Hello, today Pharma Traveller No. 1 is not free. Thus, Pharma Traveller No. 2 offers to take you to a beautiful place at The Sea-Crept Garden Hua Hin.

While waiting for Pharma Traveller No. 1, it is recommended to review beautiful photos from Pharma Traveller page here at https://www.facebook.com/pharmatraveller.

This trip Pharma Traveller really intends to take mom to eat then rock and roll during this Mother's Day.

A kid who lifting up a case of medicine like me, one small grandchild and a young lovely pharmacist friend ask to attach to a car of Pharma Traveller on this trip.....we stick with the car really tight.

Before the review, I collect the information of restaurants with great taste because I plan to make up this trip for eating and eating till we are satisfied with our fatness.

Therefore, I take the advice from Kung at page https://www.facebook.com/EatLikeKungJung to find out more about good restaurants and bakery shops in Hua Hin.

Trust me, many of them serve super delicious foods meaning I shall be back to eat again when visiting Hua Hin.

Before talking about that, let's take a look at the travel itinerary first.

Travel Itinerary by Pharma Traveller


09:00 Departure

11:00 Khao Luang Cave N13°8.31432, E099°55.99368

12:00 Lunch @ Jiam Leung Siu Resturant for Rice with Red Barbecue Pork N13°6.34572, E099°56.98092

13:00 Dessert @ Mae Nid Restaurant for Rice In Ice Water N13°6.77502, E099°56.96676

16:00 Check in @ The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin N12°34.75884,E099°52.16274

16:30 At leisure / Swimming

18:00 Dinner @ The Resort


08:00 Breakfast

10:00 Ratchapakdi Park N12°30.07404, E099°57.99366

11:00 Hua Hin Market Village N12°33.45048, E099°57.64014

13:00 Lunch @ Jaroen Rat Dim Sum N12°34.98138, E099°57.12114

14:00 At Leisure

17:00 Dinner @ Pa Ruay Poo Pen Seafood Restaurant N12°31.08072, E099°58.71516

18:30 Hua Hin Night Market N12°34.33722, E099°57.2643


08:00 Breakfast

10:00 Check out

11:00 Beach Horse Riding N12°34.14366, E099°57.79776

12:00 Khomapastr Hua Hin N12°33.89154, E099°57.56844

12:00 Lunch @ Debo Cafe for Tom Yum Noodles N12°35.18346, E099°57.13062

13:00 Dessert @ Together Bakery & Cafe N12°34.26684, E099°57.29454

14:00 Departure to Bangkok

Sunrise, rooster crows and we set the wheels in motion to depart from Bangkok to Phetchaburi province. The first place to visit today is Tham Khao Luang or Khao Luang Cave.

We happen to see many local monkeys when approaching at Khao Luang Cave. I'm afraid if they jump on the car once we park. However, a female street vendor places a crocodile doll on our car and we learn from her that they will not jump on the car because they are afraid of crocodile. We therefore pay 10 baht for that or parking free. I'm really not sure but it doesn't matter….I guess it's for a rent of crocodile doll.

We buy bottles of water from a female street vendor to pay respect to the Buddha inside the cave. A bottle of water must not be left inside the cave. Flowers, incense and candles are sold inside the cave.

Unfortunately, the condition outside of the cave is really dilapidated. It might be really scary without those female street vendors.

There are many monkey come to greet us on the way down to the cave. Please make sure you put your colourful stuffs above your head, leave or put them in the bag. Otherwise, these monkeys may take them.

Down to the cave, it's very pretty with the light shining down from above. Let's walk into the moonlight lol...of course it's not. It's a pure UV light.

I let Parma Traveller takes photos till she is satisfied while my little grandchild enjoys walking up and down the stairs for 2 rounds. Take a look in this picture then you know how high the stairs is. Auntie like me is extremely breathless.

There are again many monkeys waiting on the way up at the exit. We hit the wooden stick that we borrow from a street vendor on the floor to make them run away

There are not many tourists on weekdays thus these monkeys are way too hungry. I guess these monkey think we are about to feed them thus they jump on to Pharma Traveller while I am talking to a street vendor. My only worry is what if they bite my little grandchild but a street vendor tells that these monkeys don't bite. Don't be afraid of them !

Before feeding ourselves, we feed these monkeys first because they are really starving. From this cave we drive straight to Jiam Leung Siu Restaurant for its famous rice with red barbecue pork. It's near to the market and it's very difficult to find parking. It depends on your luck. The restaurant serves rice with red barbecue pork, crispy pork belly and boiled egg, which its yolk is thick and runny. A plate costs 30 baht. I think it's very plain. The rice is hard and not that delicious.

After finishing with this barbecue red pork with rice, it's time to finish up with the dessert. Therefore, we drive to seek for rice in ice water at Mae Nid restaurant. It's at waterfront of the Phetchaburi River. This is my first time having this menu. After reading through many reviews, no one can confirm which restaurant is the best. Thus, let's try this restaurant.

