Spectacular Waterfalls, Fruit City, Good Breeding Peppercorns, Loads of Gems, Chanthaboon Mat, Abundant Nature, Gathering Place of King Taksin the Great's Liberation Army"

Hello everyone. Today, Tummeng Travel is here once again to see everyone in this review issue. This time I have an opportunity to take everyone to travel in Chanthaburi Province which has been selected to be one of 12 must-visit cities in Thailand that shouldn't be missed for any reason. What the good things that Chanthaburi has? I have to admit that after I traveled there, I am falling in love with this province.

Well, what the good things that Chanthaburi has? Let's follow and read the review of “Chanthaburi A heaven of countless fruit orchards" and you would know.

In addition, Thank you everyone once again for your support for me in every channels that you could follow and read my reviews.


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The Amazing Journey: Blogging Contest

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In this campaign, TAT is the one who select the 12 main bloggers to travel to 12 must-visit cities that shouldn't be missed for any reason. The selected provinces are Lampang, Nan, Loei, Buriram, Phetchabun, Trat, Chanthaburi, Samut Sakhon, Ratchaburi, Chomphon, Trang and Nakhon Ratchasima.

For myself, I am Tum under the name of Tummeng Travel/Backpack all around the world has been selected to be part of the team with other 2 bloggers which are Pharma Traveller and Khun AeAoi in the name of Travel Planet Xperiences who is our head person of the team.

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I travel from Chiang Rai with Nok Air and arrive at Bangkok around late morning. Then I go to pick up the rental car of That Rent A Car Company which will be our vehicle throughout the trip.

I get an Eco car as the route to Chathaburi from Bangkok is quiet good and not difficult at all. Moreover, using Eco car can also help saving gas.

After picking up our car and it's now time to travel to Chanthaburi.

It takes approximately 190Km. which is around 3 to 4 hours from Bangkok to Chanthaburi.

When the time that you see a lot of bustling trucks transporting the fruits pass by, you will know that you are getting close to Chanthaburi area.

Before I traveled to Chanthaburi, I have searched for some information for the accommodation in the city. I have found that James Club Hotel is quite suited for stay overnight in the city as the hotel is the ancient hotel of Chanthaburi province. And by staying in this hotel, you could take photo of the cathedral and you should stay on the fifth or sixth floor especially room no.505, 506. 605, 606. I then call to make a reservation but the hotel does not accept any advance reservation and tell me to walk in instead. Therefore, I take my chance and walk in to the hotel and finally I get the room. Thus, luckily I have got this picture for everyone.

After done keeping my luggage in our room, I then take a leisure walk at Chanthaboon Old-Town Waterfront Community.

Chanthaboon Old-Town Waterfront Community has more than 300 years of age. The walking distance to watch the way of life of the old-town waterfront community is approximately one kilometer all the route.

There are ancient house, church, Chinese temple, market, food shop that sells original Thai desserts which are very to find in these days.

Chanthaboon Old-Town Waterfront Community once has got in fire making the ancient houses in this area received some damages; therefore, most of the houses now become new buildings.

Making the area a mix architecture between ancient and new houses which are considered to be the well harmonious architecture style.

This community is the golden location for trading and thriving that continue until Rattanakosin era. Especially in the reign of Rama III and Rama V which considered to be the most prosperous era of Chanthaboon city.

The road that parallel to Chanthaburi River is Sukhapiban road, originally called “Leabnatee Road", which is the first road of this province. It has approximately one kilometer distance. There are lines of ancient wooden houses which have their own remarkable unique architecture style on both sides of the road. The buildings have various carving pattern styles and harmonious mixed cultures of the Western, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai which could reflect that this area is the prosperous trading area in the past. Moreover, those also definitely could reflect the creativity of the craftsman in the old days.

This building is once used for shooting an advertisement of Scotch's Bird Nest.

Aunt Tai Khanom Khai is another dessert that everyone must come and try. Besides, if you eat while they are hot and newly come out from the oven, they will be very tasty. They taste crispy outside and soft inside, plus the smell are really pleasant and sweet.

As we feel a little tired from the walk, then we find the place to sit back by the river at “ Wan Khum Nueng shop". The shop has an outstanding decoration not like other shops in that area. Therefore, I and my friend select this place to sit back and watch the evening atmosphere of Chanthaboon community.

