The Baray Villa @ Sawasdee Village, well-matched Thai-Arabian style resort. written by ลุงเสื้อเขียว

I am from Lopburi and have been to Phuket more than 10 times. However, this time in Phuket is more special than any other time because I get a chance to stay at Sawasdee Village. You might wonder why it is so special, let's go and see then! Sawasdee Village is located in Kata beach. Even th

The Baray Villa @ Sawasdee Village, well-matched Thai-Arabian style resort.

The Baray Villa @ Sawasdee Village, well-matched Thai-Arabian style resort.

I am from Lopburi and have been to Phuket more than 10 times. However, this time in Phuket is more special than any other time because I get a chance to stay at Sawasdee Village. You might wonder why it is so special, let's go and see then!

Sawasdee Village is located in Kata beach. Even the entrance to the resort is not as big as other hotels I have been to but once you step into this resort you will find the greenery surroundings filled with frangipani trees, little pond with the fountain. You will feel very refreshed, calmed, and relaxed.

Further in, you will find this Thai-Arabian designed resort signboard.

After quite a long journey, I feel totally refreshed after having some cold pandan drink as a Welcome Drink and refreshing cold towel upon checking in.

The Baray Villa is a private zone limited entry for only in-house guests. This place is separated from Sawasdee Village clearly with the huge entrance gate with Permission Guest Only signage. The feeling when you step into this Baray Villa is totally different from Sawasdee Village zone. The Baray Villa provides you with the maximum privacy with tranquil and luxury atmosphere.

I would say that the staff here especially the front desk are all very friendly and helpful, I have got such a warm welcome here. After checking in I am escorted to my room and all in-room facilities are well-explained.

There are 14 rooms in The Baray Villa. I stay in room number 214 named North Star. The name of each room is called according to Chinese Zodiac plus North Star and The Moon. There are 2 corners rooms, North Star and The Moon which are bigger than the other rooms and they are included with the private garden inside the room where the extra relaxing areas are provided so we can say that these 2 rooms are the best room in the resort.

The highlight of this resort is that every villa is a triple pool access which is known as the one and only in Phuket. Further details about this triple pool access will be explained later on.

The Baray Villa is a 2-storey villa with the living area on the 1st floor and the bedroom on the 2nd floor.

Let's have a look on the 1st floor first! There is a cooking area with refrigerator, dining ware, kettle, and ice bucket (ice can be asked complementary from the staff 24/7). 6 bottles of water are provided complementary as well.

The living area is including huge sofa with TV and some Welcome Fruit are provided.

Some books are also set right next to the sofa.

The working desk area is designed in Arabian and Moroccan style plus Thai touch. The decoration is also influenced by Buddhism as you can see there is the Buddha image on the desk.

Guess what is behind this curtain? I will tell you later.

From this living area you will be able to see the door that can lead you to the private garden outside as well, you see! I have told you that I get to stay in one of the best rooms in the resort.

The private garden is pretty big and connected to the swimming pool.

So now I guess it is the right time to explain the Triple pool access design which I am very impressed about. And this is what behind the curtain.

Tada! There is a 40-centimeter depth Jacuzzi and it is not just that.

The door can be opened and you are able to move yourself from the Jacuzzi to the private swimming pool directly. The private pool is surrounded by trees, therefore; you can't be seen from other rooms.

In addition, when you open another door (like gate entrance) then you will be able to enjoy the main swimming pool named Oasis Pool. It is a 55-meter long pool and connected to all private pool of all rooms.

The pool is well designed with tree fences on both side of the pool in order to keep the privacy of every single room in the resort that can't be spotted from the people in the pool. I really like this pool, it is very refreshing with the greenery surroundings and beautiful blue tiles of the swimming pool. I wish I could stop the time and stay in this pool forever.

This is the other end of the pool, it is very well-decorated with fountains and this is right next to my room. The resort has also prepared waterbed for you to enjoy in this main pool. Moreover, this pool is strictly permitted for in-house guests only.

Now let's go back to the room and have a look at the bathroom on the 1st floor!

This bathroom is huge and it is connected to the private garden too.

We have seen everything on the 1st floor, let's go upstairs then!

There is a bathroom on the left and the bedroom is right in front.

Look at these closets! Both on the left and right have very detailed design.

There are sofa and 42' LCD TV in the bedroom too.

And this is not just a normal sofa. Once you fold the footing under the sofa, you will be able to enjoy the warm or cold foot bath according to your preference. Moreover, apart from watching TV, listening to the music on TV while having a foot bath you can also surf the internet on the TV as well. There is also an air purifier right next to the sofa.

