Hello, no prattle on about meaningless things. Just want to tell directly that today we are visiting

another side of Phayao (not very good in introducing).

As you know, lately Phayao Province is more popular among many backpack reviewers who come from different places specially for Phayao.

I happen to see, read and feel really good about it. Though Phayao is just a small province but there are

various impressive comments and reviews on this small, warm and welcoming town.

Very impressive, though there is no photo, only drawing plus imagination but the review creates such a special feeling and makes it so fascinating.

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Today, I want to take you on tour together with me to see Phayao another time.

The province which is not just a passage way. Let's have a look together where we visit and where we stay.

We start by driving down the hill from Chiang Rai to Phayao. These are 2 sister provinces.

Phayao separated from Chaing Rai a decade ago. We drive through Phahonyothin road from Chang Rai to Amphoe Muang Phan the last district at the border prior to Phayao.

On our way, we happen to see a remarkable temple, actually I have seen before but never visit.

Chance allows so we stop by to worship Buddha today.

Wat Sai Khao, Phan district, Chaing Rai

Wat Sai Khao

It is one of Maha Nikaya temple, built in 1857 by an immigrant couple called Ariya and Mang and their relatives from Baan Luang Nuea, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai. They established a new domicile next to Sai Khao's creek and named it as "Baan Sai Khao", Mae Whad, Phan District, Chiang Rai. Later in 1893, a son of Ariya and Mang called Ta and his wife known as Por, a family of wealth moved the temple to its present location.

Around the temple is a colourful stuccowork. The right corner is a blue pagoda. It is extraorinary to me and I have never seen it before.

Many of pagodas in this temple has been recently renovated due to the damage from the earthquake in 2014. The photos we have today are restorative pagodas with their fresh look paintings.

After leaving the temple, we drive the same route Phayao - Chiang Rai. Head to Phayao downtown (approximately 1 hour drive from Chaing Rai to Phayao).

There is another thing we want to do. I have seen this from another review thus I want to follow and make it also. The colourful wall of art spreads out in a small alley along Phayao lake is another spot that you should not miss in Phayao.

This wall of art is on the outer road of Phayao. We drive through Maneerat intersection and along Wat Si Khom Kham to the end of four lanes to two lanes. Till the end of traffic island, make a left u-turn and once you see a colourful alley. There it is!

Phayao has also its art coner.

I don't have information of artists but I can really tell they are skilful.

One act from me please!

It will be unfortunate not to visit Phayao lake. The atmosphere during the rainy season is so inviting. There is a cool gentle breeze in the evening. Photos from this trip are taken on August 29-30, just a week ago.

Phayao lake is one of the top attractions in Phayao. Last time we visited underwater temple known as Wat Tilok Aram; one of the Unseen Thailand. This time, we leisurely enjoy the view that Phayao lake has to offer. This is delightful enough, isn't it?

When visit Phayao, you should worship to King Ngam Muang Monument; a respectable monument of Phayao.

It is just opposite Phayao lake and there are different tasty foods in this area that should not be missed. You can sit on a mat along the lake and have them delivered. There are pickled fish, orchestia, papaya salad and many more.

Arriving Phayao in the evening and we aim to stay in Phayao. There are different brand new accommodation such as homestay, hotel and small boutique available to choose. Let's see together where we choose!

Importantly, it is on promotion at 690 Baht per night per room including breakfast for two till the end of September.

It will be unfortunate not to be shared.

The colourful lobby satisfies teenager.

Complimentary coffee corner provided.

The Cozy Nest Boutique Rooms is a small boutique but there are many lovely and chic corners to take photos and post on a Facebook.

Stairs on left and right up to the rooms. There are only 4 floors thus self service baggage.

It is quite noisy when walk up and down when shoes hit on the wooden floor corridor.

We arrive in our room. It is a large family room in a very modern design setting with 2 double beds for maximum 4 persons.

50" wide screen LCD TV is great to enjoy movies.

The bathroom has a separate wet and dry zones with shower gel and shampoo in hotel logo containers.

Pretty well design but unfortunately there is no rain shower head as I am so into it.

We stay on 2nd floor in room 201. I feel safe and comfortable with the key card system. In addition to large room, clean room, modern decor, free WiFi is also provided. It is fast, I really like it.

If you are on a business trip and stay at The Cozy Nest Boutique Rooms, you can be sure that no excuse by not sending your work to your boss or clients.

And here is contact information for those who are interested in one of the accommodation option in Phayao.

The Cozy Nest Boutique Rooms.

59 Ratchowong Rd. Vieng - Muang Phayao 56000 Thailand

Tel. 054-071-222 , 054-071-333Reservation

Email : [email protected]

Facebook : thecozynestboutiquerooms

Back to the lobby at night, preparing to go out.

Oh there are different beverages at Lanlah Bistro Bar in the Cozy Nest Boutique Rooms. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also served here. It is fusion kitchen with varios options such as steak, cocktail pasta, wine, beer and many chilling corners to enjoy.

We have only breakfast when we are here, mostly Thai breakfast. Now let's go out for a walk in downtown.

PS. The parking lot is beside the hotel and it can take several cars.Tonight, we have to find something delicious at walking street along Phayao lake. It is only on Saturday in the municipality area along the lake.

Though it is drizzling but it doesn't stop us from going out. There are not that many shops but when it comes to eating, we make it large.

Sausage balls sold here is 1 Baht per ball.

The street foods are artistically displayed to catch your eye and wet your mouth. We walk and taste them.

There are tables provided point by point. There are also many northern foods and local foods.

Affordable prices, we buy some and take to eat in our hotel room. It is really a good night.

In the morning, at Lanlah Bistro Bar. Breakfast is served from 07:00hrs. - 10:00hrs. Coffee, tea, drinks and toast are available at buffet line.

There is food menu for us to order with hotel staff. Mostly, it is a set or a single dish. Today, we order pork porridge.

Before checking out, let's take some of memorable photos. I guess this is a popular corner among many people at the Cozy Nest Boutique Rooms

Likewise, we capture another room Type of the Cozy Nest Boutique Rooms for you as well.

Let's begin by the room we stay at promotion rate 690 Baht with breakfast.


Inside the room is colourful. Various patterns in each room. Available in both single and double bed.

A regular price per room is 900 Baht and extra bed is 300 Baht.


This deluxe room is decorated with trendy colours. It is spacious and beautiful design.

Each room has air conditioning, TV, refrigerator and complimentary drinking water.

The regular price per night for this room is 1,500 Baht including breakfast.

Bathroom is spacious with standard facilities. Single bed is also available here. This room is in a bright yellow pattern, it really wins my heart.


Lastly, it is superior room. I capture some photos for you. I really like the design of headboard. I guess this is the identity of the Cozy Nest Boutique Rooms. The designs, colours and pictures differ from one to another rooms. This keeps customer excited and wondered. To me, I see several of them in different colours and I can tell my heart really beats and smiles.

This is just another option, another tip for you. It is important to plan the trip.

The better you plan, the smoother your trip is.

Thank you for following and thank you the sharing page.

And see you again on the next review.


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 Wednesday, September 9, 2015 10:46 AM