Exploring Northern Isan Cities; Nong Khai, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen written by ลุงเสื้อเขียว

I normally think that Udon Thani and Nong Khai are only a pass way to Laos but nowadays Tourism Authority of Thailand has promoted 2 more attraction places in Udon Thani and Nongkhai to be well known as one of 10 Dream Destination places. Once it is promoting, I then also want to get there t

Exploring Northern Isan Cities; Nong Khai, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen

Exploring Northern Isan Cities; Nong Khai, Udon Thani, Khon Kaen

I normally think that Udon Thani and Nong Khai are only a pass way to Laos but nowadays Tourism Authority of Thailand has promoted 2 more attraction places in Udon Thani and Nongkhai to be well known as one of 10 Dream Destination places. Once it is promoting, I then also want to get there to feel how amazing the Dream Destinations are so it's inspiring me to start this trip.

I choose Nok Air flight for this trip because Nok Air has many flights to Udon Thani.

Many colors of planes are waiting for passengers to reach their destination.

Nok Air is renowned for the flight delay and my flight to destination has not more than 10 minutes delay.

When the plane takes off to the sky, I can see Chao Phraya River from the bird's eye view.

I am not sure whether this point is in front of Phalan, Saraburi or not because I can see the mountain in the middle of the city and a traces of mountain explosion to produce marbles.

But this point I certainly sure that it is Pa Sak Jolasid Dam, I can see a railway above water surface.

During the flight path, I can see many drought, it make me feel a great sorrow and remind me when I used to fly through Oman to Egypt and I can only see many drought and desert areas. At that time I also think up in mind that Thailand is so lucky to have some greenery area but recently Isan part of our country looks the same as desert now.

This may be the original source of the word "plateau".

It takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes to arrive Udon Thani International Airport.

I am taking some memorial picture Before I get off the plane.

There is nothing much in my first day program.Just arrive Udon Thani and check-in at Centara Hotel.

The decoration of the Centara hotel's rooms look elegant. The room living area is wide enough. The bathroom is separated into wet and dry area by glass wall, so other area in the room may able to get wet. I think the bathroom area is quite normal, maybe because Centara hotel has not renovated the bathroom area ( Charoensri Hotel sell the hotel to Centara hotel).

After check-in, I have my dinner at Centara hotel and go back to take a rest to keep energy for the next day morning.

Next day morning, after I am stuffed at Centara restaurant then I am heading to my first destination of today, Phu Phra Bat Historical Park.

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park is shaped from the change in geography which its structure is a natural eroded sandstone caused a different size of rocky shape. It is an evidence narrating an interesting people's life in the past.

This historical park is located at Ban Phue District, around 67 kilometersaway from Udon Thani. The route to Ban Phue district is a 2 lanes macadamized road, no sidewalk and many cars driving along the way. So, it takes quite a long time to the park. The entrance fee is 20 Baht/person.

For visiting Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, there are 3 ways to see wonderful natural environment which are a small, medium and big routes. From the parking point, we have to walk to the inside around 400 meters which is the beginning of the hiking. But, if anyone don't want to walk for 400 meters, you can call for Golf car in a rate of 100 Baht/car/5 people. The car provides round trip service. For me I choose to walk to see the nature in a small route and using a golf car service.

Staff driving a golf car is also a tour guide. The tour guide says that this place used to be a sea. Presently there still a remaining of the sea such as a mangrove and including various rocks. All of the rocks are keeping in the Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, occurring from the erosion of nature. Geographic of Phu Phra Bat looks like a balcony pole in Pha Taem National Park, Ubon Ratchathani, Mukdahan National Park, Mukdahan and Pa Hin Ngam National Park, Chaiyaphum.

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park. The park represents the civilization of mankind since ancient times. People in the local area since ancient times believe that this place relate with a folk tale named Usa Baros which a historical place appears there such as Ho Nang U-Sa, Baros Stable and etc.

A golf car drive to park at the area near Ho Nang U-Sa which is a highlight of this place.

Near the park lot is a big hole that caused from natural erosion. Isan language is called Bork.

A large rock appears like a mushroom in front of me right now is called Ho Nang U-sa. Originally this rock is caused from natural change but since the rock's shape look strange a man in that period then modify its by building a small room above the rock shelter. A small door and window are built on the side wall. Ho Nang U-Sa is surrounded by a medium and large Bai Sema, a boundary marker of a temple, which assume that this area is a religious sacred since ancient times.