The evening atmosphere of the waterfront community here seems tranquil, not bustling even has some cars ride by as it still is the place that Chanthaburi people actually live in.

We sit for a while, and now it is time to take some photos at the twilight time with the important landmark of Chanthaburi province which is The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (The Cathedral of Chan city).

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception or The Cathedral of Chan city is the only one Roman Catholic Church in Muang district, Chanthaburi province. The cathedral is extremely spectacular, no matter you watch the cathedral from which corners, it still looks magnificent and sanctity.

Inside of the cathedral is decorated with beautiful color glasses. There is the sculpture of Saint Mary, Mother of God located in the front of cathedral.

This Roman Catholic Church is a large ancient church that stays with Chanthaburi people for more than a century; moreover, it is one of the most beautiful churches in Thailand as well.

For those who are interested in visiting The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, you could visit the place every day on 06.00am-07.00am and 06.00pm-07.45pm. Additionally, when visit the church; please dress properly and suitably as well.

During the evening time, if you sleep over in town, you shouldn't miss to take a photo here in the evening time as it is considered as one of the most beautiful churches in Thailand.

However, it is a little bad luck for me as the day that I visit; the sky is rather dark by the rainy cloud.

After that, I go to take some photos of the Old Town Chanthaboon Waterfront at night along with looking for something to eat for dinner at the night market in town.

From the suggestion of local people, they advise me to try Aunt A-Ngun Pad Thai in that area. There are a lot of people there; hence, I would not miss out to try her Pad Thai.

The plate looks delicious and the taste is ordinary great for the cart shop like this.

And I also have tried another local food called Chili and Salt Rice which is popular among Chanthabui and Trat people.

It tastes like Thai Chicken Rice tops with Seafood Sauce, salty and sour. You could have a try if you come by.

After we are all full, we go back to our accommodation at Gems Club Hotel. As we booked the room at the hotel with difficulty, therefore, before we get to bed, we take some photos of the cathedral once again. LoL.

Our second day in the morning, I get up early in hope that I could take photo of the first light of the day. In my opinion, the sun should rise up from the cathedral side; however, it happens that the rain is falling and the rainy cloud covers all above the sky.

After that, we went out to find something to eat for breakfast at the old town Chanthaboon waterfront area as the place is located near our accommodation just only 100 meters away. Therefore, it is very convenient to walk there.

There is the sunlight and the sky opens in the late morning which is typical for the city that situated close to the sea.

Let's find something to eat first.

Aunt Mai Kuay Jap (Boild Chinese Pasta Square), the shop is located opposite Baan Luang Rajamaitri Historic Inn. For those who visit the Old Town Chanthaboon Waterfront shouldn't miss out this menu.

Fortunately, the day I visit the cathedral is on Sunday; therefore, I have a chance to get into the cathedral.

As Sunday is the day that Chanthaburi Christian people will come to the church praying and singing a holy songs.

Before noon, I and my friend go to visit Gems and Jewelry Center of Chanthaburi. This place is in the top ranks of our country for the knowledge and trading sources of gems and jewelry.

Gems and Jewelry Center of Chanthaburi – Asia's largest Gems and Jewelry Museum which is located on Maharaj road in Chanthaburi city.

It is Thailand's and Asian's most permanent center for exhibit and support gems and jewelry.

Inside this center is the learning center about the gems as well as various gems production procedures which are shown as the exhibition.

Moreover, the gems and jewelry museum has a high technology presenting in the form of Live Museum and the 3D video room which is the newest technology to present the story of Gems, Gems digging, Gems cutting and polishing, Gems Bank, Gems Inspecting Center and many interesting exhibition and trading areas.

The center opens daily including holidays between 09.00am-05.00pm.

The museum section.

The trading section.

There is the gems and jewelry market at Chanthaburi and it usually opens for trading on Friday and Saturday. Consequently, the hotel in the city on those days will be fully booked as the group of gems and jewelry traders from overseas and inland will come to stay here.

In our second day of lunch, we go to the renowned restaurant in Chanthaburi, the restaurant opens for very long time and is popular among people here. We will have lunch at Chan Pochana restaurant, the renowned restaurant of Chanthaburi province.

