Have you ever travelled to a place that you have never though about or travel to a place that you think there is nothing interesting?

I start my journey with this idea...I never want to go there and there is nothing interesting. But after this journey, I changes my mind. I have one question to ask:

Ratchaburi . . . Have you ever been there?

I believe that your answer is "NO"

And I would say that you should not miss it

(After my first trip, I go back again on another week)

Do not waste your time let's start our journey together


- This review is SR

- Photos are from both trips

- Follow my journey here My Life My Travel

Arriving at the airport in an early morning and pick up a car rental then continue my journey to see my friends.

Get to know Ratchaburi a little bit before go on a trip

The provincial slogan is Beautiful women of Photharam, beautiful women of Baan Pong, the city of earthenware jars, shadow plays at Wat Khanon, magnificent caves, floating market at Damnoen, bats, delicious Yii Sok fish.

There are 10 districts in Ratchaburi but I will take you to 2 districts which not that far from Bangkok. You can go for 1 day trip or stay over night, depend on you.

People said that this province is a society of arts, it is not because there is earthenware jars as their symbol. But there arts everywhere, you can feel it with your heart.

Direction to Ratchaburi

Ratchaburi is 100 KM. from Bangkok and there are 3 ways to get there:

1. By train: from Hua Lamphong Station or Bangkok Noi Station which take about 2 hours to get there. The train is passing by Photharam District, Mueang District, and Pak Tho District.

(For more information about train ticket and schedule calls 1690 for 24hrs. or visit website www.railway.co.th and booking a ticket 3 days in advance at 0-2220-4444 everyday from 8.30am. to 4.30pm.)

2. By car:

- Phetchakasem road heading road no. 4 to Bang Care - Aom Noi - Aom Yai - Nakorn Chaisri - Nakorn Prathom - Ratchaburi

- From road no. 338; Bangkok - Phutthamonthon - Nakornchaisri and heading to Phetchakasem road continue to Ratchaburi.

3. Public Transportation

There are many buses from bus terminal to Ratchaburi which takes about 2 hours to get there. For more information: Tel. 0 2434 7192, 0 2435 5605 or www.transport.co.th and Ratchaburi Group 76, Tel. 0 3233 8439, 0 3232 2776, 0 3232 5152, 0 3233 8276. (Bangkok: first bus at 6.00am and last bus at 11.00pm., Ratchaburi: first bus at 4.00am. and last bus at 9.00pm.)

My intention is to go to Mueang Ditrict and stop by the old church age of over 100 years in Wat Phleng District which is really beautiful.

The church called Phra Christ Haruethai Wat Phleng, Wat Phleng District, Ratchaburi which is Catholic Church with Western architecture decorate with colorful mirror and beautiful painting about Christianity. It is registered as ancient remains with Fine Arts Department.

This church was build in 1883 and completed in 1903 by Father Garlo Pedi.

Mostly, apostles statues and wall decoration was imported from Europe at that time. The old bench was made from old teak pulpit and there is Phra Hathai Monument in the front of the church.

Inside the church is really beautiful.

Open for MASS

- Saturday 7.30pm.

- Sunday 6.30am. and 9.00am.

- Weekday: for visiting please inform staff.

Heading to Mueang District as my intention

The famous product of Ratchaburi is earthen jar and when we see this giant jar that mean we officially arrive to Ratchaburi.

First thing that we can think of now is food. We decide to have noodles at "Kuay Tiew Kai Khun Mam" which I believe that many people have heard about it.

The restaurant is located next to Prom Paet Hospital which is very easy to find.

Are you ready???? Let's go>>>

There is a lot of space but because there are so many people today make it feel narrow. It is good that we do not have to wait for food that long.

This is Kuey Kuay Tiew Kai (Egg noodle)

It is coming with a perfect taste, no need to add anything.

PS. depend on personal taste

Moreover, there are meatball, spring roll and satay.

Pork satay

And also there is many kind of Thai dessert.

I try "Kanom Salad Nga" only 25 baht but sadly I forget to take a picture.

Our next destination is Ratchaburi National Museum located on Borvorndet road near clock tower beside Mae Klong river. I can tell that this road has many interesting places.

This yellow building used to be museum office.

Right now they have moved to this pink building.

This building used to be a city hall of Ratchaburi.

Museum opening hour: 9.00am. - 4.0pm. Everyday.

Close on: Monday, Tuesday and Public Holidays

Entrance fees: Thais 20 baht (Free for children), Foreigners 100 baht.

