KOMODO ISLAND TRIP (10/07 - 18/07)

First of all, Let's me introduce my self first "My name is Tohteh" Its a kind of weird name, Lmao I am not a Photographer or Travelling blogger , I just love travelling and would like to share how beautiful is that place i have been, Personally I, I love to go to the place that is not really crowdy , like real adventure , No matters how hard could i get there , just if there is the only way i could go, I would never missed it

Komodo Island is near Labuan Bajo city, Which is locate in Indonesia. Its means the only way to get in Komodo Island is need to drop in some big city in Indonesia i choosed Bali because its just 1 hours and 40 minute far from Labuan Bajo take a domestic flight there and take a boat to Komodo island

For a transportation detail or how to go , Ask me here https://www.facebook.com/racing.speed.96

1st Day- 3rd Day

I took a flight from Bkk to Bali around 4-5 Hours , Arrived there around 9 pm , For money , I exchanged at the shop around my Hotel , Its was not bad tho. Kinda same at the airport , I would love to recommend about currency exchange application , Its named Currency , Its cool

i booked a trip at tourist information in front of my hotel , its a 2 day trip i picked all place by my self ,Actually i don't even like to go to the temple or old building or something like that but better than just staying in the hotel, i paid like 7000 bath , i cant remember. There is a van to come to pick me up in the next day in the morning ,its a private car and one guide.

4th Day

This is the time i was waiting for!!!!!! When i first saw a picture of that place ,I didn't even notice that it would be so very very stunning ,like completely what i like to see. I was like OMFG!!!! Where is this place been all my life, Can't wait to share this place

First i got off at Labuan Bajo airport ,its a small airport and then i headed to information to get in the town because i didn't know before how could i get a tour "she said i can buy a tour at tourist information" and there is a taxi outside , i paid her for taxi like 100 bath and taxi took me to there ,i picked a tourist information that is on the corner ,because it was too hot that time, i was too tired to walk around and find Lmao

I choosed a private boat for 3 Day 2 Night because i don't like when i have to wait or let someone wait for me i did some research about where to go in Komodo Island before i go and i got a place i want to see, There is a plan and picture of a place , You can see it on the wall and pick just in case you don't know where to go

5th Day

This is my boat Lol real adventuring is coming. I paid like 14,000 bath is including 3 meal in a day ,2 trainee guide, Captain ,and one boy who will cook. Mountain there is shaven ,easy to walk up

1st place is Rinca Island

You will have to pay for a guide and entrance for 400 bath per person, This rate i am not sure, but i had not much time there cause i would have to go to another island too, you can see komodo dragon out there but its just a small one, There is a trekking plan for me to choose but its just walking to the jungle to find a big komodo dragon "I asked my guide where can i see a nice landscape" so he referred me a short trekking , i walked up to the top and this landscape is so amazing

2nd place is Pink Beach

Captain dropped me at this beach , We can do snorkeling here. The water is so clear is like i was in a paradise, I have never thought its will impress me like this , Not too much tourist there also, and!!!!!! the sand on the shore is pink ,its so beautiful. "Let's my picture explain it instead of my words"

3rd place is Komodo National Park

Nothing much really here , Just real big Komodo dragons ,and trekking again but the landscape is normal ,that time i was there it rarely found a komodo dragon but i was lucky because i saw it 3 komodo dragons ,Its a fantastic animal ,cause its got 2 cock and breed for 6 hours lol

End of this Day i slept on the boat

Captain stopped by somewhere not too far from Komodo Island , There is another tourist boat , I think there are a tourist spot for taking some rest, Its kinda peace and private, First day of sleeping on the boat was not bad but no shower there lol just only the sea water its such a nice experience ,They gave me a mattress pad and blanket ,that boy cooked me a dinner but for real i don't like Indonesian foods ,not at all Its greasy but i had no choice, In the night there is pretty cold but still could see the star , i felt like i am sleeping in the galaxy that all around of stars but didn't take any picture of that view ,because i was so tired

6th Day

For my trip Its including Padar Island which is really far ,so i had to pay more for petroleum about 1300 bath more but its all in the price i said up there . Its took me like almost 1 day to get there but I am worth it!! If i didn't decide to go there i would be regret all my life "I LOVE THAT PLACE THE MOST" Its like love at first sign ,I was like WOWWW!! seriously Its not like in Thailand Because its like a single island no house no car ,cant stay late night there because you will not have place to sleep "DO NOT EVER MISSED PADAR ISLAND IF YOU COME TO KOMODO ISLAND"

After Padar island ,It was in the evening already , I asked captain for a hotel or resort so i could take a shower ,There is a hotel there "named Komodo Resort" but i was unlucky cause i didn't book it first they have a room but for 3 night its would be cheaper so i decided to have a dinner there ,In European restaurant Its was nice i paid like 800 ,Its a buffet you can pick what you want to eat on a menu , That hotel is really nice,If i have more time i would love to stay there.

on the way

7th Day

In this day, Captain got no idea where to take me lol because Its on the way back to Labuan Bajo. I told him to just take me to some nice place then he took me to Kanawa Island Its a private island so i had to pay for entire like 250 bath ,I thought i was in a Maldive ,nice location to relax and so stunning ,peaceful like completely perfect.

Bidandaree Island

Last island before the end of my trip ,its really small like 10 min walking till the end of another side of the beach. Bidandaree means angel in Indonesian language. No wonder why

Its time to go back to the town BYE BYE my heaven ,I stayed the night in the town. Even though Its a small village but still could find a nice restaurant ,i asked local people there for a nice place to hangout in the night , They told me about sky bar ,i choosed to walk there but couldn't find it out ,I gave up and had a dinner in Le'Pirate Its like half bar half restaurant ,Sounds like sky bar It was nice tho!!

Really happy to find out this place , For people who like travelling ,Its not a bad thing if we try to go to a new place ,everything we can make it happen if we try, do what we love and happy with it



 Wednesday, October 11, 2017 3:22 PM