🌋"Bromo", this name might mean nothing for some people but for the traveler, it is one of the dream destinations ✈️of people around the world. The scene of volcanoes with the smoke coming out and surrounded by the sea fog allow you to have very beautiful photos regardless of what angle you are taking....

🌋Bromo Volcano is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. It is part of the Mount Tengger Massif on East Java. This volcano is 2,329 meters high, and not far from our home, it is only "Indonesia". But sometimes we just cannot believe our eyes that this unbelievable place is so near to us, just Indonesia. This is an active volcano...Sometimes, Bromo Volcano still erupts, but certainly not dangerous.

🌋This trip, we travel from 20-24 July 2017. We plan to go this month because it is said that Bromo in this month is the most beautiful one. This trip we intend to only spend in Bromo so that we can capture her from several angles and in case the weather is not in good condition. Also we only have 3 nights, we decided not to go to Kawah Ijen Volcano so we won't be too tired.

🌋✈️There are no direct flight to Surabaya, but you have a lot of options of how to transit which can be chosen as you see most appropriate.

For us, our flight route is as below.

🛫We fly from Don Mueang at 20.55 p.m. and reach Jakarta at 00.25 a.m. Then, we fly again from Jakarta at 05.45 a.m. and reach Surabaya at 07.15 a.m.

🛬On the way back, we fly from Surabaya at 12.25 p.m. and reach Kuala Lumpur at 16.05 p.m. before flying from Kuala Lumpur again at 20.40 p.m. and reach Don Mueang at 22.00 p.m.

🌋🚙 For transportation in Indonesia. We hire a guide in advance from Thailand. From the airport, we take a van to our hotel in Bromo and traveling within Bromo, we are taking a jeep. The expenses depend on the number of the co-trip people. The tour guide fee ✅ includes pick up and drop off from the airport, a jeep to the volcanoes, fuel, driver, entrance fee, and some desserts.

❌ It does not include the hotel fee which we already have booked in advance, meal, tip, and horse riding fee.
👨🏻Our guide is Dimas Purwadi who takes such a good care of us and we are so impressed and really like to recommend him.

📍📍The must not miss spots !!!

▪️Penanjakan Viewpoint
▪️Savanna Field
▪️Seruni Viewpoint
▪️Up onto Bromo crater

💰💰Please allow me to calculate the expenses per person in Thai Baht for the convenience.

✈️The round trip flight ticket is about 7,000-9,000 THB per person.
*It depends on the airline and when you book. This trip, we fly with Airasia.
🛏The 3 nights room at "Bromo Permai Hotel" is 2,500 THB per person (each room accommodate 3-4 people).
👨🏻🚌🚙 The tour guide and the car for the entire trip is about 5,000 THB per person.
The food for the trip is about 2,000 THB per person.
The tips for the guide and the driver is 650 THB per person.
""In summary, the final expenses is about 18,000 THB (with additional 2,000 THB mroe or less).
**💰💰Money, 1,000 IDR is about 2.6 THB (July 2017 exchange rate).


Daytime: 18-25 degree Celsius, it is not too warm but the sun is really strong.
Nighttime/volcano: 8-13 degree Celsius, it is cold and windy.
Final notes before we get into our journey.....

💙🖼Most people will get an impression that when they travel to anywhere, they find that it's not as beautiful as in the photo, that's totally false for this place. The actual scene is 10 times more beautiful than the photos and I'm not exaggerated.... because if you see it with your own eyes, you will understand the meaning of "it's so beautiful that you forgot to breathe" 😲

"Take yourself into the wider world and you will realize how amazing the nature is".
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Now, let's get to know Bromo volcanoes.

We often mistake Bromo volcanoes as the most front in the photo which is not.

〰"Bromo Volcano" is the shortest one. The most obvious sign is where it has smoke coming out. It is the left one with the widest crater.

〰"Batok Volcaco" is the extinct volcano which is situated as the most front. It has symmetry shape and being the most notable one.

〰"Semeru Volcano" is the highest one. It is special where for every 15-20 minutes, it lets out smoke. You can also trek to the peak of it but I don't think I can make it. If you are interested, you can fine out more and go conquer it, haha ^^

The first morning, we wake up at 2 a.m. which is not so early as some people might not go to bed yet. We are going for the most beautiful viewpoint at "Penanjakan". It is the highlight that we must come. We start to put forth our tripod since 3 a.m. There are really a lot of people in the dark waiting for the sun to rise. We are also excited whether the sea fog would come and beautify this scene as we expected. At 5 a.m. the sky starts to be lighted, OMG!!! The scene in front of us is so beautiful that no words can be used to describe it!!! The sea fog is here and finally our mission is completed...so we can go home. Oh no, not yet, we just arrive, haha. I learn later that the sea fog didn't show up everyday, we are super lucky as some people come several times and yet to witness this scene. ^^

This photo is the dreamed angle that I've been searching for. I found it in the internet and I had to find out where it was. Here is the "Cemoro Lawang" village which is where we stayed. It is on the left side of the viewpoint. When the sea fog appears, it makes this scene much more beautiful than what I have imagined.

Here is the popular corner that no one can resist not to take it. It is a perfect combination of all volcanoes, so amazing!!!

Let's have a panorama view....I really want to take it home but here is all I can take, haha.