From Ho Nang U-sa, walking a step further to the clockwise direction, you will see Chantra Hermit Ashram , it is a rock similar to Ho Nang U-sa which a piece of rock is overlapping on a monolith.

Next to Chantra Hermit Ashram, there is a large sandstone boulders overlapping on another rock. On the top of the rock is a red painting telling the story of prehistoric times, indicating a grid, parallel, curve and solid line pattern that is continuously painted on the whole wall. The line is perfect and clear. I can only pray that the tourists coming here has a good conscience, don't touch and write any thing on this rock so that I think this pattern would be preserved for our next generation in the long run.

Opposite to a large boulder is Nang U-sa pond. This pond occurs from the erosion of the rock. The rectangle border of the pond is 2 meters long, 5 meters deep. This pond assumes to be a water source of ancient people or using for some rituals propose. Water in the pond is not much when visiting so I can't clearly see how deep the bottom of the pond is. So the tour guide brings a long bamboo stick and put it into the pond to see its depth. I was shocked when he shows the water stain on the bamboo stick because it's very high to the same level of 2 people height. So anyone who visits this place should be careful when visit Nang-Usa pond because you would be fatal if you can't swim.

Walking a clockwise direction from Nang-Usa pond is Gu Nang-Usa. It is a 2 sandstone boulders overlapping on another rock. The lower rock is a vertical axis set as a base of the upper horizontal rock that be handed out is handed out. There is a small room built at the lower rock area. It is assumed that the room is using to place a Buddha image or practice meditation here.

Surrounding Ku Nang U-sa, the rock is carving into a holes for placing Bai Sema, carving in a rectangular frame which are place in 8 directions. Bai Sema is quite large and the top is curved sharpening like a petal of the lotus blossom.

Next to Gu Nang-Usa is a Stone courtyard. This area is called Wat Pho Tar stone courtyard. This stone courtyard is surrounded by a group of ancient stones which I want to start with Tum Pra. There is nothing looks attractive when looking from the outside but when walking through the inside, you will see many Buddha Images carving between the rocks.

Originally this cave is a naturally overlapping of boulders and then people in that period carved the rock bottom into a big room and also carved it into a religious sculptures in the room too.

The western wall sculpture inside Tum Pha is carving as 2 magnificently Seated Buddha images inside the arch.

On top of the arch is lining with a sculpture of a Buddha Image.

On the eastern side of the room's wall is carved as a large 3 Pang Perd Lork Buddha Images but it have already been damaging. The innermost Standing Buddha Image has a trace of short loincloth carved with a beautiful pattern. At this point you need to bend down to see it between the rock's nook. If tour guide doesn't tell us, I certainly would not see this point.

Next to Pang Perd Lork Buddha Images is Pang Samati Buddha Image but his head was damaged by the fallen of the above rock, that's a pity.

Next to Pha Tum is Wat Pho Tar.

Wat Pho Tar is a boulders, it's occurred from 2 overlapping of rocks which the bottom rock is smaller than the upper rock. So it looks like an overhanging rock. The center area and the surface below is a trace of carving that turn it into a big empty room around the core of the rock.

The core rock that trig to the boulder has a trace of painting in red which is a picture of 3 Buddha Images' halo painting next to each other. It's assumed that originally a Buddha Images are placing here but presently all had been damaged. Inside the room, there are still plenty pieces of sandstone Buddha Image's destroy body. Also there are a carving of 2 rectangular pedestals attached to the wall.

Another corner of the boulder, there is a black stain looks like a Buddha Image but it can be seen only half body.

Next to Wat Pho Tar is small rock, inside is carved as a small empty room called " Wat Pho Tar church or Wat Pho Tar cave". Inside is a place for placing 3 Buddha Images but it's a new sculpt one. Furthermore, this church is a stowing place of many parts of Buddha Image also.

Close to Wat Pho Tar is Nang U-sa coffin. It is a 2 small rock axes bearing overlapping of the above large rock similar to a table rock. The rock below is carved to a room but its ceiling is quite low.

