Being a salary man, it is really difficult to find a free time to travel

It is hard to ask for a day off and the money is quite tight. I plan to go to the beach during end of the year 2015 before getting into monsoon season. It will not be perfect if we got into the rainy season.

For that reason, I decide to travel to the beach on the southern part of Thailand. I do some research and search for the travel information from many sources of website such as Google, Pantip and many more. Since I have only 3000 ba ht budget and most of the places are quite expensive, therefore, I need to carefully check on the information. At last, I finally find the place "Phayam Island", the name is quite attracted to me and I think that most people might not know this place. I look for more information and find that this place is still not quite popular among the tourist. It is located in the side of Andaman Sea, and it is quiet just like for me as I have never been to Andaman Sea before as well. Therefore, I do a travel plan for the trip. Well, let's go to Phayam Island together.

With a limited budget, I will travel with a tight budget and spend a slow life lifestyle here as the island is quiet new and there is nothing much to do as well. The island is located in the province that situat ed in the most northern part in the side of Andaman Sea, Ranong province.

And once again we travel with limited budget in this trip. There are only two of us; me and my usual travel buddy. Moreover, we find the good friendship during the journey as well. Oh!I can't hardly wait to write down and tell Backpacker people. Ha ha ha, I think I speak like a travelling expert, actually I start to focus on travelling in only a period of time. Talk a lot already, l et's travel together and you will know that travel isn't all about money. You'll see from the review.

Hence, I would like to share my page if you like to travel with low budget with or without reason whatever. Ha Ha Ha

Page: Maikeebaht, I will show you all that we could spend on little amount of money.

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If you do not want to read the review, I also have a VDO provide for my trip. I would like to leave my video of Koh Phayam Island for everyone to watch as well.

Maikeebaht | Phayam Island

Begin Backpack: Before every trip, we have to be well prepared.

Actually, I have been ready like forever and very much prepared as I am having insomnia ever since. Hahaha

I take just necessary things with me which are my camera, a plug for charging my camera and cell phone battery. However, only a necessary things are require.

On May 30, let's begin our travel.

First Night

I meet up with my friend at the new Southern Bus Station

The bus take off around 08:30pm and the ticket costs 445 baht per person, I use the service of the transport co.,ltd. by booking online and pay at 7-11 counter service.

We could choose a seat as we like

While I am waiting for my friend, there is an uncle sitting beside me and we have a small talk.

Oh and as we talk, I have known that he comes from Phayam Island and he also work there.

Uncle also tells me various things about the island as now it's a rain storm season which most the bar and resort are closed as there are few tourists during this time. Coming here during this time is a good time to travel on natural trail, he says.

When the conversation end, he hands me a cigarette and tell me do not forget to stop by at the Hippy bar as well. Hahaha. I would like to teleport and pop up at the Island right now.

When my friend comes, now it's time to stock up some food as we have to travel approximately 7-8-9 hours at least.

After we get the bus tickets, we get in to the bus and prepare to sleep.

Then the bus finally reaches Chumporn Province to relax and have some meal here.

With my stupid, I walk straight to the cafeteria and confidently order two dishes of Stewed Pork. They tell me that it costs 50 baht per dish and it's puzzled me as it's supposed to be free meal here.

And then come to my realization that the free meal has been arranged for us in the another food hall section. My bad!!!

Over Five o'clock in the morning, we finally reach Ranong bus station.

it kinds like the tradition now, every car will crowd around you and ask "Where are you going" "Phayam Island?". Since I am the low budget backpacker, so I will have to make sure about the price before agree to go with them.

Every time we reach each tourist destinations' bus stations, it's like a tradition now as there will be many kinds of groups coming up and ask where are we going and do we need a ride? And this time as usua l they also ask if we would like to go to Phayam Island.

Since we are low budget Backpacker, we have to strict to rule number one that never settles for a few baht discount. Do not agree right away and need to be decisively first. And try to ask for the price if it's okay for us we could agree to go with them.

We will go on a minibus, which is what the local people called. The minibus park at the bus station, and they come and wait since 4am- 5am. The minibus is in blue color and on the side of the vehicle indicates “Fish Bridge – Market"

But we do not need to rush as the boat leave at 9.00am, we still have a lot of time to kill.

Therefore, we decide to take a minibus and it costs only 15baht for a ride.

