the third day of the journey in Spain, I head to Southern part of the country. My destination is Seville city, it takes approximately 500 kilometers which is around 5-6 hours driving.

Actually, if we travel by train, it will be more convenient and faster.

However, I have planned to visit Cordova (Cordoba) which located just before Seville city approximately 150 kilometers. The condition of the road is considerably average; easy for driving. You guys need to pay the toll fee just only when the time that you leave from Madrid city, apart from that is free of charge all the way round.

Get back to the past with the mix civilization of Islam and Christ at Cordoba city.

There are a lot of attractions in Cordoba city; however, I will only stop for a short visit at this city and I choose to travel only in the main attractions which are Alcázar of Cordoba and Mezquita Catedral.

Both places are located near each other that you could take a walk to, therefore, I will need to use GPS and travel to Alcázar of Córdoba, and then look for the parking spot.

Today, I choose to park at parking lot in the building as I am afraid to get another summon like yesterday. Hahaha.

In the past Cordoba city is the largest city of Roman Kingdom in Spain, Birian Peninsula. The city is once under the rule of Moore people since 8th century.

It is said that during 10th century under the rule of Caiph Al Hakam II, the education system here is great. Moreover, there are a lots of library, school and university during that time.

Nowadays, Cordoba is a middle size city with the population approximately 300,000 people. There is the civilization of mix culture of Moore and Roman people to be seen in the old town.

Alcázar of Córdoba

Open 10.00h -15.00h (Summer Time)

GPS N37°52.55352 W004°46.92336

Entrance fee: EUR 4.5

The first attraction that I have visited in Cordoba city is Alcazar of Cordoba or the old palace of the city.

For those who will travel here during the summer time, you should visit the place a little early as the palace will close at 3pm sharp. It is the breaking time in the afternoon of the Spanish people and the palace will close for a lunch break and won't open in the evening anymore.

If you visit the palace during winter time, the place will open Monday to Friday and close around 08:00pm.

As I have mentioned above that this place used to belong to Moore people before and that includes the palace as well. The uniqueness of the architectures of Moore people are garden and pool (tub), and the highlight architecture is in Segovia city.

Before King Alfonso XI constructed a new palace during 1327, he brought Gothic architecture style to be mixed with Morrish style which somehow fade away some of Morrish architecture style.

The pool in the picture as well as the garden are in Morrish style; moreover, the trees in the surrounding also are Middle East tree (Actually, I think those trees are trees that grow in this climate condition)

The building in the right side in the picture is constructed during King Alfonso XI period.

The structure and the decorative design inside still keep Morrish architecture style.

If time permits, I suggest you guys to take a walk in the garden area, there are a lot of corners to take photos.

However, it is quiet hot during the time, I could take a walk only a little while.

Mezquita de Cordoba (The Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba)

Open 10:00-19:00

GPSN37°52.73562 W004°46.76352

Entrance fee: EUR 8

Another important attraction in Cordoba city that has the greatest number of tourists is “The Cathedral of Cordoba". It is considered as one of the world's most amazing monasteries because it is the combination of Cathedral and Mosque. Although nowadays this place is considered to be the Cathedral but there is also Mosque in its name (The Mosque Cathedral). Moreover, local people call this cathedral “Mezquia" which means Mosque.

In the early period, this place was served as a mosque and it is the most beautiful and largest mosque during that time. Until Cordoba city has been conquered by King Alfonso, this place has been modified to be the cathedral.

From the exterior architecture, it completely looks like mosque.

The structures in the hallway inside curved as a dome according to Moorish architecture style.

The ritual altar inside is completely part of the cathedral. However, it also mixes with the old architecture style.

In order to visit here, you guys need to exercise your neck somehow as the decoration of the ceiling is extremely stunning in the entire cathedral. Ha ha ha.

If come to Cordoba city, you guys could not miss out this place for any reason.

After finish walking inside, I went to walk around the cathedral.