Opposite to Nang U-sa coffin is Pho Tar's coffin and Baros's coffin. Let's see Baros's coffin first. The coffin is a rock place overlapping. The axes below is eroded by nature and a man carving in the past to use for meditation.

Close to Baros coffin is Pho Tar coffin. It is occurred by overlapping of 3 rocks. There is a trace of carving in the middle and below the wall which generates 2 empty room at both sides. The carving on the rock beneath the wall is using for ascetic exercise and rituals.

Around Pho Tar coffin is a trace of painting in a prehistoric period, a painting of a man's right palm but rather fuzzy.

If the tour guide does not point that area out, I would not see it too. The painting of red palm is called Tum Mur Daeng.

Close to Pho Tar cave is Tum Chang. Tum Chang is a large sandstone boulders stacked. Inside is a trace of carving for ascetic exercise area. I have no idea of how the rock looks like an elephant because I think Tum Chang might come from a rock shaped like an elephant but I don't even see it similar to the elephant so I ask my tour guide for the source of its name.

Actually Tum Chang is come from the color painting in the ancient period which drawing a red elephant line. It is assumed that it's a craftsmanship of modern historical period in Laos culture (Lan Chang).

Near a drawing of elephant, there are a group of drawings in dark red color which the line is notched up and down but the staff still don't know the meaning of the line.

But we have to congrats to Ban Phue District, Udon Thani that the Phu Phra Bat Historical Park has been proposed to be the World Heritage Site. The criteria of selecting the World Heritage Site in the year 2016 is to investigate the first round in the year 2015, the second round in March of the year 2016 and the final round in June of the year 2016. Let's contribute tenacity and cheer Phu Phra Bat Historical Park to be listed as the World Heritage Site.

There is a tendency that Phu Phra Bat Historical Park will has a chance to be promoted to the World Heritage Site in the year 2016 because the place has already got the 4 criteria which are the 3rd, 4th, 4th and 6th criteria.

The 3rd criteria is to bear a unique or testimony of cultural tradition or civilization in many various patterns such as the prehistorical culture in the 4th Century AD which are the color drawing and antiquities appeared.

The 4th criteria is an example of a common constructions such as boulder, monolith, stone courtyard which are used in unique rituals ceremony of Phu Phra Bat Historical Park.

The 5th criteria is an unique example or traditions of architectures such as Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, a locating place of many cultural heritages, outstanding and interact between human and environment that still remain in present day.

The 6th criteria is an ideas or beliefs directly related to the events or important or outstanding person in the history such as U-sa - Baros local legend and Phra Kud,Phra Phan which originally comes from Phra Anirut and Nang U-sa in Mahabharata Epic . Moreover, Phra Chao Leib Lok legend, U-rang Ka Tang legend are all well-known and related to heritage sites in Phu Phra Bat.

I actually intend to have a natural walk in the middle route but I spend time to much on the small route so I decide not to go on to the next destination because it would affect to other programs if I spending my time too much here.

Travelling to Phu Phra Bat Historical Park, using the route number 2 ( Udon Thani-Nongkhai), when arrive at 13 kilometer, turn left to the route no.2021, heading to Ban Phue District for 42 kilometers, then turn right around 500 meters and go straight to the route no.2348 for more 12 kilometers, then turn right and go straight around 2 kilometers and Phu Phra Bat Historical Park is in front of you.

Next destination is Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok which is located only 1 kilometer away from Phu Phra Bat Historical Park.

Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok was built in the year 1920-1934. It is assumed that the name comes from the word "Bua Bok" which is the name of the artichoke grows in the forest with head and similar to lotus leaves. Local people called it "Pak Nok". Bua Boks are growing every where around the footprint area so the footprint is called " Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok". But another source of information mentions that Bua Boks may comes from Bo Bok which means no drought. It is said that at first, a monk residential was built to over-arch the footprint. After the year around 1922, Pha Ajarn Sithatsuwan Majoh had pull down that building and reconstruct new Phra That Chedi again, its shaped is a rectangle lotus similar to Wat Phra That Phanom which worships Phra Phutthabat Bua Bok during the 13th-15th day of the 3rd waxing moon of every year.