The ride on the local bus it's great as you could see two side views and see how the local people are like. Slow but we will reach for sure.

When reach at the destination, he will inform that we have arrived and tell me to walk a little into the alley.

If you see the view like this, it shows that you don't lose the way. Actually, we couldn't miss a way as Uncle tells the direction along the way.

Walking into the alley for a while and you will find it.

There are many piers to choose from, you could choose any actually and it all costs around 200 baht. They might have 350baht promotion for roundtrip if you are lucky.

For the timetable of the boat, you need to ask for more information and could ask for contact number just in case as well.

The receptionist who welcomes us from picking up and sends us to the pier is pretty cute. Hahaha.

I use the service of Nava Andaman as the entrance of the pier is the nearest one.

The schedule time of the boat to Phayam Island leaves about 9:45am and if you guys could not catch this round; they offer a speedboat which the higher price. (350 baht I guess).

While waiting for the ride, I chat, charge my battery and take some pictures. Moreover, I also have chance to be able to have a new friend, his name is work. He comes alone in the trip, thus we talk and exchange our numbers.

But he doesn't ride on the same boat with us … Hopefully; we will get to meet again at the Island soon.

Let's see the beautiful view at the pier and now I feel very excited.

We are now on the boat to Phayam Island

From Nava Pier, boat driver makes a stop at the main pier first before heading to Phayam Island

Siting for a while, I was handing out the life jackets and then the ship leaves the pier.......

Here they provide free banana. The beer is rather expensive, 60baht per can and 10baht for a bottle of water.

The boat is very slow, thus, it's suitable for those who do not like to rush things

You can sleep, take photos or drink; you could do whatever you like.

Ride for about two hours.

And until awhile there is a little girl comes to play and chat with us. It makes the trip on a boat two and a half hours not so boring.

Look to the left, it's a sea. Then look to the right, it's a sea. Andaman Sea is gigantic.

There is a speed boat passing by us…it's so fast, we are jealous.

I ask the driver whether we are almost there yet, he says it is close now and tell me to be patient.

If you could see this view is close by now.

Hahaha. we could see Chang Island is in front of us. And Phayam Island is at the back.

Hearing they prepare for the boat anchor already so I think it's getting close.

We could see Phayam Island ahead of us now; however, it will take about half an hour to get there. Hahaha

I ride on the boat so long that I feel a little bored. Although there is the sunlight, but there is the cool wind as well.

Alright! Now we are here at Phayam Island. They said Phayam is hard to get here, I don't think so just a little ride on the boat, that's it.

Phayam Island: First night

We reach Phayam Island around noon.

This area is called Aow Mae Mai (means Widow's Bay), it is a pier of Phayam Island.

We could rent a motorcycle here. and I have rent a motorcycle for 150 baht per day.

If you do not know how to ride a motorcycle, you could get a bike or call of a motorcycle cab instead.

If you rent a motorcycle, you need to be carefully checking the condition because it is a gravel way up and down all the way.

Because of the cheap rental price, the motorcycle that I have rent is not in a good condition. There are problem with the brake and mirror loudly vibrate, this is bad and my friend complaint all the way.

But where will we sleep tonight?

I have determined that tonight we are going to chill out at the hippie bar and we will find an accommodation nearby and then the next day we will move to the next bay. . ... Agreed!!! Fill up the gas which is sell at 40 baht a bottle.

Hippie bar located at Aow Yai (Big Bay), drive straight ahead as I see the sign. Drive along the road for awhile and the question arise that where is the Aow Yai? It seems that we are getting lost.

As we look at the map, actually the bar is located at Aow Khao Kwai (Buffalo Bay). And where are we now?

Along the way, we have found a hippie bar, but the accommodations around the bar are all full

We decide to stay for a night at Aow Yai (Big bay) but we seem to lost a way to the hotel once again.

We will stay at Lazy Hut at Aow Yai; however, we are now exhausted and still could not find the way. Therefore, I call work (the guy we meet at the pier) for some help as he once said he will stay at this ho tel as well.

He tells us that the hotel located at Aow Yai, looking out to the sea and it's on the most left side.

My question is where is it? Of cause we are now at Aow Yai. As we travel, we have to accept that some sign is quite confusing or I am stupid, I am not sure Ha Ha Ha.