Chan Pochana (Maharaj branch) under control by Khun Tor U-Gris.

Speaking of Chan Pochana restaurant, Chanthaburi province, I think everyone definitely knows the place as Chan Pochana restaurant has been opened for more than 50 years.

The recommended menus at Chan Pochana restaurant such as Mangosteen Sour and Spicy, Durian Papaya Salad and moreover, Cha Muang Pork Curry at Chan Pochana restaurant has been processed into can for buying to be the souvenir.

(Chan Pochana, Maharaj branch)

Telphone number: 039-327-179, 039-999-999

Open daily from 10.00am to 10.00pm

Let's get a refreshing from Butterfly Pea and Lemon Mixed Juice first. It is the combination of science and indigenous knowledge that create the tasty drink and amazing like this.

This is Lynchee Juice.

And only a little while, the food are served at our table.

Chanthaburi-Style Stir-Fried Noodles with Soft Shelled Crab

Mangosteen Sour and Spicy Salad

Durian Papaya Salad

Cha Muang Pork Curry

End with the desserts.

In the afternoon, we travelled to find another unseen place of Chanthaburi province.

Before travelling here, I do the research and found that there is one shop selling Chinese pastry in Chanthaburi, their pastry tastes rather delicious that the customer need to preorder for across the year to have a bite.

As I knew such information, therefore, I travel to find that Chinese pastry shop to prove the reputation is true.

Ratchanee Chinese Pastry @ Makham district. Delicious and worth the wait.

Ratchanee Chinese Pastry is located in Makham district; it is a small wooden house. Aunt Ratchanne makes the pastry by herself; therefore, the production of Chinese pastry is not enough for the customers' needs. For that reason, the customers have to place their order in advance and when the time passes, those orders are getting a lot that if customers order the pastry today, they will get it in the next year.

After I have tastes her pastry (which I am not dare to try as there are many customers on the waiting list);however, as Aunt Ratchanee sees that we travel for a long way to be here, she pick up newly baked Chinese Pastry to us and it tastes delicious like everyone said.

From our talk, Aunt Ratchanee said that she could bake the Chinese pasty for only 600 pieces per day. Although nowadays Aunt Ratchanee already stops taking orders, the customers who place an order this year will receive the pastry in the next year.

We afraid that we eat her pastry for free so we ask her permission and buy one box of her pastry. We have to apologize that we might cut somebody's queue.

From Aunt Ratchanee Chinese Pastry Shop, we head to KP Garden as we have reserved the fruit buffet which costs 200 baht per person there. The buffet, we could eat unlimited fruits such as durian, rambutan, mangosteen, langsat and many more. Nowadays, many fruit orchard owners in Chanthaburi open their land for the tourist to visit and eat fruit buffet.

KP Garden

Away from the Sa Lang intersection (The route to Wang Sam sub-district) approximately 8 kilometers and you will find the signpost to Wat Thung Tanode, approximately 200 meters turn left, and you will find KP Garden on the right hand side. Moreover, from Sa Lang intersection, there are the signpost stated the direction all the way. KP Garden has a great space for parking. The garden will arranged the fruit buffet only on Saturday – Sunday, the buffet will be arranged into 4 rounds which are 09:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm and 03:00pm and each round takes only 50 persons. Therefore, you need to make a reservation in advance, you could contact at Telephone.0865662419, 039-32320110.

KP Garden is one of eleven fruit gardens that held “Fruit Buffet Festival" together with TAT.

Besides eating fruits, there are also various demonstration teaching you how to open the durian.

There is the demonstration for picking various fruits as well such as pick mangosteen fresh from its tree.

cutting durian by using knife

Langsat using a scissor to cut the fruit.

And rambutan using the stick that has the knife at the end to pick it.

After KP Garden, we head to our accommodation for our second day at Chao Lao Beach.

And I stayed at Chanchaolao Beach Resort.

The resort is located beside the beach and also has a private beach with spacious area.

Furthermore , there is also a swimming pool providing for those who dislike the salted steam of the sea.

During evening, I have contacted with the officer from Kung Krabane Wildlife Reserve unit to take me to the view point.

There will be two view points in this area which are Khao Bo Toei View Point, it takes 20-30 minutes by foot with the distance at 400 meters.