The first time I see the Phra That Chedi in distance, I feel that this looks dilapidated old. The color of Phra That Chedi looks black like a cling moss but when walk closely I then feel very impressed of the olden Phra That Chedi maybe because of the color, pattern which decorate in classic look. I feel that I like this kind of art than adorn new Phra That Chedi with beautiful and colorful ornaments. Above the entrance area is a delicate and beautiful pattern of carving sculpture.

Inside Phra That Chedi is a footprint of Phra Phutthabat's imitation, build overlaying on the old Phra Phutthabat.

Moreover there is many interesting points here whether it be Thum Phraya Nark or Rang Tao footprint but since the time is limited, after I worship the imitation footprint, I then have to go on to the next place.

I am heading to Na Yoon District to see Phar Hom Sat Thar at Wat Phar Pu Korn. This temple opens everyday from morning time to 18.00 pm. The road inside temple's area are quite steep.

Wat Phar Pu Korn is located in a Na Yoon Forest Sanctuary and Phar Nam Som which is a connecting boundary of 3 provinces which are Udon Thani, Loei and Nong Khai. For location of this temple, it's locating in Na Yoon district, Udon Thani. Since this temple is located in Na Yoon Forest Sanctuary area so this temple is surrounded by more than 12,000 square yard.I can see the greenery of the forest everywhere here.

In the year 2014, Tourism Authority of Thailand has promoted Wat Phar Pu Korn as 1 of 10 Dream Destinations places which once need to visit in life in the topic of "Ar Ram Pi Thak Purn Par Parang Satha Haeng Si Kiew".

Inside the chapel is the reclining Buddha Maha Muni Olknat prophet. Reclining Buddha image has 20 meters long and takes 6 years of construction. It's built on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King seventh Birthday Anniversary. I hear that the head of this Buddha image is built from a clear white marble imported from Italy. The chapel start opening from 8.30-17.00 pm. but if you want to take a photo at night, you need to ask for their permission in advance because I also plan to take photo in the night time also but I haven't inform them in advance so I miss the chance here.

From Wat Phar Pu Korn , I am heading to Sangkhom District, Nong Khai province to see The natural wonders under Wat Tum Din Piang or the formal name is Wat Tam Sri Mongkol, local people know as Tum Phraya Nark.

Normally natural attraction place is a cave. The cave's mouth is located at the same level with the soil surface or you need to climb to the hilltop to find the cave but Tum Din Piang is different to others. The cave's mouth is at the underground so area of the cave is underground too. It can also be called that this cave is like bowel city of Naga.

Before we explore the underground cave, our local guide recommend us to worship the statue of Pu Ein Na Khra Rach and Ya Kad Na Khra Rach for protecting us while we explore inside the cave first. After that we take off the shoes and socks outside the cave and prepare our self to see a wonderful underground cave.

A cave map, you will see that there are many small rooms inside it.

Local guide says that this cave is discovered by pilgrim from Lao, travel across with a boat but walks pass this cave which only sacred monks or monks that abandoned their passion can see this path.

The way inside is quite narrow, some area need to lie on one side to go on and some area need to squatting instead of walking toward. It quite humid and water is always running down. Some area is shallow but some area is deep. But it's the maximum water level at half-shin during I visit there but sometime I also fall into the deep water at my knee level too.

The wall of each room looks smooth, not sharp which is difference from other cave that I have visited before. People believe that it's similar to the way Naga swim to Mekong River.

There are many attractive points inside the cave too.

This room is a rock shape similar to a big rectangle under the cave's ceiling. So this room is called Pu In Tha Na Kra Rach coffin room.

The cave looks mysterious and bats are swooping my head while I am walking through the cave. The more I walk through the cave, the more I realize an amazing of nature. Never thought that I was under the ground right now.

The rock on the right side looks like a head of turtle. The upper and lower mouth is a sharp beak likes a turtle mouth.

The route is round if you can't follow the tour guide, you may certainly loss the way.

This point is a way to Meklog River and a way to a big chamber. Around 100 m. from this point is a big chamber which can contain 3-400 people. It takes 3 hours to enter the chamber. It takes 3 hours because we can't normally walk to the place but we have to crawl to it since the ceiling is too low to walk through it and it takes around 9 days 9 nights to Mekong River.

The cave floor is not a flat plane.You have to tilt your feet walking through it.

This room is Ti Da Na Ka Rach, our guide says that this room always look clean every time even no one come to clean it up. Tourist has shot a picture and captures a spirit of Naga at this spot too.

