The trip is meant to many people and it depends on many factors.

But to me, whether the trip is meaningful or not depends on

the fellow-traveller, one of the most important factor.

Whether it is high or low season, it is one of the reasons for my travelling.

Regardless of the season, I am ready to go anywhere when chance comes and time allows.

This trip, I will focus on Doi Mae Salong in Chiang Rai during this rainy season.

I was so impressed with my last visit in Doi Mae Salong during the past 2 years.

I was so impressed with the entire journey especially the landscape. I was not able to take even one's eyes off although, I puked in the car during this first visit.

Come and join my trip.

There are many things ahead that I want you to know! ^^

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This trip, I opt for the service of Bangkok Airways. I have evening flights on both routes.

Bangkok Airways operates 3 direct flights daily from Bangkok to Chiang Rai in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I start by booking a flight at in advance.

I often keep an eye on a monthly promotion of the airline; it helps me not to miss a good deal that I am satisfied with.

Checking in 45 minutes before the departure time at the airport is required to ensure that you don't miss your flight.

Bangkok Airways Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport, where is it??

After checking in at zone F, go left to security check point then take escalator down to the first floor and turn left.

Go straight until Gate A3.

After lounge staffs scan boarding pass and give a Wi-Fi code, we can then find comfortable seat in anywhere we want.

When think of Bangkok Airways, the first thing comes across my mind is,

"Kao Tom Mud" (sweet sticky rice steamed in banana leaf parcels.)

I don't remember how many pieces and how many times I go for it, what I know is I haven't had any breakfast or lunch earlier but I am super full hahaha.

Not only there is Kao Tom Mud but also cakes, pies, pastries and many more drinks.

The highlight of Bangkok Airways lounge for me is Kao Tom Mud.

I assure you by giving another voice to to confirm its deliciousness ^^.

Flight from Bangkok to Chiang Rai takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Again there is an in-flight meal. It is a grilled chicken with sticky rice and it smells so good. The dessert is also served but I'm not sure what it is called but it is so delicious. Fascinating!

Throughout the one-hour flight, I don't sleep at all because it is a day flight and I have a window seat. I like to look out of the window and enjoy the view from the top. I like to estimate where and what province I am, who does the same like me?

I think it is something so entertained.

Finally, I arrive in Chiang Rai International Airport. Tonight, I will stay over night in Phayao province first. It is my hometown. I rent a car from AVIS; its counter service is next to the main exit. You will find a very clear red counter after you are out from a baggage claim.

I choose to rent a bigger car this time. The biggest car available at AVIS in Chiang Rai is Altis. I book from its website at There is a clear guidance and up to date promotions on the website.

I choose Altis car this time, and credit card guarantee authorisation amount of 20,000 baht is made when renting this type of car and 10,000 baht for a smaller car. The cancellation is made immediately on the day the car is returned The cancellation is made immediately.

I'm ready. Let's go!

One day is quickly gone. Today's trip to Doi Mae Salong begins but I like to stop by to eat something here first.

The prawn farm of uncle Subarn in Thoeng district, Chiang Rai province.

Formerly it is called prawn farm of uncle Subarn but now it has a logo of Malee restaurant on but it is still the same owner. I come very often to this restaurant beside the farm.

You can choose either a table or a hut, but I always take a hut. It is just great!

But why prices vary up?!?

I remember that I used to come since a set of different prawns was 320 baht per a kilogram but now it goes up to 400 baht. And this doesn't count a set of selected prawn!

I used to have a set of selected prawn once, the prawn is big and there are not many of them in 1 kilogram. What I like the most about here is a very tasty sauce. It is made so yummy.

We depart from here almost 16:00hrs and our next destination is Doi Isara Resort, which located in Doi Mae Salong Nok, Mae Chan district in Chiang Rai province.

Actually, before we go we check the direction and look up a few photos on the resort's website.