But I can walk only for a while as the weather is extremely hot.

Take photo for a while and then I head back to my car and head to our next destination “Seville city".

Travel to Seville city, the capital city in the south of Spain.

After finish visiting Cordoba city, we drive to Seville city which is the 4 th large cities in Spain. The city has the population approximately 1,500,000 people. And this place has the biggest old town zone in Spain which is considered as the third biggest old town zone in Europe.

That is why there are a lot of tourist attractions in this city. Moreover, it is the city that a lot of tourists stop over to continue travelling to nearby cities. I have stayed in this city for 3 nights but it is a bit pity that I am too tired to drive to other cities, therefore, I just stay and wander around in this city for all 3 nights.

As for the attractions that I have a chance to travel are as follow:

The red mark is the hotel that I stay in and on the left side of the hotel which across the river is parking lot and it is free of charge but you need give a tip to them a little.

Most of the attractions are around the hotel and the most convenient way to travel is to walk there. The farthest spot is Plaze de Espana, it is approximately 3 kilometers away from the hotel. You could take a walk around half an hour and you will reach the destination.

For those who travel by train, the station will be on the right corner of the picture. And it is not far away from the attractions at all.

Actually at Seville city, there is a metro and the station is located around cathedral and palace. However, the station is not close to the area where I stayed, therefore we need to walk instead.

Metropol Parasol

Open 10:00-23:00

GPS N37°23.59884 W005°59.51496

Entrance fee EUR 3

First place that I have visited is the Metropol Parasol and it is in the old town or SOL area which located at Piazza La Encarnación square.

In the 19th century this area was a market and a community.

But later, the building is old and partially collapsed.

In the mid-20th century, there is a plan to reconstruct a new market; however, the new market has not been reconstructed, the rest part of the market all collapsed in 1973.

And this area was left deserted until 1990, the city has been approved to create the new market.

The plan is to have the underground constructed to be a parking area. During the construction, they have found the ancient remains of a historical site in Roman period; therefore, the construction has to stop in order to preserve this historic place.

Until 2004, the city has prepared to develop this area once again which make the underground area to be a museum in order to research those historic remains.

There is the construction of Metropol Parasol to cover the area which was completed in 2011.

And Metropol Parasol has become to be one of the important landmarks of the city.

Apart from the trendy landmark Metropol Parasol is, it also opens its top floor for watching the scenic view of the city which costs only EUR 3 for entrance fee. Moreover the entrance fee also includes one free complimentary welcome drink.

Since this place is quite far from others attractions; therefore, I plan to take photo from the first night that I arrive here (However I also visit the place again and take photo during the daytime anyway, Ha Ha Ha).

Here you could use a camera tripod but the floor is rather a little bit shaky, thus you have to find a good moment for shooting.

The below area of the Metropol Parasol have a lot of restaurants to enjoy the good food as well.

You can sit and hang out there.

Plaza Toros Maestranza

Open 9.30 - 20:00

GPS N37°23.16054 W005°59.9076

Entrance fee EUR 7

At first, I only plan to go to the church, castle and Plaza de Espana in our second day.

However, on the way to the church I passed by the bull race track so we just stop by to see how it is.

The tickets are on sell round by round, I wait around 20 minutes to go inside.

They have a guide tour provide for you as well. The tour guide will take us inside and tell us about the history of this sport.

In addition, inside the building, there will be an exhibition of the history and the bull stable.

There is also a shrine for matadors to worship before bullfighting.

Catedral de Seville

Open hour 11:00am - 05:00pm

GPS N37°23.1498 W005°59.58702

Entrance fee EUR 8

After visiting the bull race track then I go to Seville's cathedral which is similar to the cathedral in Cordoba city as it is a mosque in the past.

Until the end of the12 century, the Christian Architect has redesigned and built a new church.

The church is renowned as the largest church in the world; it is as large as St Paul's Cathedral in London. And bigger than the Church of St. Peter in Rome as well.

