Relaxing with comfort @ Chaolao Tosang Beach Hotel, Chanthaburi written by ลุงเสื้อเขียว

I participated in a campaign on the Facebook Page: ท่องเที่ยวเมืองจันท์ มันสนุกสุขใจ and I received a gift voucher for staying in Baan Song Tawan (Beachfront House) at Chaolao Tosang Beach Hotel for 2 days 1 night. After that, I called to the hotel for making a reservation but are all rooms in B

Relaxing with comfort @ Chaolao Tosang Beach Hotel, Chanthaburi

Relaxing with comfort @ Chaolao Tosang Beach Hotel, Chanthaburi

I participated in a campaign on the Facebook Page: ท่องเที่ยวเมืองจันท์ มันสนุกสุขใจ and I received a gift voucher for staying in Baan Song Tawan (Beachfront House) at Chaolao Tosang Beach Hotel for 2 days 1 night. After that, I called to the hotel for making a reservation but are all rooms in Baan Song Tawan are fully booked on the date I wanted to stay. Therefore, the hotel staffs offered an alternative way, either staying in Beach View House or moving to stay in another day. Finally, I decided to chose the first option which is staying in Beach View House because I didn't want to move the date.

I drive from Bangkok in the morning and it takes about 3 hours to arrive to Chao Lao Beach. To get to this hotel is not difficult since there are signboards along the way periodically. But I need to keep an eye quite well on those signboards after entering to an alley since there are many hotels and resorts in this area.

After entering to this alley, the surface of the alley is not macadamised and it's quite bumpy, also there are many hotels located around this area. Chaolao Tosang Beach Hotel is located on the beach around 300-400 metres away from the main road.

The car-park area of the hotel is quite large. After parking my car, I walk straight to the orange-roof building for checking in and encounter cool fresh air from the air-conditioner at the reception area.

The decoration inside the lobby area is so colourful with orange tone. Especially, the sofas and cushions are really colourful.

The staffs are polite, and helpful with beautiful smile. One of them brings me a welcome drink during check-in.

After finished Check-in, it's time to keep my luggage in the room.

My room is beach view, which is similar to a townhouse with 3 blocks. The middle block has 3 rooms while the 1st block and the 2nd block have 2 rooms. Unfortunately, all rooms in this beach view zone are not faced directly to the sea since the building turns sideways to the beach.

Tonight, I am going to stay in the room no. 104, which is in a middle of the block and this block is situated in a middle row.

Each room has a bench outside where hotel guests can sit down and relax themselves. There is a long pergola in front of guest rooms for adding greenery to each room. I really like the roots of this tree (I'm not sure if it's banyan tree or not), which is blown by the wind. It gives such a great seaside atmosphere.

Let's have a look inside a guest room!

The door at the entrance is a sliding glass door so we can see the view outside the room at anytime. And if we don't want anyone outside the room to see us inside, we can close it by using curtains.

The "Do Not Disturb" sign is really eye-catching with a unique design and easy to use. I've never seen something like this before and it's the first time to see it here. Generally, many hotels only have a long paper label with "Do Not Disturb" sign for hanging at the knob. But this hotel has a signboard to inform the cleaning maids about the status of the room. If we slide the signboard to the right side, it will say "Do Not Disturb". If we slide to the left side, it will say "Please Clean the Room".

One side of the walls is painted with colourful green colour. There are 2 armchairs made from rattan and the flooring is covered with tiles.

A key card looks quite clean whereas some other places are not clean like this.

There is a folded towel (It looks like a lotus), which is placed on a silk bed liner. It makes the room looks elegant.

There are many pillows on the bed.

The hotel has provided facilities such as wardrobe with bathrobe inside, a mini fridge with 2 bottles of water, a TV, mosquito repellent, and a pair of slippers to be used inside the room.

A kettle with a set of coffee.

There is a makeup table in front of the bathroom. A hair dryer, a bathroom amenity set, tissue paper and a cloth hanger have been provided in this area.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry area by different level of the floor and a wall.