In order to prepare what kind of clothes we should bring as beautiful props. And here below is the resort's website.

I have found out that the resort provides free shuttle transfer from the airport if you arrive in Chiang Rai by plane and have plan to stay here.

We Drive on Phahonyothin road from downtown Chaing Rai to Mae Sai district then turn left to Doi Mae Salong, Mae Chan district.

We drive up and up and up to hill. The road is zigzag and there are a few curves on the way. A GPS coordinates of Doi Isara Resort is not found. It's better to follow a GPS coordinates of Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa because Doi Isara Resort is only 1 kilometer away and it's on the same side. You must look around very carefully otherwise you may drive pass to Doi Mae Salong like I do. And that means getting lost. Trust me, when I get lost I have to search for a mobile signal in this area because it's really unstable up in the hill.

However, I happen to see the beauty of green paddy fields on the roadside when getting lost. It is looking so comfy, refreshing and green like a layer sweet cake or known as Kanom Chan in Thai.

I realise that I get lost further far to Mae Salong after almost 2 hour drive from a prawn farm. It's nearly an evening thus I turn back.

All the way up hill is a paved road. However, it's the laterite alley like in this picture when approaching Doi Isara.

Actually, there is a small sign of resort in front of the alley but I overlook it.

Luckily, it doesn't rain in the evening. I drive up on a laterite alley just 1-2 kilometres. It's quite short distance and driving on this alley doesn't break your sedan car at all.

It's pretty easy to drive.

Finally, here we are at Doi Isara Resort

The wooden gate and brique rouge wall are to be seen at first. There are bamboo trees planted along the resort fence. A secure car park is inside the resort as Doe Isara Resort has just a few villas.

Villas are built far from each other thus it gives a high privacy.

I arrive nearly in the evening therefore I firstly take photos of accommodation for this review.

We stay in a medium one-bedroom villa with one bathroom. The living space is spacious and every villa has balcony with view.

There is an extra set of bedding inside a villa. I ask the resort owner whether there is an additional charge for extra person and I am told that the cost is per unit not per person. This villa can accommodate up to 4 people.

We stay totally 3 people in this villa.

During the high season, this medium size villa costs around 4,000-5,000 baht including breakfast.

The interior is in Lana style decorated with a combination of handicraft and painting. The bathroom is also specious and very comfortable. Wet zone and dry zone are separated. There is also a sauna inside this bathroom.

In-bathroom accessories are 2 big towels, 2 small towels and necessary amenities and toiletries including toothbrushes.

An extra bed can be placed in a spacious living area. There is LCD TV, 2 bottles of water and air-conditioning but there is no refrigerator. The weather during rainy season is cool enough so I don't need air-conditioning and I can't imagine how this room can keep you warm during the winter. ^^ The balcony is something I like the most in this medium size villa.

The balcony overlooking a mountain at far end of the eye is the great place to enjoy seeing view of mist early in the morning after waking up. I think it should be so splendid.

However, There are quite many mosquitoes in the evening especially during my stay in rainy season. It's not a problem at all because there is a lemongrass mosquito spray provided in the villa. This keeps you away from being bitten and annoyed. Yeah!

I walk from my medium size villa to the resort's public area. It's a big villa on the top of the resort.

It's a highlight spot in the resort because it has the most stunning viewpoint.

Oh! Wow! It's so splendid!

I like the balcony in my villa but after seeing this balcony in this big villa, I like it here far more

Girls can enjoy sitting and imagining that you are in a music video scene.

Enjoy sitting and seeing the view

Enjoy chatting

Enjoy the surroundings

On the day that we can relax here at Doe Isara Chiang Rai

We have dinner here at the big villa. Eating, seeing a view and chatting at the same time.

You can also go out for a dinner or order the resort to have it arranged. There is a restaurant at the beginning of the laterite alley.

