Kalima resort is located on the hill. Seeing the view from the hotel is so scenic. At night, you will see a colorful light of Patong city which creates a great relaxation atmosphere. We feel like we are moving out from the chaos circumstance. The room with full set of facilities and a perfect match of the room's decoration. A big meal breakfast at Malika Terrace restaurant which is designed to have a wide area and clearly unique. If you have a chance to come to Phuket. Please try to feel the peaceful atmosphere. You don't have to go out far, just stay at Kalima resort@spa Phuket.

The hotel's restaurant can see the wide beautiful view. The light area at the back is Hat Patong.

deluxe room

Family room, this room has a bed for children too.


Pool villa

There is a space to see the view on the top.

Swimming pool of this place is very beautiful, you can see the sea's horizontal so I want to be there and have fun.

Malika Terrace restaurant, apart from an amazing breakfast, a high roof design makes it fine to chill out while seeing the beautiful view.

A widen view of the hotel. I am pity that the sky is not clear on the day I be there TT

Say goodbye by a night view here.

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Atip Rungsirisap

 Sunday, September 3, 2017 2:59 PM