This trip is occurred because of the special price ticket and my wayward and because I still have no plan for Songkran holiday, so I feel a bit strange because we have to spend a long holiday wisely to build up new experience. What I say is just because I want to go traveling...Lion Air has opened a new route from Don Mueang - Chengdu. From my experience, when the new route opens, there would be a promotional ticket to convey people who has a poor status like us. I don't consider much, just book the ticket and find the place to visit later. I buy the ticket around 4,500 Baht/ person. Fly to Chengdu, Sichuan. There are a lot of places to visit then I ask my friend and they accept without knowing the place to visit and budget yet. But they still insist to go ^_^

We all get a ticket now and the place to visit will come out later. Yading just come out of my mine and suddenly I think of a road trip for about 10 days. We decide to set the destination here. Yading Nature Reserve or 亚丁国家保护区.

But because the destination is so far from Chengdu around 1,000 kilometers. and around 4,000 meters. high from the sea level so we have to make a stop at the traveling point and stay over night in many towns along the way. It takes around 3 days 3 night to adjust ourselves, make our-self calm.

Keyword is come out now, according to the route G318 which passing through many cities listed below. Choose the city you want to stay over night ,depend on the time and the place arrive, no book in advance.

Chengdu - Ya'-an - Luding - Moxi - Hailuogou - Kanding - Xinduqiaozhen - Litang - Daocheng - Riwa, Shangri-La - Yading

Let's go traveling.

Since the flight to Chengdu is 02.00 am China time. The car we have chartered which have contacted them 3 days before the trip, they will come to pick up us at 6.00 am and go on travelling so we have to sleep and wait at the airport. We find a place to locate as we like. Then we start our road trip at 6.00 am.

First point we have to go before reaching Yading is Hailuogou Glacier Park, Moxi city which is a developing city and build up for the a travelling purpose, a place for traveler to stay overnight before entering to Hailuogou.

We stop at a viewing point and go to toilet. I want to say that this route is very beautiful and enjoyable.

The road looks numb but we still ok.

From Chengdu airport to Moxi city is around 300 kilometer, spend time on travelling and stop at some point around 8 hours. This is the city which is located at Hailuogou park. The driver drives us to stay in a place near national park. Driver helps us find the accommodation which the price is under our limit budget and acceptable. We choose the room around 150 Yuan(RMB) or around 750 Baht which is not that hard to find. Many rooms available during low season.

We have a time left to travel in Moxi city.

A grocery store. You can notice that the city in the valley like this has a swimming suit sell too. LOL

We are in China so we should not miss eating grilled food.

This meat is too big, I don't dare to eat it.

We order a small piece instead. Price starts with 5 Yuan (maybe, I don't remember haha)

Another menu which you should not miss. A grilled eggplant topping with a spices, so delicious.

This bowl is like a noodle in Thai;and. We can choose what we want to put like pork, beef, yak. See! we start our first meal with an oily food but we will have fun afterward hahaha.

We hurriedly go to Hailougou because we afraid that there will be many tourists. The admission and bus fee are 165 Yuan/person.

From the map, we have to take a bus from the entrance to the cable car to see glacier in Hailougou. We take the bus around 1 hour.

Going to the cable car point or it will take you around 5 or 3 kilometer for those who doesn't want to get on the cable car to see the glacier view. There is also a carrier service but we deny, we prefer to get on the cable car to keep our energy haha.

Toilet in this area is clean, so you can clear the old dirty picture of toilet in China away. We give the AAA grade for the toilet here but I don't dare to take a picture but it really clean.

After that we get on the cable car, it costs 150 Yuan/person for round trip. The admission fee here quite expensive but we can smile for it :)

Sitting on the cable car and flying over a glacier but there is a lot of thick fog there.

We can see a glacier but since the mud slide down so the color of the ice become like this.

We are having fun taking a picture.

We are here at the viewing point, the sky is not quite clear. This is the picture we get. On the left is a glacier which is known as a biggest and oldest one.

Hailougou is located at Luding, SI Chuan. It is around 300 kilometers away from Chengdu. It caused by a stream of ice melting from the eastern side of the Mt.Gongga which has 7,556 meters above sea level. A melted glacier flow down to Mo Xi river which is a part of Da Du river. There are around 110 big and small rivers. The biggest river is around 1,100 meters long. It looks like a freeze waterfall which flow down from the sky, it looks very wonderful.

It is 3,600 meters above sea level.

The sky turns bright for a while so we quickly enjoy taking a photo.

We walk around. There is a temple up there too. I want to tell you first that this point is very cold.

A thick snow

The floor still covered with some ice.

I turn the wheel to make a wish according to Tibetan beliefs.

A red stone

The flag of mantra is another symbol of Tibetan faith and devotion.

It's time to go back to adventure in the next city, Xinduqiaozhen.

On the way to Xinduqiaozhen, passing through Zheduo mountain. Its height is 4,298 meters above sea level. Start to go up higher and higher now.

We don't have a High Altitude Sickness yet at this height level.

And we arrive at Xinduqiaozhen city. We lucky to get the hotel that locates on the route that we have to pass by. Travelling during this period is good since the hotel price is cheap and not many traveler.

Continue our journey in the morning, surrounding environment changes on the route we are passing through from a many green tree to the empty wide area. I can see a Tibet language on the mountain area.

I can often see a gang of cycling. I really respect their tough, patient, masterful that can bike to this far.

Driver suggests to park here to see the view down there. And, if you want to go to the toilet , you have to find yourself a corner but pee at the normal road side is better ^_^

That is the road that we pass through. It has beautiful curve and a good shape that make us feel dizzy.

We greet a biker by saying Ni Hao. He still looks fine.

Apart from biker, I also see a hiker too. So brave.

We go ahead for 2 hours, we reach the view point, we stop and go to the toilet.

and continue our journey, the environment is like this. Beautiful and enjoyable.

We stop and take a photo.

A little cute boy

We park at the gasoline station.

On the way we visit Haizi Mountrain at the height 4,500 meters above sea level.

We park at the road side and walk a little bit there.

Very beautiful.

View is very beautiful.

A bright sky

Next destination, tonight we stay at Daocheng. This city is located in a quite high area. Some people starts to has High Altitude Sickness, headache. So we have to take a rest and tomorrow we will go to Yading.

This picture is taking during the way out from Daocheng city.

We stop at Bowa Mountain, another view point. It is located at 4,513 maters above sea level.

It takes around 4 hours from Daocheng to Riwa city, Shangri-La which is the city near Yading park. We stay at this city for 3 nights to travel in Yading for 2 days because we takes 3 days to reach here. Continue reading my review traveling to Yading in the next post. We travel in a long distance but the distance is not a problem, your heart and your legs will automatically bring you there ^_^

#Take your heart to Yading

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