This point is called Sam Searn room. The cave's ceiling is a stalactite and makes the ceiling even lower to almost closed to the aisle, only one small way is remain on the left side to walk through. To pass this area, we have to lying face down flat on the ground and try to move slowly toward the way. Tour guide enforces us that people with 140 kilograms can still pass through this way.

This is a mound that tourist has built up like a pagoda.

A big mimic of pagoda before the exit.

Then we now at the exit but we have to climb up stair to go out.

I want to say that many feeling is generated while visiting here which are excited, amazing, tried from being like a tiny human in the cave but I am still feeling impressed of Wat Tum Din Piang. Age and gender are not matter when travelling here. You can see my fellows, everybody is safe climbing out of the cave with their smile but elder people would find it a little bit difficult about climbing up and down the stair including when crawling on the floor because me myself also feel fatigued too.

After going out from the cave, we do some worship to wish ourselves luck.

For those who are interested to see marvelous of underground city, I recommend you to arrive here before 17.00 pm because you would not able to enter the cave in the late evening. And you should contact local tour guide to lead you there and don't act smart to go there alone because you would loss the way out. Before enter the cave, you should also donate some money for electricity fee and after you get out there, you should also reward some tip for the tour guide, much or less is depended on your faithful. If anyone pass through Sangkhom District, I recommend you not to miss visiting this place and I guarantee that it will really impressed you.

I end today's trip at Wat Pha Tak Suea which is not far away from Tum Din Piang , the route is a bit steep.

Wat Pha Tak Suea is another beautiful viewpoint of the Mekong River. This point used to be location for shooting many advertising also.

Wat Pha Tak Suea Chapel

The view point of the temple during drought season, if looking down to the right side of Mekong River, you will see a sand bar at the mouth of the river which looks similar to a scaly Naga. So this place is considered as 1 of 10 Dream Destination that TAT recommend us that you really need to visit it once in you life but a scaly Naga is look unclear from this scenery point. If you want to clearly see the scaly Naga, I recommend you to seek for more open air area to see the view clearly. This point is at the up-down pathway of the temple which is a little far away from the temple.

After the sunset, I departure from the temple and heading back to the room in the Udon Thani. The route to Udon Thani is similar to the route from Udon Thani to Phar Pu Korn which is a two lanes road, the road is traffic jam so it's hard for me to manage the time now.

Today I book the room at HOP INN Hotel, the hotel is not far away from community and close to Lotus too.

HOP INN is a new hotel, the price is not expensive, only 550 Baht/night. I think this place is a very interesting option for accommodation too.

A small lobby, only one staff but she provides very good service to us.

Opposite to lobby is the area for coffee corner, a free coffee is ready to serve there.

A lobby zone and accommodation blogging by a glass wall, Key card is using to get in and get out the room.

This room seems too narrow but the room has a modern decoration style so the room looks uncomfortable. There is a door to the balcony but the outside balcony is very less in space. The facilities are provided as needed such as air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, telephone and space for hanging clothes.

The most important one is Free Wi-Fi.

Let's see the shower room area. shower room looks small according to the proportion of the room but not that uncomfortable. It is separated into wet and dry zone by the wall. When showering, a drop of water might throw off to the dry area too.

HOP INN is a low price new hotel, ease to go, parking lots available but the room size is too small, no sound barrier which I can hear people walking and talking outside, no restaurant but for overall I think the price and quality is worth paying and it's one of the good option for people who are looking for the medium price grade of hotel.

I departure from the hotel at 5.30 am because I intend to go to see the first light of the day at Talay Bua Daeng in Nong Harn, Kumphawapi District. ( Nong Harn, spelling with "n", if it spelling with "l" at Sakon Nakhon Province).

I arrive at Nong Harn around 06.30 am. When step off the car, I then immediately see the first light of the day.

After that I am hurried to contact a boat. There are 2 boats types which are big boat which can carry around 10 people and a long tail boat which can carry 2 people.

For the price of the big boat, there are 2 prices depend on the distance; a close distance is 300 Baht/boat which takes around 1 hour and a long distance boat is 500 Baht/boat which takes around 1.30 hrs and 300 Baht/boat for the charter long tail boat.

The boat is waiting for traveler at the port and ready to sail whenever we are ready.

