Havana Social this is a secret bar that located secretly in the alley Sukhumvit 11

It is one of the chaotic alley in the Sukhumvit area.

But when I enter this bar, I feel like I am living in another world.

It is known as Secret Bar so the way to enter the bar is not that easy.

You have to enter the password on the telephone first to open the door.

If you want to know the password, call the number 087-066-7711 first.

Havana is a capital city of Cuba

Concept of this bar is a decoration as the bar in 40s'.

It is a period of Cuba's revolutionary era which has a tumult war all over the places.

When the war end, a small bar opens to entertain people during that period.

When enter the bar, we feel like we are going back to that period of time because of the store's designation and the decoration of wooden table, a leather furniture and the music style. It is like we are living in another city.

Most of the menus are beverages.

The food is like an appetizer. There are 3 menus.

We order hot and crispy Cubano Sandwich.

Inside is a big sandwich that is wrapped by a paper which was designed like a newspaper to match with the bar's decoration style.

Another menu is Spanich Empanada. It is a spinach pie with special sauce of the shop.

Highlight ingredient of each every distinguish beverage menu is Rum.

Some bottle is kept for over 10 years, has a really tang smell.

Salted Caramel(280++), I recommend this menu for people who don't quite like the intense one. The taste is light, added a little bit of rum and a little smell of syrup.

The Ricardo Robson(320++)

A colorful drink, it attracts me to taste it. A fresh sweet, light taste, nice smell piece of honey is served.

Rum Old-Fashioned (320++) It has a quite strong taste ( somehow looks like on the rock)

Rum uses is Fermented for more than 12 years but still can give an aroma smell of the orange skin.

Between The Sheets (340++), 2 glasses of drink are served.

Big glass tastes a bit sour and small glass tastes a bit sweet ( but not so sweet). Some people sip a big glass first and then sip a small glass later or blending together, depends on one's favorite.

Fidel's Nightcap(360++), this glass mix with Espresso syrup and rosemary as an ingredient. 2 scents smell help this glass to be more attractive.

Whoever like cocktail and want to know more detail, I recommend you to sit at the counter bar.

Bartender will always suggest you about the ingredient added in the beverage you order.

The day I go there is a normal working day. The bar has a Salsa Dance class too. Many people join this class. Some of them take the class to dance in the bar here because the bar will open the floor every Friday-Saturday. I heard that so many people come here ( that the bar is fulled of people)

Who wants to know more about the secret of this bar, I recommend you to come. You will know wonder about this hidden bar in Bangkok.

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The bar is located on the opposite side of Fraser suites hotel.

Customer who drives a car here can park the car at the hotel.

The front alley is a 7-11 convenience store, just walk through the most end of the alley and you will see the bar at the right hand side.

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