Let's take a closer look at Bromo's crater, it is so magical that I didn't think I could also see this scene once in my life.

The sun is up now and I can't stop pressing the shutter.

And here is Semeru Volcano in a zoom up version where the smoke comes out every 15-30 minutes. If you see this view, do not forget to take some photos as well.

P.S. Was that a fly or something? It's flying around up there.

After walking down to Penanjakan Viewpoint, here is another stop with less people. But, yeah, it's not as beautiful as Penanjakan because there're a lot of trees which are blocking our view. Well, actually, it seems like something else is doing that job - -*

After getting down from the mountain, we take the jeep for about 10 minutes before the guide stops us at another place. It is a grass hill which is also very beautiful ^^

When it's getting late, the sea fog also disappears.

Here, every corner is so beautiful.

Coming to Bromo, we must take a photo with the jeep, it is a signature shot here and this is what makes it fun, haha.

The jeep is so colorful. If you want to have certain color, you can make a request to the guide beforehand.

Our next destination is Savanna Field.

Here we are..... Is here really Indonesia? I can't believe that it's located just behind the Bromo. I thought I was warping to New Zealand.

Little horse, please allow me to have a shot with you...

He is so enjoying his food ^^

We can have such a cool pose at Savanna Field.

Actually, it is said that flowers suppose to blossom here as well, but.....we didn't see any. Still, it's beautiful.

The next morning, we wake up at 3 a.m. to Seruni Viewpoint. Today, we didn't see any sea fog but the light from the car running below makes it look like the lava is flowing out from the volcano..... If you take a careful look, you will see the light on the peak of Semeru and there is where people trek up.

This morning, we are at Seruni Viewpoint which is very close to Bromo but without sea fog.

The sun has arrived....

This morning, the sun is very strong, shining light all over the volcanoes. It is so beautiful. I thought for a second that I have arrived at Mars.

Look at the crater from here, we see lots of small people.

A bonus this morning....people are parachuting which is not so common. I think we are so lucky this time to have seen this scene.

We are also cheer for them to drop it into the crater.

Did you see that route afar? That's where we will be walking to.

Although there was no thick fog like yesterday, having some floating by also makes it look so unbelievably beautiful. I think it quite looks like a village in a fairly tale.

This view is on the left of Cemoro Lawang village. We see lots of complex mountains and morning sea fog....Is this really Indonesia as we know?

Here is where all the jeep park. Be careful not to get on the wrong one as we almost did, haha.

Before starting...we must take a shot as well as having the ready outfit!!!!

Let's ride a horse...because it's very far. The round trip horse riding is about 70,000-130,000 IDR which is subject to distance. It's more expensive if we ride it from the start and gets cheaper along the way.

Here is the guy who lead our horses.

And what we must have is the bluff cloth or the mask cloth to help cover our faces as it's very dusty and windy.

Here is the resting area and shops along the way. If you are riding the horse, you won't be stopped here as the horse runs quite fast.

The view along the way is uniquely beautiful, it's just so beautiful.

The road is still far and we must reach the top of that volcano.

I see him along the way. They are so cool (they are the horse owner, not the thief, haha).

How far we have come? When looking back, you will see the old Hindu temple, Pura Luhur Poten, situated at the foothill.

Here is where we park our horse, it'd be called taxi parking area in Thailand, haha.

When we get down from the horse, the owner gives us a name card and tells us to wait here. He said if we can't find him when we are down, we can ask from anyone because they all know one another.

The view from the top is just spectacular. It's so beautiful regardless of where you look.

Let's take a close up shot of Batok Volcano. It actually looks quite like whipped cream in an ice-cream.

Let me have a cool shot here, I really like this angle.

If you are tired, hungry, or thirsty, do not worry, you can buy food and drink here. The national food of Bromo is 10,000 IDR each cup or about only 20 THB

Only 250 steps more!!!! We are almost there, almost....

Do not forget to buy flower along the way, we can throw it as a worship thing at the Bromo's crater.

Let's keep moving....just a few more steps....

Seriously, no matter where we turn, it's so beautiful. I'm now wondering how did we get up here!!

Here is where we have been searching for, the breath of the god. It is so sacred, charming, and magical. The sound of the crater is very loud which we can hear it from afar. But when standing here, it's nothing alike, it is so goosebumps!!!

You can't miss this thing, throwing the flower into the crater. People here believe that when we are throwing the flower down, the wind will blow to grant our wishes.

Before throwing, do not forget to make a wish and untie the flower from one another which most people forgot to do so.

When looking back, it looks so grand. Here is one of my most impressive photos in this trip.

Riding the horse back and look forward, I feel like I'm in one of the scenes in a movie.

In addition to horse riding, you can also do the scooter renting.

We enjoy the sunset at the onion field, I name it myself, haha, because the villagers are planting the onion here.

Bromo in the evening is also as beautiful as the morning one.

This light is so paddle pop, so beautiful.

And here is what we were waiting for "The Milky Way". Tonight, the sky is so clear, we can clearly see it with the eyes, it's so visible.

It is just so unexplainedly amazing. It is also the most perfect way to end our trip.

Goodbye Bromo!!! See you again in our next trip.

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Finally, it's our sincere thank to all the reader. Thank you so much for reading until this line.


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