A basin and a water heater.

The pattern of the tiles is so cute. It gives us a feeling of sun-sea-sand atmosphere. And my favourite thing here is that we can use free Wifi in the guest room, which the Internet access is quite fast and the signal is quite strong. I can even use this free Wifi on the beach.

Let's have a look at other room types. Starting form the indigo blue house or it's called "Family Suite".

The indigo blue house has 2 bedrooms and 1 living room.

The door at the entrance is in the middle. So, once I enter to the room, I will see a living area at first. There is a set of wooden sofa, a wooden table, and a TV, which allows guests to sit down and do activities together.

Both of the left and the right side of the living room are bedrooms. After entering from the main door, we will encounter this corner directly. The room has been decorated with a blue tone, which looks so relaxing and comfortable. There are standard facilities in the room such as a TV, a refrigerator, a wardrobe, and a hair dryer. There is also a balcony to sit down and take a deep breath of fresh air outside the room.

There is a transparent glass on the bathroom wall so we can see through from the bedroom.

Let's have a look inside the bathroom. The decoration in the bathroom is so cute. There is a decoration of seashells on the bathroom wall, which is so chic and colourful.

The bathroom is separate to be wet and dry area by a wall.

The next room type is Baan Song Tawan (Beachfront House), which is the room type that I have the right to stay. But since all rooms in this room type are fully booked, I need to stay in Baan Beach View instead.

In fact, the hotel has just renovated this zone recently.

All rooms are facing to the sea. Just take a few steps and we will be able to walk to the sea. I feel so regret after seeing these houses since I would be able to stay in this room type if I move the date to stay in this hotel. This is because all rooms in this type are fully book at this time so I can't get inside the room to take any pictures for this review.

The name of Baan Song Tawan comes from the ability of seeing the beauty of the sunset in this zone, which is suitable for using the name of "Song Tawan". (Baan = House, Song Tawan = Watching the sun)

Apart from these 3 room types that I have taken some pictures to put in this review, actually the hotel also have another room type called "Rabiang Dao" (Rabiang = Balcony, Dao = Star). Since this room type is located in the main building, so I finally didn't take any picture of this room type.

For other hotel facilities, the hotel also provides some facilities to support guests' needs such as a banquet room.

There is a game room and a gift shop service for resort's guests.

The resort also has a medium-size swimming pool.

A dining area next to the beach.

This evening, I walk to the end of Chao Lao Beach for taking pictures with the sunset.

After the sunset, I come back to take a photo shoot during nighttime at the hotel again.

At the hotel entrance.

The lobby area and check-in counter.

The lobby area.

A beachfront area next to Baan Song Tawan (A Beachfront House).

A swimming pool area with indoor dining area beside.

A dining area next to the beach.

Baan Song Tawan (Beachfront House)

Baan Kram Fah (Indigo Blue House)

A guest house with beach view.

The atmosphere nearby the sea at night is so tranquil. We can see white waves are lapping against the shore. It looks so beautiful.

Since I have stayed in Baan Beach View, I would like to say that the soundproof in the room is quite low. I can even hear some noise from the next room. The dry area of the bathroom also has some problem since the toilet rinsing spray is leaking while using it. Additionally, the water leaks to the floor and it makes the floor wet all the time. Apart from this is okay for me.

For the dining room at breakfast, there are various choices of food in the buffet line. But I'm not sure that if I visit here during low season, the buffet line will have various choices like this or not since there are tour groups at this time and all rooms are fully booked.

A dining room where we can have a great meal with beautiful sea view.

Let's have a look at the buffet line.

There are many kind of food has been provided in the buffet line such as chicken soup with potato.

Stir-fried pork with ginger, onion and mushroom.

Stir-fried mixed vegetables.

A dish of stir-fried glass noodles with pork and vegetable.

A dish of boil rice with fish meat. It's so delicious and the fish is so fresh and the pieces are quite big.

Moreover, there is a dish of plain boiled rice together with other dishes such as pickled sour mustard salad, fried peanuts and fried fish.



