Hello all..

Uhm...Uhm...(stretching) waking up in the morning and getting ready for the last day of this trip.

This review is surely the last part of Lampang, one of 12 must-visit cities in Thailand.....

First of all, allow me to have breakfast for energizing myself for the last day adventure, which is included in the room rate.

Let's go.....

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You don't have to love me even a little and don't have to miss me

Just let me love you on one side, that's all what I want

I let it be as it be, I don't want to ask for anything

You don't have to love me, just allow me to love you......

(meaningful Thai pop song)

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Thank you for following my reviews

The breakfast is self service in the back of the building.

Self service is a canteen self service style, after finish eating sort out your empty plate, glass and utensil to the back.

For the convenience of the next coming person... hahaha

Line buffet is lovely small variety

Toast with butter, eggs, hot dog and fried rice..

Rice Soup with minced pork

Refreshing with juices....

Already checked out, Flying Pig has been waiting...(Khun Moo Bin)

Good location, big room, clean, price is not even a thousand bath included breakfast..It's such a good deal..

Let me try the Goat Coffee opposite the hotel..

This price can make the goat smile......oh no no....make me smile...::)

Good decoration, comfortable with plug and Wifi and I'm here...hahaha

Khun Moo Bin orders a cup of hot strong coffee, I am a tiny kid gets blended coffee with aroma and balance in taste easy to drink.....

The Uncle is here, hurry up we must go...

Our first destination of the day is "Wat Praphutthabat Si Roi" (Four Buddha's foot prints temple), which is on the hill locates far away from the city but I think is not that far..

Just spend sometime on the curve road, the view along the trail is gorgeous, I am dreaming of having a house up here...

I think he is doing Motors TV .... as he is putting a lot of effort.... hahaha

There are many things to enjoy along the way up here, not long to wait we arrive at the temple gate, which is ornamentation, even is not completed yet .

We park in the big parking with many people, who want to pray as we do....

Let's get inside..

Here we are at Si-Roi Stupa (pagoda)

Pay my respect ..

Get out to the back of the temple is the grand Ubosot, which is so beautiful and elegance with details in every parts.

The power of faith is considered as the lighting, which leads to the good way of life...

On the way back we see the Wagyu cows.....kidding....hahaha

I love it, can be my place to live...

For lunch we stop at Mea Sa Waterfall in Mea Rim district, Chiang Mai....

Look how chill we are..

The weather is nice and cool, listen to the running water....I feel it...

We sit in a cabana...

Firstly, we order the drink,,,,food later...hahaha

Good standard of grilled whole fish, soft texture with good deep sauce.

Grilled chicken, good taste with juicy texture

Minced pork salad, rich of spices but the taste is too mild...

Papaya salad is ok, tasty with saltiness accompany with local rice noodle.

Thai easy omelet for the uncle...

Grilled pig's intestines with mild taste

Not too bad

Garlic Pork is too less garlic but too much oyster sauce

Good fried rice

For sure...sticky rice

Very chill, eating, drinking, laying and relaxing...


After lunch, we are continuing adventure to "Wat Ton Kain"

Real old, don't miss it.. I am telling you...

It;s not a big temple, easy and calm, feeling back then to the ancient time.

Let's get in

The real thing, the scene of historical movie comes up to my mind...

Let's pray to the Buddha statue....

A sentence which is told by the monk is "to live in a suitable place"

I truly believe that Thailand is the suitable place..

As in history report were many of this tree (Ton Kain) but today is the only one left in the temple..

If you are fan of ancient art, purity art type, none fusion, here is your place to visit...

The last temple is next to the Lanna Kingdom's wall " Wat Si Supan", Wua Lai road..

A small Ubosot in the temple is painted in very nice color I love it..

The highlight....

Not complete yet, still continuing working on it..

So beautiful..

As I told it isn't finish yet, at the side is where the artists work ,,let's have a look...

"Hello artist......who is this? "

Be careful not to break anything!!!

Forget the guy on the top,

Here is the real artist, he is very kind and humor, he work very fast, finish a piece quickly ...