The bed is very comfortable with colourful hanging lamp. And the headboard is decorated with a huge golden wooden carve. This makes me feel like I am staying in a palace.

Look at the ceiling! Amazing!

The bathroom is huge.

What caught my eye is this treasure box where toiletries and amenities are placed in, very unique.

The bathtub is opened like this with no curtain in the middle of the room.

Let's move on and see other resort's facilities!

There is a restaurant called Al Majlis in the resort, this restaurant is limited to guest in-house only and reservation is a must.

This is the counter bar by Oasis Pool.

Even though there are limited facilities in The Baray Villa, guest of The Baray Villa can go and enjoy all facilities at Sawasdee Village. On the other hand, guest of Sawasdee Village can't come and use the facilities at The Baray Villa.

Let's go and see what do they have in Sawasdee Village!

Firstly, let's take a look at The Baray Spa.

The Baray Spa is voted as 1 of 50 best spas in Thailand by Tourism Authority of Thailand.

There are various spa treatments and packages available. I choose to do 30-minute steam, 30-minute body scrub, 60-minute massage and 60-minute facial treatment.

Look at how they have designed and decorated the spa, amazing!

Private treatment room.

This is my very first time having a spa treatment. I admit that I don't know how to prepare myself and I don't even know that I need to be naked which I am kind of shy a bit.

I get change into the bathrobe and sit at the sofa for the foot bath.

Then I continue my package with the steam bathing, body coffee scrub, body massage, and end with the facial treatment. This 3-hour package is totally relaxing.

After the treatment, the staff has prepared some cookies, fruits, and tea for us.

And now let's take a walk through Sawasdee Village in the evening!

The entrance to the Lobby is like a bridge.

The main swimming pool of Sawasdee Village, pretty small compared to the Oasis Pool.

Relaxing area which is designed to be as same as swing and can accommodate up to 3 people.

The walkway to The Baray Spa and the restaurant.

The Entrance to The Baray Villa, look spectacular at night.

I am sorry that I don't have a chance to take a photo of the restaurant in Sawasdee Village. Well, if you stay at The Baray Villa you are able to choose to come and enjoy the quality breakfast buffet at the restaurant in Sawasdee Village or you can order to have the set menu breakfast served right to your room.

And it's time to do Phuket tour, let's go!

Kata beach is not far from the hotel at all. Kata beach has white sand beach and you can feel how delicate is the sand by walking barefoot on the beach. From here you can walk to Kata Noi and Karon beach easily.

Karon beach is known as the longest beach in Phuket and it always has strong rolling waves. Therefore, it is not popular to swim here but sun bathing as you can see that the beach is full of beach chairs and umbrellas.

Then my next destination is this famous viewpoint which all three beaches of Kata Noi, Kata, and Karon beach can be seen

Apart from the beaches, let's go to the temple! Wat Chaithram Temple or known as Wat Chalong Temple is one of the most famous temple in Phuket where locals and tourists come to pay homage to Luang Poh Cham for luck. And the Grand Pagoda in the temple contains a splinter of Lord Buddha's bone brought from Sri Lanka.

And now let's go to shoot some photos at Boat Lagoon! Boat Lagoon is a marina-style resort. From the resort you are able to view the yacht port which look like you are in Europe or something. And the resort is opened for everyone to visit and take photos even you are not staying here.

After that I have come to see this Unseen in Thailand at Wat Phra Thong Temple or known as Wat Phra Phud, meaning 'Temple of the protruding Buddha'. The tale of this famous half-buried golden Buddha statue stated that a boy tied the rope of his buffalo to a piece of wood sticking out of the pasture ground... big mistake! This was a 'finial', the conical shape at the top of a very large Buddha image almost entirely buried. The boy became ill and soon died, as well as his buffalo. Following a dream he had, the boy's father went to have a look at this stick to find out what it really was and found out that it was a Buddha image. And the temple had built the new half-buried golden Buddha statue covered the old one.

And it is time to go to Khao Khad Viewpoint. This spectacular viewpoint is not that famous among the tourists, one reason must be that it is far and quite difficult to get here. But I would say it is worth it to come here to see this spectacular panoramic view.

The highlight of Phuket and it is a must to do is to come and see the stunning sun set at this Phromthep Cape. One said if you come to Phuket and don't come here is like you never been to Phuket at all.

I guess you now understand why I have said earlier that this trip in Phuket is more special than any other times. This trip is the best trip in Phuket ever and I would like to invite all of you to come and experience what I have experienced. I am sure you won't be disappointed.