Nevertheless, for the interior inside, I personally prefer the Church of Cordoba more.

It has a unique design over the Catedral de Seville.

Royal Alcázar of Seville

Open hour 9:30am -07:00pm

GPS N37°23.0289 W005°59.46186

Entrance fee EUR 9.5

If you travel to Cordoba city, you shouldn't miss out to travel to Mezquita. And at Seville city, you shouldn't miss out to visit Alcazar. This place also serve as the palace for the royal house.

From the architectural interior design, if you do not know where this castle located in this world, people might think that it's the Muslim or Arabs languages.

But actually, in the past it is like that. LoL.

Personally, view from the outside, it's very common. The hallway also looks ordinary.

The highlight of this castle is the interior design which is very huge and magnificent.

This is the stateroom, outstanding design as well.

And another interesting spot of Alcazar is the bathroom of the Queen which is in the unique architecture design of Moor people.

At the Old Town of Seville, one of the most popular activities among the tourists is horse carriages which the tourists could decide where they want to go by themselves.

Plaza de Espanya

Open 24 Hr.

GPSN37°22.63248 W005°59.21334

Free Entrance fee

Another main attraction of Seville is the Spain Square or Plaza de Espanya.

Plaza de Espana is located in Maria Luisa Park's garden. it has been constructed when the city has organized the World Expo in 1929.

The square was designed by Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, a French architect. This is the mixed combination design from a variety of places..

Currently, it is the place that located many government agencies such as the Seville City Hall, and so on.

There are many places to take pictures here.

I arrive here during the evening time, therefore, I have a lot of time to explore the area.

Some travelers ride the bike to visit here and of course, there are carriages for taking visitors here as well.

And around the square, there are rowing boats for a ride as well.

You could go up to the second floor of the center building where they has a fountain to cool the heat.

Then I wait to take some pictures during the sunset and the evening time is relatively quiet here.

I take some relax time shooting the picture when I am at the second floor.

I see couples sitting together but I do not care them, I just take my photo. LoL.

The place has a relatively wide area so you have to plan well to take a photo here.

I guarantee that you'll get a pretty awesome pictures, trust me.


Actually, on the third day I plan to visit the bull fighting field, but I went on a second day already.

Therefore, today's I have a relax morning to walk around the city. Therefore, I go to visit the Motropol Parasol once again

Torre del Oro (Golden Tower).

Open hour 10:00am- 06:45pm

GPS N37°22.94484 W005°59.79324

Entrance fee 3 EUR

During the evening, I go to take picture at the Torre del Oro (Gold Tower).

This tower is located at the Guadalquivir river. In the past, Moore people used this place as a part of the city wall.

They use to observe the enemies who attacked from the waterway. The tower on the ground floor is formerly decorated with golden tiles and this becomes the source of a name of the tower.

In the present, the tower is a maritime museum that exhibits about the battleship in the past.

You could compare this tower with Belem Tower at Lisbon city, Portugal.

But here, I did not visit the museum inside. I am here just to waiting for shooting this photos in the evening.

to be continue...

What do you think of the sights of Southern Spain?

I personally think they are amazing as they are the tourist destinations in Europe that have a mix architecture design with Moors style which are quite different from any other destinations in Europe. I think it's very elegant.

Among the European countries that I have been visited, I like the architecture of Spain the most.

Actually, in this area, I would like to visit the city of Granada . Unfortunately, I do not have enough time.

In fact, I really do have a time but I am lazy to drive there as I feel tired from the long trip and this is our second week of the trip already. I feel loss a lot of power and energy.

If have a chance, I will return to Spain for sure and will visit the city of Granada as well.

In the next chapter, I will drive up to the north.

We will travel to the capital city which is Madrid, drive pass city of Zaragoza and stop at our last destination at Barcelona.

Each cities have an outstanding and uniqueness in their own ways. Please follow in the next chapter.

Today I will end my review here.

Sawasdee and thank you for reading my review.


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