For more information; Tel. 0 3232 1513

This pinky building does not seem like a museum. It looks so sweet with pink

Inside, there are exhibitions about historical, archaeology, ethnology, geology, folk art, fishing equipment, and culture of each community in Ratchaburi. Famous ancient remains such as Phra Saeng Dab RatchaSattra of Ratchaburi and Phra Photisat Awalokitesaunratsami which is 1 of 5 that found in Thailand.

For photo, there are some items that are not allowed to take a photo. It is very valuable for 20 baht that I gain more knowledge about historical and so on.

Next destination is Kunst

From the museum, turn right and you will find a Tradition Thai House in Manila Style of King Rama 5 period which is the first contemporary art galleries of Ratchaburi.

There is a part of coffee shop and decoration with ceramic from Tao Hong Tai factory.

There are many cute corners for you to sit and enjoy the view of Mae Klong River for you to enjoy.

Another part is contemporary art galleries where artists choose to show their art works.

Open everyday 11.00am. to 8.00pm.

Kunst is the name of this art gallery, it is German word mean art (I forget to mention before ^^)

Personally, I really like the front of the building which very pretty.

Then we wak back to the National Museum and stop by a cute coffee shop which calls "A Tee Ko Pee"

It decorates with old decoration.

The atmosphere is quite cozy and comfortable. Opens from 6.30am. - 4.30pm.

There are also food and dim sum for you to try.

Healthy like me, let's try this one (1 tower = 1 liter)

It is really creative and very delicious I would say!!!

There are many recommended menus and what you should not miss is "Spring Rolls"

It is crispy, dipped with sauce....Umm Yummy!!!

"Jar Cake" at souvenir corner. ^^

After recharging, let's move on to "Tao Hong Tai", believe me that you would love it here.

Tao Hong Tai is a top ceramic factory in Thailand located on Chedee Huk Road, Mueang, Ratchaburi.

Amazing colorful entrance

This cute dog called "Jud" (means dot)

"Tao Hong Tai" factory established in 1933, has continued developing their product until today and been more creative.

The factory opens for factory tour with art exhibition by many artists.

One piece of art, it is very unique and personal, it does not mean anyone can do it. They also need a lot of practice as well.

Let's start our factory tour>>>

"Forming" is the most important process for one piece of pottery, the design and pattern depend on this process.

The process of making a ceramic just like our life that need to have a good plan and goal. Where are we going to be which is the same as how the design of ceramic will be?.

Color of each piece is the same as our experience that fulfill our life.

Things are not going to be as we expect even everything is prepared. Environment and everything around us are part of change. However, life is still moving on.

You can buy ceramic products from the factory for souvenir.

Additionally, there is an art cafe to sit and chill out while waiting. Do not miss!!!

Detail about Tao Hong Tai

234/1 M. 2 Chedee Huk Road, Mueang, Ratchaburi

Opens: 8.00am. - 5.00pm.

No entrance fee

***It is might be a little bit difficult to see the sign, just remember that it is near PTT gas station***

Time is passing by so fast...This evening I would like to take you all to Khao Kaen Chan to see a city view of Ratchaburi.

Previously, Khao Kaen Chan was called Khao Chan Daeng, located on Petchakasem Road. It is the highest mountain of the province. At the top of the mountain there is Phra Phutthayotfa Chulalok (Rama I) Monument located.

Moreover, there is Phra Phuttanirokantaraichaiwatchaturatid or people called Phra Si Mum Mueang located up here as well. This is one of four Buddha Image that King Rama IX ordered to build and gave to four province which are Ratchaburi, Lampang, Saraburi and Pattalung.

I regret that when we arrive at the hall for praying has already close,

And moreover than that we can enjoy the beautiful city view and the differences of the city view of Ratchaburi.

Beautiful sunset with golden sky on the West

City views on the East and South

Look like different places.

Beautiful city view at night

End for the day but our journey is still going. My friends and I are heading to each destination as our personal plan. For me, I am heading to Homestay beside the river at Lao Tak Lak Market.

It takes 30 minutes from Mueang District to Lao Tak Lak Market.

I do not expect anything much for 800 THB a night. The booking for 2 rooms mean we get the whole house that is amazed me. Let's go for a room tour...no it should be a house tour instead.

The house decorates with polished wood, it is so beautiful and has a lot of space. If my friends are here it would be more fun.