A lot of work here..big piece

Other main artist, she is explaining the process in real professional way..

Beginner level ..

A lot of other art work here, all are handmade.

This temple in at the middle of Chiang Mai old town, easy to find

Stop at the local market

The uncle is taking order from Bangkok...hahaha

I get to taste it, it's very soft and tender and very very tasty..

They get order to IMPACT arena, The chicken Hong Kong style..

What is this looks like a scout camping ..

His favorite shop..

I try a thick pork rib which very juicy and delicious.

Northern sausages, I have tried as well, I like it because not too fatty and the taste is quite mild easy to eat.

The uncle has to complete his order....

Is this included in the orders......???

"Do!! get the jackpot!"

Thank you so much,,,,

Khun Moo Bin drives around the market to make a turn to the point we got off the car and he is here again, let's get in..

We must find a place to have a seat for resting, we choose Nou Cafe which is in Nim City Daily project.

We get into Nou Cafe but sit in Goat Coffee zone... hahaha

Order some drinks.

Charging battery while we are waiting for the drinks.

Cool and sweet

Kale Smoothie, must try..

None of Kale smell, cool and sweet, easy to drink..

And the coffee

My spy has reported this shop is excellence, next time I will try..

Here we go T05 full team of Power Ranger (Do they allow us so?)....hahaha, well but is going to be in pink....

not me.....

Almost time to catch the flight, here at Krua Peth Doi Ngam is our last meal for this trip...

Sweet and sour herbal salad....

Interesting menu served with crispy pork skin..

Crisp and juicy earth star mushroom soup...

Unique aroma of spices, Northern minced pork salad

Marinated grilled fish....delicious..

Northern art Ant eggs soup

Eat with sticky rice,, a bit spicy and aroma..

Fill up with sticky rice before come back to Bangkok.

Bubbly Lemon Soda

Keep the business card,, next time make sure we come back....hahaha

Northern atmosphere

Refill the tank and return the car to Thai Rent a Car....

His bossy inner is very well expressed...

Load the suite case and check in...quickly

Do you want to evaluate customer service ..uncle?

Three Passes!!! excellence customer service

Ready, let's wait at the boarding gate...

I booked late flight to escape the traffic jam when we arrive in Bangkok, but this makes may boss hungry

See!! he is already getting skinny....

Not even realize how good does it taste,,,he finished it in a second...

And The time to board

He looks happy when his stomach is full

And finally we are arriving at Don Muang Airport.. It's time to say good bye,, see you next trip my uncle...

We have designed this trip as a circle trip, flying with Nok Air to Chiang Mai, rent a car with Thai Rent A Car, which locates at the exit of the airport.

Drove to San Kam Peang, stopped at hot spring water spots, visited Teen Tok Royal Project, Crossed Mae Kam Pong and Kaew Fin.

Spent slow life at Baan Pa Maing, went to show the power of faith at Wat Chaloem Phra Kait, natural spa at Chae Son hot spring and waterfall.

Drove to Lam Pang down town for exploring Northern cuisine, walking in the local market, riding horse drawn carriage, seeing the old traditional houses and visiting beautiful temples which are all have individual unique and they are located near each other. Went to see beautiful local quartz (Keaw Pong Kam), prayed to Lampang Luang Stupa before leaving Lampang by Lampang-Chiang Mai Supper highway.

And stopped at the temples along the road to appreciate ancient art and culture included the World Biggest Silver Ubosot and visit the famous Tan Jai Buddha Statue

Many of cuisine variety for all preferences, the circle trip is not difficult because along the way is nice view the driver can enjoy, the accompanists are even more enjoyable (haha)

I hope you all enjoy our trip, Fatty Uncle Eating and Traveling, Moo Bin and I'm Do

Where will be my next trip!! please stay tuned..

Thank you to Tourism Authority of Thailand for this fun campaign "12 mus-visit cities in Thailand that should not miss"

See you next time..

Sawaddee .........Stop the time......and Selfie

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