And another view point is located near to the first view point, it is away 200 meter, it is Ko Chong Saba view point.

At first, we intend to take the sunset photos up here; however, it happens that the wind is quite strong that I could not set my tripod for taking photo. Therefore, we went down to take photo in other places instead, we head to Kung Krabaen Sea Farming Demonstration Unit.

Kung Krabaen Sea Farming Demonstration Unit has been arranged for sustainably adding the resource in the sea. There are various species of aquatic animals such as Leopard Shark, Giant Grouper, Bull Shark, Green Turtle, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, White Perch, Grouper and many more. The unit is located in Kung Krabaen Bay.

As we arrive, we hurried taking photo of the twilight light.

And it happens that we have to admit that travelling in rainy season, the weather is unpredictable as there are clouds blocking the sun again.

Although we couldn't see the large round sun sinking into the water but there is also the beautiful light to watch.

It is pity that I haven't seen the shark as it is getting ill and has been taken to heal at the research center

We stay until it is dark, and then we back to have dinner around Chanchaolao Resort area. We have seafood for this meal.

We have a nice sleep in our second night of Chanthaburi trip.

In the morning of our third day, I and my friend get up early at 4.00am in the morning to get ready for heading to another important landmark that recently renowned.

And it is Noen Nangphaya View Point, the romantic scenic point.

Normally, most of the people like to take photo during the sun set time and the view is also exceptional beautiful. However, I chose to come here in the morning as I would like to avoid crowded people that come to take photo at this place, therefore, I could get the beautiful picture with no one blocking the view.

We stay up here until morning time.

As I have mentioned, Noen Nangphaya View Point is not the place for watching the sun rise.

Nonetheless, the place to watch the beautiful sun rise view is at King Tak Sin The Great Bridge (Laem Sing Bridge)

There are a lot of boats and fishermen in this area.

Besides, as I have mentioned before that the weather is unpredictable in rainy season, as it is another day that the sun is not coming up.

it shows up when the sky already bright.

During the late morning for our third day, we drive to Klung district.

According to our friend, they recommend us that if I have a chance to travel to Chanthaburi, I should stay at landless village once and it will be awesome.

Just only the name of the village, “Landless Village" making me amused to search for more information and make a room reservation one day before travelling. My accommodation called “Baan Talay Dao" and I have to take the boat at Klung pier at 11.30am.

When I arrive, I manage to leave my rental car from Thai Rent A Car at the parking spot. Then, I arrange my clothes and pack into a small bag of LowAlpine which is the small size bag for packing two days one night trip or pack the oddments for day trip. Although it seems small but it could be packed a lot of things in there.

The boat leave precisely on time, there are villagers and tourists travelling to Landless Village in the boat.

Landless Village, Bang Chan sub-district, Klung district.

It takes approximately 40 kilometers from Chanthaburi city with the distance approximately 40 minutes. It is the village that no one could reach here as it is difficult to travel. If the villager will go anywhere, they need to take the boat and then car.

Landless Village, the reason that we called this place like this is because most houses do not build on the land but they built the house along the mangrove forest.

Baan Talay Dao Homestay

Travelling to Baan Talay Dao Homestay, you need to take a car to Klung district. After that, you continue travelling by boat, there are two types of boat to choose from which are large boat, it takes approximately 40 minutes and speed boat, takes only 15 minutes. During the ride on the boat, you could see the river view, mangrove forest, hawks that fly to welcome me along the way.

At Baan Talay Dao Homestay, you could find the service of the owner that willing to serve you all the time whether it be the food or the service, they will take care us like we are at our home. Although this place is not that luxurious but there are the pleasant weather, the cooling wind from the sea awaiting visitor to come to this place and feel the nature while spend the simple life here.

The long tailed boat of the homestay has only one round per day, leaving from Klung district pier at 12:00am and all the way back from Baan Talay Dao to Klung district pier at 10.00am and it costs 70baht per round.

If you could not make it in time of the hotel's boat, you need to pay extra for the long-tailed boat and the price costs approximately 500 baht.

The accommodation fee at Baan Talay Dao costs 1500baht per person.

