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For people who like travelling like us, we always have a question

Where to go ?

To help you all to decide, we now have 5 recommended countries for you to visit. They might not be a very popular place but it is the place that you should go once in your life.

Let's starting with NEPAL

Credit: Nepal Trekking
After the severe earthquake, Nepal is now developing to become a country for tourism again. Apart from Everest climbing, you also can hike, visiting safari, kayaking, glider or bungee jumping. If you are not an adventure person, you can enjoy the markets and old city in Kathmandu.


Credit: Insider Journeys

It is known as a land of clear sky as there are good weather all year. It is a very big country but there are less citizen and tourists so you will get a very good experience from here such as riding a horse into the field and learn the traditional way of life of Mongolian.


Credit: Natural World Safaris

A very peaceful island where there are plentiful of nature both plants and wild life animals. There are varieties of landscape such as forest, desert, hot spring, safari or even a beautiful beach for you to lay down. However, you will have to be hurry before everything on the island is change to be a luxury resort.

Another place for natural lover is PATAGONIA of Chile/ Argentina

Credit: Wilderness Travel

It is the place that many people will decide to visit if they have enough time and money. There are both mountains and beaches which will create an amazing moment. Moreover, you can also walking along the glacier, seeing penguin and wale. This is a place that you really have to go.

Let's ending with SRILANKA

Credit: Kuoni

When people go out for backpack, they always think about INDIA. But there is also a neighborhood country to the south as SRILANKA that is also interesting. There are both history, culture, nature and many activities for tourists to enjoy. You have to visit before it becomes popular.

For people who like to travel to a place that is not popular, these 5 countries are the most recommended that you have to go once in your life. As it is not a popular country and mainly are in the forest, you should have Travel Insurance to reduce unexpected event.

Alejandro Art Simone

 Sunday, August 20, 2017 10:25 AM