A salad corner also has fried eggs, fruits, bread and coffee.

How to get here: It's not difficult to reach to Chaolao Tosang Beach since we just drive on Sukhumvit Road direction to Trad Province and turn right at the intersection of K.M. 302 in order to enter the area of to Chao Lao Beach. From the intersection, we drive straight until we reach Loma (Dolphin) Roundabout. Then, turn left and drive straight to Payoon (Dugong) Roundabout. After that, turn left again at the Payoon Roundabout and drive straight until we reach Soi 120. We can see a signboard of this hotel at the entrance of this Soi (Alley) and we have to turn right and drive straight until we reach the hotel.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to the Facebook Page: เที่ยวเมืองจันท์ มันสนุกสุขใจ and Chaolao Tosang Beach Hotel to support me with a gift voucher of free accommodation.

After finished breakfast, I check-out from the hotel and drive to Chantaburi City Centre since I want to walk around the old community along the Chantaboon River. This is the place that I really like to take a walk around to see the local people lifestyle. Moreover, there are many delicious and unique local food to be sold only in this community.

I park my car at the school near The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and walk across the Chanthaboon River to the waterfront community along the river.

Coming here this time make me see a lot of changes. Some old houses along the river have been renovated and turned to be some chic restaurants. Especially, a Thai-Colonial style house, which is more than 100 years old was also renovated and it changes a lot since the ancient and charming look of this house has disappeared and the antique tile floor was gone. But I understand that if they don't renovate this old house and let it be like this without doing anything, it will collapse one day.

This house has been seen in numerous films and advertisements such as an advertisement of a drink from swallow's nest....Nowadays, the house is extremely damaged whereas other houses nearby is being renovated.

The main purpose of walking around this waterfront community is that I want to find some local snacks and food, which is quite unique and very traditional.

Starting from the traditional Thai dessert made from sticky rice flour stuffed with Mung bean. It's so delicious with mild sweet taste....I have visited here many times but I only had opportunities to taste this dessert for 2 times because it has been sold quickly and finished before I arrived. By the way, the price of this dessert is only 2 baht per piece.

A moment later, I arrive to " Mae Kim Sia" shop, which is quite famous in a Chinese pancake made of rice-flour. The flesh of winter melon is added to enhance the texture and the flavour of this Chinese pancake.

There is also a Chinese moon cake stuffed with black bean....So delicious.

The menu that I won't miss is " Leum Kleun", which is a pudding made from Mung bean flour and coconut milk. It's mild sweet with coconut flavour...So delicious...But I'm so regret that there's no "Yok Manee", which is Pandanus Tapioca Pearls pudding dessert and it's one of the most famous dessert in this shop.

After that, I visit a restaurant that sells only Zongzi (pyramid-shaped dumplings made by wrapping glutinous rice in bamboo leaves), which inside is pork, peanuts and salted yolk. This is a traditional Chinese food and it's quite famous in this area. The price is THB 30 per piece.

Another menu that I highly recommend is at Jey Eed restaurant.

Jey Eed restaurant is located at the end of the alley. But if we park our car in a temple area and walk pass the Chanthaboon river, we have to turn left and Jey Eed restaurant is located around 30 metres from this spot.

A dish of Chinese noodles with seafood and Tom Yum flavour (Thai spicy and sour soup) is my favourite dish that I have to order whenever I visit Chanthaburi. It's so tasty and so spicy with special flavour of Thai herb, so I don't need to add any condiments since the tasted is perfect for my tongue. This menu is full of seafood such as prawn, crab meat, squid and the most highlight seafood in this menu is crayfish meat. It would be a menu that can make you sweat a lot.

Another menu that I would like to recommend is rice with seafood and spicy sauce. This menu has full of seafood, which is similar to seafood soup noodles with shrimp, squid, crab and crayfish. And there is a special ingredient of this menu, which I think it is crab eggs....Mmmm...So delicious.

After enjoying a relaxing stay and delicious food, it is time to go back home. I promise to myself that I would come back to Chanthaburi again for sure.