A big round Sun in pink gradually emerge from the horizon. The sky starts to turn gold, the light is touching a group of blossom Lotus flower. I am so lucky that I can see the sun rise in the middle of the Talay Bua Daeng as I intended.

The lotus is blooming with a light mist covering behind a tree, small boats are heading to the same destination which is the middle of Bung Nong Harn.

Sailing boat for a while, you will see the meditation of Buddha Image setting in the middle of the water. This island is located in Wat Dorn Luang, behind Wat Dorn Luang is a watchtower to see the view of Bua Daeng Talay from the high angle.

A high angle view of Talay Bua Daeng, watching from the watchtower.

A watchtower that is located behind Wat Dorn Luang.

Bung Nong Harn is a wetland that important in an international level. The area is 46,400,000 Square meters. The area cover 4 districts and it is a source of plentiful natural resources such as numerous of fish and water plant. In December-February, there is a pink lotus blooming and showing itself to visiting tourist. But after February, it is going to be a rotten lotus period or the died back of the old lotus to become a food of the new one. This period the lotus will relay to show off its beauty. CNN, the news reporter has reported Nong Karn to be 1 of 10 the most beautiful lake in Thailand.

This is a popular side which a foreground is Talay Bua Daeng and background is Phra That Chedi.

All lotuses are day bloomers. The red color of those lotus in this period is inserted with yellow color of other plants grow in water.Birds start hovering above the lotus along with our team and local people that start using their life on the new day again. I really impressed this picture. I used to visit Talay Bua at Talay Noi, Phatthalung Province. I can say that Talay Noi is not more beautiful than Talay Bua Daeng, Kumphawapi District

For those people who want to see the beautifully of Talay Bua Daeng, I recommend that you should come in the morning and it would be better to sail the boat at 6.30 am because at this time you can have a chance to see the sun rises in the middle of Talay Bua Daeng, the weather is not hot, the sun is not strong and you don't have to wait for the queue because there are more travelers on Saturday and Sunday so the boats would not be enough for travelers. The lotus blooms up to around 11.00 am everyday.

Getting off the boat, you can see many children selling things at the port. Things they are selling are Lotus root-stock in syrup, lotus root drink, Isan almond, Wild Almond seed and many other things.

From the silent of parking lot in the morning, it starts to be more lively immediately in the late day time. Many local products are selling here such as coconut sugar that its package looks rare in the city.

Khao Jee ( Grilled sticky rice with egg) in 2 styles.

Khao Lam (Glutinous rice baked in a bamboo cylinder), there are both white and black rice. It is so sweet and delicious.

Local herbs

Fried crickets

Toasted eggs

Little delicious fishes

Homespun Fabric

The important one is many patterns of Taly Bua Daeng shirt.

Taly Bua Daeng is 45 kilometers away from Udon-Thani province, you can departure from Udon-Thani by using a highway no.2 (Udon-Thani-Kumphawapi District). Turn left when you arrive at 26 kilometers and follow the route to Huai Sam Phat-Prachaksinlapakhom district around 18 kilometers then you will reach Ban Diam port.

After getting of the port, I'm now getting hungry. For this breakfast I intend to have the meal at Gai Yang Khao Suan Kwang. I use to eat there once and I like "Gai Yang Wanna" taste, so I come to eat it this time again.

From Kumphawapi district, I am heading to Khao Suan Kwang District. When passing through Khao Suan Kwang intersection, keep to the left. Gai Yang Wanna is not far away from Khao Suan Kwang intersection. You will see a 3 floors building painted in pink with a clearly label of the restaurant but be careful not enter the wrong one because the restaurant next to Gai Yang Wanna is also named "Gai Yang Wan".

Gai Yang Wanna must sell out very well until there is a fake of Gai Yang Wanna so he attached a label to warn customer that Gai Yang Wanna has no other branches at all.

Many kinds of spicy Som Tum. There is also other menus but what I can't miss is a hot grilled chicken, it's very delicious and more important is that it is not expensive. My friends and I, 9 people have ordered various foods but it cost not more than 900 Baht.

After I am stuffed, now I am heading to Khon Kaen Province. I intend to worship Pra Bor Rom Saa Ree Rik Ga Taat at Wat Nong Waeng. Wat Nong Waeng is located at Bueng Kaennakorn.