My friend suggests that we should drive on the beach. And at the most left side of the beach, we find the forest in front of us and there is a small canal that the motorcycle can drive across through. I think is this the right way? and then I decide to ride across that small canal. Finally, we find the accommodation. It seems like nothing there but here we are.

Hey!! From the picture, you will see that it seems like no accommodation around this area like I said.

And finally we found it, our room for tonight. We have to drive around the island for almost two hours. Can you believe it? To find an accommodation, see how hard it is!!

Tonight, we will sleep at Lazy Hut and it costs 400 baht per room.

When we see the atmosphere around the place, the tiredness is all gone

Coming to the sea and not eating seafood will seem weird, don't you think so.

Therefore, let's eat canned fish in tomato sauce.

Following with rice with omelet because we are too tired to go out. We will eat right in our next meal then, (we just know that the meal costs us 70 baht T_T).

We eat along with beer where we buy at the grocery store nearby. Strange that this beer costs 55baht and a kilo of ice for 10 baht. I think I can understand why the price is like that.

Talking about the atmosphere around the Lazy Hut as I went to take some photos, the place feels like a wooden hut by the beach, it is very awesome.

During the high season, this place would be packed with foreigner. However, today there are only Thai people staying in around 5 huts including me Ha Ha Ha.

Evening activity for us would be running out into the sea, but the sea here, I would said it was not clear. However, the sea is a complete 100% naturalness.

And many thanks to for all the accommodation arrangement. Moreover, this includes swimming and sharing the amusement with us as well.

Friendship is not depending on time of fellowship, but depending on the time we share together.

But it is no ordinary to see the sea stars and this is the first time I have opportunity to see them.

The friendship that I have found at Phayam Island is not done yet.

While I was taking some photos, I was invited to have drink and grill the food together with some guys at the bar. We are pretty happy by the music from youtube and then we sing along. This is the friendship that happening here.

Thanks to them. It is a night that we will always remember at Phayam Island.

The second day at Phayam Island

Last night, I can barely remember anything or how many bottles of beer that I have been consumed.

Waking up in the morning... Our schedule today is not tight.

1. Phayam Island Temple

2. Packing our bags and head over to Aow Yai.

3. Travel every bay of Phayam Island

4. Visit Morgan village of Phayam Island.

Personal business done. Now it's time to travel, with three person riding in a motorcycle as I invite to hang out with us today.

We are surrounding by the woods here. Hahaha

Phayam Island Temple.

A chapel in the middle of the ocean is appealing from the far distance. It is located at Aow Mea-Mai.

It is our first attraction at this Island, it is mandatory to come and do some respect at this temple.

During the photoshoot,I meet with the people who stay at Lazy Hut as well. They want us to take a photo for him. Are there anyone else except Lazy hut people in this island? Ha Ha Ha.

There are some constructions outside but it is not finished yet.

The water is very very very clear, we even could see a big and small fish here.

At the back, there is the statue of the Buddha on the mountain where we shall go and pay some respect.

From the bird eye view the temple's very beautiful.

You could see the pier from the far view as well. Now, we have visit the temple and Aow Mea-Mai.

At 10 o'clock the sun is too strong. We are start feeling thirsty so let's go and find something to drink. We do not want the simple soda but we would like to find some cool and chic place to sit and relax.

When driving out of the Temple, we see cafe sign and homemade cakes, coffee and ice-cream so we think this place will work.

We drive along a road for a while as the sign indicated that only 300 meters from the main street.

My friend asks me that you think it is the right route to the coffee café ?

We were driving pass some houses so I decide to ask the people there whether is there any coffee shop around this area or not. They tell me that yes there is, but now they are close during this time.

Finally, we end up at the coffee shop near the pier. T T Sad!!! During the low season, most of the places are closed.

I order apple tea as it's my favorite kind of tea, it costs me 40 baht. Anyway, it is alright as I am very thirsty. Oh!! I almost forgot to mention the cuisine which I would like to recommend but now they move to another place. They move the last day of my stay, what a pity.

I have no idea where they moved to as they used to be at the intersection from Lazy Hut main street to Aow Yai (Tab-Oaun) and then ride on the route to the pier. It is only one cuisine opposite the congee cuisine. I could only say that the taste is superb, I never have had this impressive rice curry ever. The owner uses the curry paste from Myanmar, very spicy but very tasty. It costs around 60 baht per order and they give a lot of pork in the plate. It seems like you order two orders in one comparing to the cuisine in Bangkok.