There are not only villas and stunning view at Doi Isara Resort Chiang Rai but also many more activities,

There is a billiard table

Petanque court




Guests can enjoy these activities with friends and family.

Wi-Fi is free, but it is not activated during the rainy season when I am here. Therefore, I couldn't test whether the speed is good enough in the resort.

Phone signal is unstable especially DTAC. AIS has signal sometimes but TRUE has the best signal here hahaha.

Tonight before going back to my villa, let me stop by and inspect the children's villa.

We are totally 6 people using 2 cars during this trip and 3 people stay in this big villa.

This big villa is located under the spacious balcony we have seen before. There is also a balcony overlooking a mountain view in front of the villa.

It is a large bedroom with totally 4 single and double beds. Bathroom is spacious. This room can accommodate a group of family comfortably between 6 and 7 people.

I'm told that during the high season this villa costs about 5,500 baht including breakfast.

I can't imagine how cold it is during winter because it is quite cold up here. We can even see vapour from the mouth hahaha. Good thing is that there is a floor carpet in the villa.

I must say that the bathroom in this big villa is huge. I aim to wake up really early to capture the forming of mist. I was in Doi Mae Salong 2 year ago and I remember the impressive of the mist view at 6 o'clock in the morning after all day and all night raining.

It doesn't rain this morning, therefore I don't see the mist but instead I soak up enough fresh and purified air to my lung. It's also good.

Some people take this opportunity to do some work.

It is said that in the morning the brain is clear and works better.

Unlike me, I always take the opportunity of being in a good place with good weather to go for a walk and take photos. ^^

A wooden balcony like this is often seen in the resort. Below, it is the pathway to Badminton and Paranaque courts.

Also archery is a special activity from the resort. Let's go up to the big villa, it's so refreshing, comfy and airy in the morning. Don't you think so?^^

Today's breakfast, not only the resort provides tea, coffee, and toast but also boiled rice with side dishes.

It's not just a bowl of boiled rice per 1 person but a big pot of boiled rice is brought for anyone who want more. I take about 3 times, and I'm supper full hahaha.

A morning atmosphere, no rain and no sea of mist but I feel really good in deed, I feel so fresh and joyous ^^

Being happy with a great place with magnificent atmosphere.

Being happy with a slow life out of city.

Being happy with a slow life moment in everywhere.

And importantly, being happy with the trip that a fellow-traveller is a key ^^

In case you want to find out more about accommodation at Doi Isara Resort Chaing Rai, you can enquire to the address below.

I know that more villas are being built to welcome more guests during this coming winter at Doi Mae Salong.

Doi Isara Resort Chiang Rai: 416 Moo. 4, Pa Sang, Mae Chan district, Chiang Rai 57110

Mobile: 081 836 9458, 082 383 2917 (Khun Tan).


Email: [email protected], [email protected].

Doi Isara Resort Bangkok Office: 448/13 Nonsee Road, Bangkok 10120

Mobile: 081 836 9458

Phone: 02 295 2744

Fax: 02 295 2745

After checking out from Doi Isara Resort, we continue to visit here.

Choui Fong Tea Plantation

This is the most beautiful tea plantation in Chiang Rai because of its good management system including car parking, restaurants and many lovely corners for taking photos.

It is only 3 kilometers from Doi Isara Resort on the way back. You just have to drive straight long and there it is an endlessly beautiful green tea plantation.

This place should not be missed when visiting Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai.

A traditional tea leaves plucking basket is an excellent props. Don't pluck tea leaves hahaha just have to naturally act like a young woman plucking tea leaves hahaha.

Choui Fong Tea Plantation is on the land of over 1000 hectares. This is another popular tourist destination prior to traveling to other places in Chiang Rai.

I have to say there are many more tourist attractions in Chiang Rai. We can be really happy, as long as you can stop on the roadside and travel around. Don't you think so?

"I will not take anything from here except the memories and photos."

Stay tuned for my next review in this area.

Thanks for following me.

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