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From the first part that we have visited Istanbul which is the biggest port of Turkey and located in 2 continents; Asia and Europe. So today we continue to the ancient city and the world heritage site.

Let's start with Ephesus which is located in Izmir. It used to be the second biggest kingdom of Roman. In the past, there was 250,000people lived here that's why it was the second biggest city in the world before Christ.

The evident of immensity of Ephesus

And this is Ephesus Theater which is the third biggest outdoor theater in Turkey. It was built by ancient Greek and the design was really support the singers as the theater faces to the sea, the wind will blow back their voice to audiences. So everyone on the stand can be able to hear clearly.

Nowadays, sometime they still have some events here.

This is The Library of Ephesus,

The library has 3 entrances and there is the sculpture of Athena and Nemesis at the front. All architecture and sculpture are still very completed.

This zone "No access"

There are many cats here and they are very clubby as well as this little cute one^^

After that we continue to Cappadocia which is another ancient city that has history about Christian in Turkey. It has unique landscape which happen from volcano explosion. In the past, people who leave here have to dig into the stone to make their homes and church.

And this is Korama museum, the outdoor museum that used to be the center of evangelism. There are many sculptures on the wall about Christian, Christ Image and Barbara Saint here. The period that we go is in Winter so it cover by snow and very beautiful.

Let's go up there...

Caution!!! If you decide to come during Winter, you are better well prepared for shoes and clothes and be careful while walking on snow.

After that go down and have a cup of coffee.

Cappadocia is a city of porcelain which also become a famous souvenir.

Handmade porcelain and how to paint them....so amazing!!!

Wine pitchers..... very beautiful and unique.

Then go to our next destination, Bosphorus Strait which is the hi-light of visiting Turkey.

Pamukkale was announced by UNESCO to be world heritage site. In Turkish, Pamuk means cotton and Kale means Castle so people call it the Cotton Castle. It is the white stone which occur from the hot spring that bring a lot of Calcium Carbonate to precipitate and become the amazing castle as we can see.

The sunrise at Pamukkale....

Just take off you shoes and soak your legs in the hot spring is the best way to survive in Winter. But if you come in Summer you might see people with bikini soaking in there.

Ending the trip with beautiful moment and impressive...

Turkey is a beautiful country than many of you expect, in every places has its story as well as Turkey. If you are now planning to come here, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. We come with a tour so it is easy and cheap.

Each place might be far from each other so it might take sometime to get to each place.

View from the plane WOW!!!!

This trip we have to transit at Tehran, Iran...No snow!!!!

Thank you very much and see you again in my next journey ..... ^^.....

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