When we finish eating, it's time to pack our stuff and move to the next bay.

I think I would like to stay at Aow Khao Kwai but I still have not figured out where to go just yet. For now I just pack my belonging first and after that just think about it.

On the way back, the view is very beautiful, therefore, I'm taking some picture then.

It is probably Rubber Trees, I guess.

Hey, take a photo of me, please!!!

The next plan is to find a good place to stay at Aow Khao Kwai.

We look for a place online and find a place called Chomjam Beach Resort.

It is an accommodation nearby the beach and the price per night is 500-600 baht. Okay, reasonable pric e enough to take it.

And we agree on the place and I don't think I'll get lost this time as me and my friend get used to the direction in the Island right now like a local people.

If driving from the pier, just ride straight ahead and we will find the place.

At this price range is around 600 baht to 800 baht, nevertheless, 800 baht room is located next to the beach. The rooms have windows open to the sea, however, 600 baht rooms is not besides the beach.

Hence, we choose the room at 800 baht price instead. Hahaha, of course, we are still on the budget trip. Additional 200 baht for an awesome view, we will take that. We go to talk with the owner if we could make a room for three people, they say it is ok with extra cost of 200 baht. As a result, it's only 333 baht per person for this room.

Oh!!! What an splendid atmosphere ....... We should sleep here at the first place. Huh!!!

Look how lazy we are, we don't bother to carry our back to the room only sit and relax at the front.

For those who would like to come here at Chomjan Beach Resort, please call at 085-678-4166.

After take some rest and put our bags in the place, we will go ahead and explore Phayam Island more.

On the other hand, would like to stay at the room and relax. I love traveling to new places, now let's go then.

Today, we plan to explore all the bay and visit Morgan village at last.We will start from Aow Kwang Peeb, Aow Hin-Khaw, Aow Pai, Aow Ko-Kyu, Aow Mook and end today's trip at Morgan village

After checking the time, it's already 3pm so let's go.

The beach at Aow Kwang Peeb is relatively calm, clear and very peaceful but who would come, it's really tough coming to this bay.

The highlight part of the bay is probably the wooden bridge along the rocks, but some seemed to crumble.

Looking at the time once again, now it's already four o'clock. We do not think we could make it to every bay today. Consequently, we should go to Morgan village then. From the map, the village is at Aow Yai. We stop by for some grilled chicken, only 10 baht per stick.

I ask the uncle who sold chickens for direction to the Morgan village, he says we will see signs for Aow Khao Kwai and go along the way to the end of the road. Now, they have a construction at the bridge so be careful.

The road is quite good but also quite far. At the end of the road there will be no street, only a sandy way ahead, be little careful there.

If you see the mangrove forest, you are in the right direction and walk a little further you will see a canal and a robe to cross over to the village.

When you would want to go over to village, please check for more information before as there will be time to possible go across the canal but sometimes it's impossible to because the water at the canal will be increase.

Walk a little further, you will reach the home of the Morgan. Here you could capture a picture what you call a way of life.

- End our day at Aow Khao Kwai-

After finish our diner, we plan to go to the hippie bar that we intended to go at the first night of arriving. We are surprised by the prohibition here too, I did not understand, but it's alright as long as it's not us.

We change into our swimsuit then ran into the sea.

We meet the dog, it sits in front our room all day, very cute.

The waves are quite strong that you could not stand still in the sea.

We walk to take a glance of the Hippie Bar.

And this is it, Hippie Bar, I really like to sit here but why there is no one here? Ha Ha Ha. Please open; I'll be a little sad if it close.

And then the sun leaves the horizon, I am happy how we end the day.

We play in the water just a little while before get off to shower and prepare to go to Hippie Bar. (Open or not, I d o not know).

We go for a diner at Bann Chomjan, the food here is very delicious. The cook is awesome.

I order the Chicken with Coconut Soup (Tom Kar with Chicken) and Stir Fried Chicken with Basil over rice, they are tasty.

This meal is only 105 baht per person.

Tonight, before heading to the Hippie Bar, I would take a picture of the star because this bay is quite dark, therefore, we could clearly see the stars in the sky.