Bueng Kaennakorn is a big swamp located in the center of Khon Kaen . Around Bueng Karnnakorn area is a healthy park decorated with a various kind of plants, stucco of dinosaurs that seems to be a very good relaxing place. You can see Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon which is a location of Wat Nong Waeng.

Wat Nong Waeng is a royal monastery. It has Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon or Phra That Khao Chan with a rectangle based, 50 meters wide, the peak point of the Stupa is replicated from the Phra That Kham Kaen. It is 80 meters high where the four-mini-Buddha's relicss (Phra Jun La That) are located and placing at 4 corners and surrounded by a seven-head-Naga crystal wall.

At the 1st floor of Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon is an enshrinement of Phra Patan and Busabok Buddha relics with a mural painting at 4 corners, door panel, window, carving a tale name Jum Pee See Ton, the door panel carving in 3D and a beautiful mural painting about the history of Khon Kaen.

For those who is energetic, I recommend you to walk up to the 9th floor of Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon. There are different concepts each floor.

2nd floor is a dorm, Shutters and door panel are Benjarong drawing pattern (A traditional Thai five-colored famous porcelain) and a carving of Sang Sin Chai tale.

3rd floor is Hor Pariyat, Shutters and door panel are Benjarong drawing pattern and a carving of Nang Pom Hom tale.

4th floor is Hor Pariyat Tum, inside there is a shutter and old door panel museum, drawing of a birthday goddess, direction goddess and Tạw Phung-Tạw Sewy.

5th floor is Hor Phiphiṭhap̣hạṇ, there are monks of Luang Phu Phra Kru Pha Rad Budsaba Samuno, the past prelate. A door and window are carving Puttachadok tale.

6th floor is Hor Phra U-pa Cha Ya Jarn, Shutter and door panel are carving Wessạndorn tale.

7th floor is Hor Phra Ao Ra Han Sa Wokm, Shutter and door panel are carving Phra Tae Mee Bai tale.

8th floor is Hor Phra Tum, collecting of Buddha's teaching, Tripitaka, etc. The door panel carving a 16 forms of Brahma.

9th floor is Hor Phra Put, the middle of Busabok Buddha relic is containing Pra Bor Rom Saa Ree Rik Ga Taat of Buddha. The door panel is carving in 3D in 16 forms of Brahma.

On the 9th floor, you can see a panoramic view of Khon Kaen province which I can see Bung Kaen Nakhorn from the high angle too.

Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon is a holy place of Khon Kaen that it's built with a magnificent golden figure of architecture. For those who passes Khon Kaen, if you have time, I recommend you to visit the fascination of this place.

Close to Wat Nong Waeng is a location of Amphorm Nham Nueng. Travelling in Isan, you should not miss Nham Nueng. I actually want to eat it in Nong Khai but since I have no time at Nong Khai so I have to eat it here instead.

Amphorm Nham Nueng restaurant is located at the corner of Wat Nong Waeng which you can park your car at the temple can walk to have a meal here.

Special menu of this restaurant is Nham Nueng, a Vietnamese pork ball.

Kow Grieo Pag Mor, Pork Steamed Rice Parcels.

Banana blossom salad with sesame cracker

Fried Meing or Fried Kra Yor

Kha Nom Jean (Thai vermicelli eaten with curry) with a crispy pork skin.


knead Nham

The last one is Vietnamese stuffed in a crispy omelette

For the taste, I think the taste of Nong Khai is more delicious than this one but it is okay to eat it in instead.

After feeling fulled, I am heading back to U-don Thani to prepare myself to go back to Bangkok. One day before going back, Nok Air has send me a SMS to inform that the flight need to be delayed for 20 minutes but actually it is 30 minutes delay.

The delay of the flight today, I think it is an advantage for me because before the plane starts to take off, the sun is about to falling down which means today I can see the sun sets on the plane.

After spending around 30 minutes, the plane then starts flying to the sky.

The sunset opposite to where I was sitting but I am not pity because I can have a chance to see the beautiful light appears on the sky in front of me right now, it's so beautiful.

Only 1 hoour, Nok Air then landing at Bangkok airport safely. Before the plane is landing, I can also see the beautiful light and the bright lights of the city. This trip is another impressive trip for me.