There are two rooms, first room is on the first floor with two bathrooms. It is very comfortable with TV, air condition and water heater are provided. And it is really cheap, 1,600 THB for the whole house. The owner is also very nice.

For more information contract Khun Uan : 081-8364229.

Another room is on the second floor with twin beds.

We buy food from outside for our dinner at the house. It is such a good time to enjoy the peaceful moment.

It does not have to be a luxury 5 Star hotel...Your happiness can be here...

Today I wake up quite early because I ask the owner to prepare meal set for offering food to monks.

Every time when I go on a trip, I always wake up early want to sunrise or make a merit in the morning and to see the traditional way of life.

Before, monk will come to recieve food by boat, but right now everything changes it does not save to come by boat anymore.

"After make a merit, I did not wish for anything

That make my heart feel so clean and peaceful"

(Credit from "Kuay Tiew Kai Khun Mam" )

It is relaxing time, have a cup of coffee beside the river.

Does it call S l ow L i fe????

Get to know a little bit about Lao Tak Lak Market >>>

Lao Tak Lak means old market,

This market was called Pak Klong Lad Pee Floating Market, it is the first floating market of Thailand age of 140 years. In addition, it is an original of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It used to be very famous.

Currently, the market start to open again but still not need sometime to be famous as before.

The lifestyle of the people here is still simple as it used to be.

The balcony of the homestay

There are not many people here but I really like it. I feel like we can stop the time and relax.

It makes me think about busy life in the city with the traffic jams...

It may be convenience but does not mean that it is comfortable....Do not you think so?

Many mongers move to Damnoen Salduak Floating Market because there are more tourists than in Lao Tak Lak Market.

After walking around, I have a little talk with a beautiful noodle mongers who sell Kuai Tiao Ruea.

Her name is Muey, she told me that she used to sell at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market but because there are many mongers that sell Kuai Tiao Ruea so she move to Lao Tak Lak Market. She is quite famous and has a lot of customers here.

This cyclist group comes almost every Sunday.

Old grocer's shop

This basic coffee shop tastes so good for only 20 THB. (I come back twice)

And the last shop for this morning before go to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is

"Lek Lek : Old Dry Rice".

It quite similar to Phuket Dry Boiled Rice but different taste.

There are streamed rice topped with stewed chicken and blood and add some dried radish, spring onion, coriander and crispy shrimp.

Let's go for the boat tour on the next cannel

I choose to go for the boat tour in the morning because it is not too hot and there are not many people, as we know that Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is quite busy.

I rent a paddle boat for 300 THB with 8 seats. For engine boat, there are more seats and more expensive. I choose paddle boat because it can get into many places and enjoy traditional way of life.

No traffic jam in the morning

Many kind of fresh fruits from orchard

Grilled river prawns on the boat

This is my favorite...Grilled Bananas

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is one of famous floating market age of over 100 years where tourists would like to visit and there are a lot of items and souvenirs selling.

A smile from a stranger also can make us happy:)

Another dry rice that they said that we should not miss

He sells twice a day, first round in the morning at the floating market and in the evening around the cannel.

Fish dumpling (soup is very delicious)

Dry rice the same as Lek Lek shop and taste good as well.

Time passes by, people are coming and a lot of traffic that means our time is out we have to move on to the next destination.

Escape from busy life in Damnoen Saduak Floating Market to Lao Tak Lak side.

It is totally different!!!

Quiet and peaceful

Think about it, I also would like to have a house beside the river too.

Boat building

Handmade...Homemade for using in the community

Before go back, we visit Boat Museum located on the second floor of Lao Tak Lak Market.

There are many kinds of boat and ancient equipment.

Another stop before really going back, Hoklee Cafei which is a small coffee shop beside the river with good environment and cozy atmosphere.

Decoration in old style because the owner is the collector.

There are only drinks menu and opens on Saturday and Sunday. (Free Karaoke)

A picture of memory, floating market in the past

Just chill out and order some drinks

When we stay still, we will see and understand what is going on around us.

Every life has differences even we have the same destination, we have our own way of move on...

The story during your journey can tell you how happy you are...

Walking slowly...you will see thing clearly and find your happiness...

The same as the two market that really close to each other but totally different.

If you have a chance to come, do not forget to visit Lao Tak Lak Market.

Ratchaburi is still waiting for you to visit...

Thank you all of my journeys that teach me to love every story that happen during the trip...

Thank you to all supports, comments, likes, shares, votes, spaces for sharing and all visitors who visit my page.

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