I am smiling when we see that the light at hippie bar is on Ha Ha Ha.

But in a second, I feel sad as suddenly the light went out!!!! T T

Awakening from the grief along with the spots on my body from the mosquitoes' bites.

This morning about 6 o'clock, I am awakened and it seems like it's going to rain. That is why they say that Not raining Ranong , is not Ranong, "The city of Eight Rainy Months and Four Sunny Months"

Here comes the heavy rain. It feel like the heavy storm and the sky seems to leak but when the rain stopped falling, the sky is really clear and bright. Alike we are waken from the dream just now.

As soon as the sky is clear, it is time to explore Aow Khao Kwai. Let's start our adventure together then.

Welcome two more adventurers to join us. Hahaha.

Not only that people are happy when coming to the sea, these two dogs are happy as well. Look how they walk ahead of us Ha Ha Ha.

The plan for today is to go to visit the beauty of the Blue Sky Resort as the rumor says it's very beautiful.

Of course, I do not believe in case we see it by ourselves Hahaha.

Moreover, after the visit at Blue sky Resort, we will visit Hin Thalu. They are both at Aow Khao Kwai.

Here we come!!!

B l u e S k y R e s o r t.

The luxury with a beautiful private beach room for 7000baht .

I have to compose myself and just take some pictures for you all.

Let's find something to eat and then I found some cuisine that looks very alright and in a low price.

Khanom Chin (Rice noodles) in front of the pier is delicious. Only 30 baht… 30 baht per plate.

Hin Thalu : At Aow Khao Kwai.

Of course, we have to wait and see for the time of sea water goes up and down. The water will go down around 2pm. In the morning, the water is going higher. I had to zoom up to catch picture instead as the wave is very strong and I am afraid that if I walk into the sea, I will fall down to the water with my camera.

For those who have the waterproof camera, you could walk there to take photos.

Let's head back. Hey, the motorcycle's wheel seems weird.

Oh ...... there is a problem with the motorcycle wheel tire T T . Another sad thing before heading back home, it's just no longer than 2-3 hours to return home. T T

What should we do!!!, better call the rental car service at 081-771-3261. After waiting for a while the mechanic comes and changes the tire for us.

He charges us 200baht for the tire. Oh my Gosh, I thought it is free.

We check out and hang out at the place for a little bit as the ship will come around three o'clock in the afternoon and we still have a lot of time to chill around the place and the hippie bar.

(I take the picture from Mr. Work's camera as it's more beautiful than mine Hahaha).

Hippie Bar seems to have a new decoration here and I think that's guy is an owner.

I ask him as I saw the lights last night and suddenly turn off. He says he need to turn off so that the guest will not misunderstand that the bar is open.

And he asks if we want a bottle of beer now? Hahaha I would love to come back once they have a party here as well.

Thank you everyone who finish reading the review.

And this is the whole story that takes place at Phayam Island.

“Hard to travel but harder to say goodbye- Phayam Island "

If you would like more information or any questions please leave the comment at our page

Page: Maikeebaht, I will show you all that we could spend on little amount of money.

Facebook link:

Hopefully this trip will worth for many people who love to travel on a budget.

My travel cost:

On the journey day

Bus from Bangkok - Ranong = 500 baht.

Grocery store at Bus station = 73 baht.

Meal at stop over place = 50 baht.

Minibus - pier = 15 baht.

The boat to Phayam Isalnd = 200 baht.

Total = 838 baht

Phayam first night

The motorcycle rental for 2 person 300 THB = 150 baht/person

Water = 85 baht

Beer 400baht divided by 2 = 200 baht.

Accommodation at Lazy Hut 400 divided by 2 = 200 baht.

The rice omelet = 70 baht

Gas 120 divided by 2 = 60 baht

Meal = 60 baht.

Total 825 baht

Second night
Meal = 60 baht.

Rice Noddles = 30 baht

Apple tea = 40 baht.

Accommodation 1000 divided by 3 = 333 baht.

Meal = 105 baht.

Total = 568 baht

Return date

The wheel tire = 100 baht

The boat = 200 baht

The minibus = 20 Baht

The bus back Ranong - Bangkok = 519 baht.

Total 839 baht

Total cost = 3070 baht approximately.


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