Let me introduce you to my friend's hotel - [River Kwai Village Hotel] written by Mi Palapilii

Remember... we always attended the summer camp during the summer term break when we were in high school. Those summer camps were the best. We had got a chance to do stuffs we had never done before. We had made so many new friends from different schools. We had experienced a secret p

Let me introduce you to my friend's hotel - [River Kwai Village Hotel]

Let me introduce you to my friend's hotel - [River Kwai Village Hotel]

Remember... we always attended the summer camp during the summer term break when we were in high school. Those summer camps were the best.

We had got a chance to do stuffs we had never done before. We had made so many new friends from different schools. We had experienced a secret poppy love.

And the camps ended with tears when it came to the goodbye. All memories have been well kept in a camp notebooks which is full of friends' wishes and stories.

Years have passed, every time we open these camp notebooks we only miss those good old times and friends.

"Hey there! I miss you, want to travel somewhere together?...."

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:: It was 6 years ago that we met at CE Smart Camp. I am pretty sure we were the first group for the camp. Well, all good things come to an end and sometimes even love.

"It has been ages that we haven't met, do you guys miss me hahaha"

:: Let's just call them and see if they have sometimes that we can go somewhere together!

And maybe it would be a good idea to just go to visit one of our friend's hotel. hahaha

:: Guess what! This trip is really happening. We are going to one of our friend's hotel called River Kwai Village. It is about 4 hour-drive from Bangkok.

We have safely arrived. At the reception we just inform the Front Desk staff with my friend's dad name for checking in, how cool is it? hahaha.

:: Once the staff know that we are the guests of the hotel's owner. They confirm with our registered name before leading us to our room.

The staff explains all hotel facilities and important information along the way to the room.

:: We are 9 people in total. We are offered to stay in 3 different rooms meaning that 3 people stay in each room.

(Our friend who is the owner of the hotel, her name is Jan. It is a pity that she is not here for this meeting trip because she is in the U.S. even we have come all the way to her hotel)

However, her dad takes such a good care of us. I would like to use this opportunity to thanks him as well. He even organizes a spa program for us. He is super kind.

And Dad, I have got to tell you that I am totally in love with your hotel room especially the long huge bed.

This trip is very relaxing and we just want to spend most of the time in bed. We don't even want to go out.

:: River Kwai Village Hotel is located by River Kwai near Sai Yok Noi waterfall. Well, since we still have plenty of time to kill, let's go to Erawan Falls!

It is another 1 hour-drive from the hotel to Erawan Falls. The entrance fee is pretty expensive at 100 THB per person plus a car at 30 THB.

Our goal's today is to climb up the 7th floor of the falls but we have ended up at the 4th floor.

We have arrived quite late so the National Park's staff doesn't allow us to go further up. Well, this is the 3rd time that I have been here and unfortunately I have never made it to the 7th floor.

So I have no clue how does it look like. Hopefully, I will have got a chance to go up there on my next visit here.

:: After coming down from the falls, I feel exhausted maybe because I haven't been working out lately.

In the car on our way back to the hotel, we talk like crazy. We have so much to tell since we haven't caught up for years. What! We get lost. It is almost 6 PM and the sun is going down.

We have found this beautiful spot by the road while finding our right way back.

:: I am sorry that I can't remember the name and number of this road.

What I do know is that you just need to take the right turn after coming out from the Erawan Falls. Then you just need to drive straight along the way. That's it. We have spent our time here until the sunset.

:: We have our dinner at a restaurant on the way back to the hotel. And we have bought so many snacks and drinks back to the hotel for a little gathering party tonight.

The atmosphere at night back in the hotel is totally different from the daytime. It is very private.

Well, after getting lost and a long whole trip today what I can think of right now is just to jump into the pool in front of our room.

:: After we have dipped in the pool, we manage to take shower and get changed quickly before the party get started.

We gather in one of our rooms. The party get started. We start to talk and tell our stories in the past years.

On the other hand, I can't forget to mention about the room itself. It is spacious with a huge comfortable bed with nice ambiance plus a relaxing balcony.

:: We woke up at 6.30 AM this morning in order to be ready for the breakfast and the spa program at Rock Valley later on.

The breakfast buffet line is impressive. They offer a huge variety of food. I even have third service hahaha. What I like the most would be the freshly made Thai Serabi.

The breakfast is done and we are ready to go to the spa and we are waiting at the hotel's pier.

:: For me, I would say this is the climax of this whole trip. The time that we have got a chance to be floating in the river to get to Rock Valley which is roughly 15 minutes.

Rock Valley offers an amazing Onsen experience in the middle of the jungle which is not known by many people that something like this does exist in Kanchanaburi .

Unfortunately, the strong river flow keeps us away from experiencing floating in the river.

Therefore, we have to take the long tail boat instead. It is not bad anyway to get a boat ride but it would be the best if we could feel how floating in the river is. hahaha

:: The boat takes only 5 minutes to get to Rock Valley. From Rock Valley's pier you need to walk through the walking path to the reception.

There, you will be warm-greeted by the staff with cold refreshing drinks before they explain the spa program.

You will be given one locker to get changed. Then all you need is just clean yourself before dipping into the Onsen.

:: There are 15 different Onsen pools available here. Different Onsen pools offer different temperatures and herb.

The two that I like the most would be the fish spa and the totally hot Butterfly pea pool.

I like most of them generally but I can't remember much. So please don't forget to come here and experience it yourself. You will love everything just like I do especially the perfect atmosphere of the Onsen among the green jungle.

I would say this is one of the best way to refresh yourself after a long working week. You could just dip in a hot Onsen that comes with smell therapy of the herb aroma... > <

:: Apart from the Onsen, there is also a spa facial treatment. This is totally relaxing. I am pretty sure you will fall asleep.

The atmosphere is so good. The pressure of the spa facial treatment is just right with a bit of scalp massage. This is just perfect > < I want to do it again.

:: I don't know what is the yellow scrub they use before giving us the facial massage.

Then there will be a black mask for another 20 minutes after the scrub. In addition, we enjoy the Onsen cold pool with fish spa while having our mask on.

The fish spa is totally fun. Those who never try it would laugh out loud for sure because it is very ticklish. hahaha

:: Actually dipping the whole body in this Onsen cold pool is not recommended because people do fish spa here meaning that they dip only their feet in it but I can't help.

I never feel it before to have fish picked the dead skin on my whole body. You may want to try it. hahaha

I personally love this place so much. I really want to come back here with my family. This is one of the best places where you can release all the tensions and calm your mind.

:: For promotion and packages please go to the hotel's official website

" http://www.riverkwaivillagehotel.com "

:: The promotions differ from month to month, examples are as follows.

40% discount on Room in October,

the discount on weekday stay in November and December are different and will be published at the beginning of each month,

and on Friday and Saturday are available for packages only.

So please don't forget to contact the hotel for more details. : )

:: Last but not least, I have been told by Jan that at the beginning of this November there will be numbers of entertainments available at the hotel.

I have seen the list of them and I am telling you that they all look so fun. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact the hotel directly through

P' Cherry at " 0863833253 "