The price already includes 3 meals, lunch, dinner and breakfast with the menus such as Grilled Seafood (Unlimited), Boiled Rice with Seafood. The activities such as watch group of red hawks, singing Karaoke, fishing, water raft, kayaking, watch separated sea, give alms to the monk in the morning. For those who interest to stay at Landless Village, Bang Chan, you could contact to Baan Talay Dao Homestay, the owner of homestay is very friendly and kindness.

Contact at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BanThaleDawHomeStey

Or call to 083-598009, 088-2144424

If everyone visit during the weekend, you should make a reservation in advance for one or two months unless there is no room available as the room here is usually fully booked

Upon arriving, I keep my luggage at my room, the room has average size, but it is not uncomfortable.

And then we have a lunch that Baan Talay Dao has prepared for us, the meal cost will include in 1500 baht already.

There will be one night accommodation with three meals, lunch, evening and morning as well as the activity to float on the raft to watch the red hawks.

For the meal, they provide seafood in local style making from the materials that could easy to find in this area such as shrimp, crab, fish and soft shelled crab.

After we are full, we still have a lot of time to take a walk and watch the way of life of landless village's local people before I go floating on the raft at 4pm.

Most of people here are local fishermen.

The origin way of life of their parents has continued to be practiced nowadays

When it is 4pm., the accommodation has prepared a large floating raft and has the long tailed boat taking the raft to the sea in the area of the estuary for tourist to watch red hawks that hunting in this area. There are desserts and drink provided on the raft as well.

Beside ,Thalay Dao Homestay, there are various homestay to choose from as well.

When arrive at the hunting area of the red hawk, the officer has the prepared oily pork throw into the sea for the hawk flying to get the food. At first, I did not think that there will be a lot of them, but in fact there are approximately a hundred of them.

After feeding food to the hawks, the raft continues taking us to separated see. It is the sand bar that rises up in the middle of the estuary, its sand has black color with the spacious space for tourist to take a walk, breathe in a fresh air and scrub their bodies with the black sand.

Before leaving, we help picking the garbage at the black beach according to one travelling day with one garbage project. I think one garbage for each person could help our attraction cleaner.

After that, long tailed boat taking the raft back to the accommodation and give us the free time to relax once more before dinner.

I and my friend volunteer to kayaking across the river to take photo of Baan Talay Dao in the oppisite side at Bang Chan Community.

With the hope that we could get splendid sunset pictures with the beautiful color and this is the picture that we have.

After taking photos, we paddle back for dinner. Both of us have a large portion of meal for dinner as Baan Talay Dao has prepared a lot of menus for us which are almost 4 kilograms of crab, soft shelled crab, shrimp and fish. I think that food portion should be for 4-5 persons.

And that night, we sleep so tight among the hard rain that is falling outside throughout the night.

In the next morning, we get up and give alms to the monk. Baan Talay Dao has prepared food and rice for giving to the monk. Otherwise, if anyone would like to add the dry food to give, you could also buy it.

Then it is time to leave. We leave Baan Talay Dao and head back to Klung pier again around 10.00am.

It takes us approximately an hour to the destination. Upon arriving, we went to get our car and drive back to Don Mueang Airport for catching the flight back to Chiang Rai.

And it comes to an end of Chanthaburi trip.

Conclusion of Chanthaburi trip.

Since my last visit in Chanthaburi, I believed it's more than ten years. This time makes me realize that beside the fruit city Chanthaburi is, nevertheless, the province also fully replete with the attraction places whether it be sea, mountain, sea mist, river or an old-town community's way of life. It is suitable to travel and relax at this place.

In addition, if you ask me that will I travel to Chanthaburi again or not? The answer will be definitely YES.

Therefore, for those who still don't know where to travel near Bangkok, you should try consider Chanthaburi, one of twelve cities that shouldn't be missed for any reason and the word is quite suited the province.

For today, I will end this Chanthaburi review, a heaven of countless fruits orchard here.

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Sawasdee Krub.

I would like to thank you Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and our kind sponsors, Nok Air, Thai Rent A Car, KEEN shoes and Outdoor Innovation for making this project “The Amazing Journey" happened.

Moreover, thank you for giving the great opportunity to me and my 2 blogger friends for travelling in Chanthaburi. It is truly an impressive trip.


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