Hello, today My Sweet Bears take you to one of must-visit provinces.

Firstly, I must say that this trip is happened by "opportunity" that I am given to be a part of...

The campaign called "The Amazing Journey Blogging Contest".

By grouping bloggers into 12 teams to promote "12 Must-Visit Cities"

There are Nakhon Si Thammarat, Trang, Chumphon, Ratchaburi, Samut Sakhon, Chanthaburi, Trat, Phetchabun, Buriram, Loei, Nan and Lampang.

And I believe that destiny makes our team having the assignment to visit Loei province.

Talking about "Loei province" Many people surely think of.

"Sleeping in the hill, watching stars, feeling cold body but warm heart among the embrace of the sea mist."

Because everyone knows that it has to be this city to get the coldest weather in Thailand or formerly called Siam!!!!!!

And especially when time allows and chance comes perfectly at the same time during rainy season.

Thus, I would like to present Mueng Loei or Loei city in this rainy reason.

When begin to plan this trip, I am thinking, thinking, thinking where to go.

Finally, I think that bears like us must go to see Winnie the Pooh in Phu (hill), Gosh! We go up hills.

So this trip, I plan to visit "Phu Pa Poh", "Phu Ruea" and "Phu Thok"

See! Finally, I become "Bears in (3) Phu", Phu means hill in English. Yes!

At the end of this trip ... I know...

Know what? It's better to follow me and come to chill out in Loei, Let's go!

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Plan and Travel Information

This trip I plan to visit several places. It is roughly a trip of 5 days and 4 nights.

1. To visit Phu Pa Poh and stay over at Baan Pha Ngam for 1 night

2. To visit Phu Ruea and stay over in Phu Ruea for 1 night

3. To visit Phu Thok/ Chiang Khan and stay over in Chiang Khan for 2 nights

I fly with Nok Air flight from Bangkok to Udon Thani province. To take a car from Thai Rent A Car agency and drive throughout the trip.

I stop by every time to take photos whenever I find beautiful scenic spots. I must say that I enjoy the roadside views very much.

A secret snapshot of farmers, (I like this atmosphere very much ^^)

** I choose not to book accommodations in advance because I travel on weekdays in a rainy season. Surely, there are not that many tourists.

And the key is that prices are pretty low during the low season, which you can save quite a lot (good...good or not^^). Let's go!

This trip, I review through my photos in no particular sequence.

Because I feel that it is very common to find travel reviews, you can simply ask any uncle who is surely able to tell you directions wherever you want to go.

And most importantly, happiness and great memories are always "beautiful" no matter when.

1. Phu Pa Poh situated at Ban Pha Wai, Nong Hin district, Loei province.

The reason it is called Phu Pa Poh because of its bamboo forest. The bamboo found here is easily breakable thus it is expressed as "Poh" in Thai.

The highlight of this place is the viewpoint that we can go up to enjoy the atmosphere and see the top of "Phu Hor".

"Phu Hor" is a high hill; its peak was cut off similar to Mount Fuji in Japan. Therefore, it is widely called as Fuji Mueng Loei.

A visit to Phu Pa Poh, we have to take a mini-tractor drove by the locals up to the hill to enjoy more of a spectacular 360-degree view. It costs 60 Baht per person for round trip including 4 stops and no time limit in each stop.

The uncle called "Go" drives me to Phu Pa Poh, he is very kind and he shares many stories on the way.

If you ask me which stop in these 4 I like the most?

I have to answer that I like them all. It is hard to decide. Gosh! It is regretfully if I have to pick just one.

Let's have a look the views from Phu Pa Poh one by one and try to imagine.

Fresh air and cool breeze in the green hills surrounding, it is just great. ^ O ^.

Uncle "Go" tells us that this spot is similar to a long hair woman lying there. (Can you see that?)

And a little walk is needed to reach the last viewpoint.

The villagers help to build this staircase. Uncle "Go" tells us that there are children and teenagers from the village come to cleanup fall leaves in every Saturday and Sunday.

I walk up till here; a spectacular 360-degree view is so beautiful. I take many photos till I'm satisfied before going down.

It is so impressive therefor I come back here again in the evening to see the sunset.

It is pretty cold up here despite a rainy season. I can't imagine how cold it is during the winter.

I recommend.... you should come here with your sweetheart or bring a sweet bear with you if you haven't got one so that you have someone or something to hug.

2. Phu Ruea or Phu Ruea National Park

It is unlikely that people do not know this place. It is one of the places in Thailand that people will think of when the winter comes.

This place is widely known as a coldest hill in Thailand. And in rainy season... what is interesting here?

My answer is only 2 of us. hahahaha.

Phu Ruea National Park covers an area of Phu Rua district and Tha Li district in Loei province.

The northern border is adjacent to Laos. You can see small and big hills among the plentifully forest.

This cool weather gives such a fresh air especially in the evening the weather is cooler. I walk and enjoy taking photos. Unbelievably happy!

I really like this conifer, Thais call it as "3 leave conifer". It so beautifully green.

Having just 'someone' beside, it is always 'warm' no matter how cold it is (wake up!!! no more dreaming!!!).

3. Phu Thok is located in Chiang Khan district in Loei.

A short visit in Chiang Khan to complete 3 hills as I intend. Many people come here to see the sea of mist.

Believe or not, I've been here twice already but I've never seen it in this way before.

Because every time. Here is covered with a mist sea. There is always white mist in whichever way you look at.

However, I don't find the mist sea at "Phu Thok" on this visit like another time. I should be.... disappointed, right?

No, I'm not .... I'm glad instead and it's hard to explain.

I just know that under a thick mist sea there is "a hidden beauty"

I have never known that we can see a famous bend in the Mekong River and its small set of rapids called as "Kaeng Khut Khu" from "Phu Thok".

If I see the mist sea like my previous trips, I would miss this unique beautiful spot at this time.

Thank you to "heaven" that makes me know more about here than I ever do.

Here, It is beautiful in every single corner. I'm up here alone but trust me, I don't feel lonely at all.

Because….here is just magnificent. I really enjoy shooting every moment and that I totally forget about 'loneliness'.

Before going back, I turn to say good-bye to Phu Thok. Oops! There is a cloud in the sky, I continuously shoot till I have this additional snapshot.

Hin Pha Ngam Garden is situated at Baan Pha Ngam, Nong Hin district, Loei province.

Have you ever been? "Hin Pha Ngam Garden or "Mueng Loei's Kunming".

I have to stay overnight here at Baan Pha Ngam on the day I'm in "Phu Pa Poh". Therefore I have an opportunity to visit and see the beauty of this place.

Trees and grassland are so freshly green stand against high limestone cliffs. It is a perfect match.

It is looking so beautiful and strong while its softness is hidden behind. Like...like and like it ^ O ^.

Yay! Yay! Finally the Bears become bears in (3) hills as their intentions.

Hope you enjoy the trip in 3 different hills or known as "Phu".

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Thank you for following and see you again next time.

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