The rice in ice water of Mae Nid having the sign written, "We sell, Do you want to buy?" together with the look of the seller making it so scary. However, after talking to him I realise that he is very kind and talkative. He also tells us that the Vessantara Jataka is celebrated in temples during a Buddhist festival on August 30, 2015 known as Thet Mahachat in Thai. If you are interested in, you can also join. The Benjarong wares are used in the restaurant. Actually, I'm also interested in the Thet Mahachat and I'm thinking whether I should join.

In the meanwhile, I happen to see 3 or 4 water monitors swimming inside the river.... superb!

Many people say that rice in ice water is a dish that once you try you will either like or hate it. Thus this is not for me because I don't think it is delicious at all after my first try. I prefer to have just a bowl of boiled rice with dried shredded pork.

After seeing the water monitors, it's time to head to the resort. We drive on a bypass Bangkok- Pran Buri. Then turn at a small purple sign. If you can't turn here you still can go on and turn left to another way of going to the resort. This entire trip we stay at The Sea-Cret Garden Hua Hin.

The Sea-Crept Garden is a modern style resort. It is decorated with sweet flowers. The lounge is spacious to accommodate guests and there are many lovely corners to take photos.

Though it's on weekday, I learn from the resort staff that all 42 rooms are occupied. Mostly, guests are foreigner especially Chinese guests.

The resort provides DVD and books for guests to borrow. There are also free bicycles provided. It's a pity that a swim tube is for rent not for free.

After checking in, the resort provides buggy service to escort us to the room.

The room is very sweet in pink, purple and pastel colours. It fits so well to a sweet girl like me....

Let's take a look inside the room. It's fully equipped with amenities. 4 bottles of water are provided daily. The bed is king size and a comfortable sofa, which my grandchild likes it so much alike we have no sofa at home. A plate of watermelon and pineapple is placed inside refrigerator as welcome fruit.

The bathroom is spacious. There are also cute decorative stuffs and most importantly is Jacuzzi tub. I must have a good soak tonight.

Please note that a bidet spray is very powerful with really high pressure. Though I adjust it but it's still powerful. Girls please use with caution. Isn't it an advantage?

Oh! Don't forget to close the blinds in the bathroom. I just realise after my second time using the bathroom. It's so embarrassing. I don't want to show my belly at all.

There is a small kitchen inside the room. You can only use microwave because it's not allowed to cook.

After reviewing the information of the resort here


The first thing I do is ordering a swimwear because our room door can access directly to the pool meaning we can jump into it directly. I will swim as much as I can. The pool is open from 07:00am to 10:00pm only. It's not allowed after this time. It may interrupt the privacy of other guests since all rooms are facing to each other.

Every room has direct access to the pool. You can open the door and jump into the pool or lie at poolside while overseeing girls from the opposite side.

The Pharma Traveller doesn't miss to offer being a photo model for an act in this beautiful view from the room. Super...beautiful!

After swimming, let's take a look at the upper terrace. There are table and chairs for those who want to sit or lie down and sunbathing or seeing the stars and moon at night. Don't forget to take mosquito repellents with you if you don't feel like being among them.

We have a BBQ party at the upper terrace this evening. What a good life! ^^ A set of BBQ for 4 persons is 1,990 baht and a charge of having private BBQ at 500 baht including the grill. It's quite high if it is just for renting the grill but it makes sense as these 500 baht is for a private party arrangement. However, if you use the main grill provided by the resort, there is no charge. You can possibly make a private party with the main grill if you are lucky enough to be only guest in this resort.

Seafood is super fresh and the sauce is very tasty not too spicy. Fried rice is also delicious and my grandchild eats nearly haft the plate.

We enjoy grilling and seeing the sunset from the upper terrace. The lights are on; the resort is looking so beautiful. The Parma Traveller leaves the prawn and takes the camera to shoot from time to times. This is good because then all these prawns are for me. ^^

The first day ends. Not only are we full but also fat. Everyone has good dream, wake up and prepare to go for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. It's open from 07:30am to 10:30am.

The restaurant is quite crowed because it's Mother's Day. Many people bring their mothers here while some people come with their lovers. You can order in-room breakfast if you like to have more privacy.

The foods are various. There are many egg menus such as fried egg, omelettes, scrambled egg, poached egg and fried egg with sausages and pork. Moreover, there are boiled rice, fried rice, noodles and many more as so-called the real full option.

The delightful menu is boiled rice with prawn. The mother of Parma Traveller really impresses on big, sweet and tasty prawn while the soup is so full-flavoured.

The mother complains that this trip makes her fat but she doesn't stop from taking another bowl of boiled rice with prawn because of its deliciousness.

After breakfast and our personal morning business, we go out to the new unfinished tourist attraction is Ratchapakdi Park. It's often on television these days. You can get there easily as it's opposite to Suan Son Park.

It's so great and attractively decorated. There are seven statues of famed Thai kings stand against the background of green mountain, blue sky and strong sun. It's so amazing and I will surely come back once it's completed.

My friend needs a pair of shoes, we want to have ice cream and it's extremely hot. Thus we walk to Hua Hin Market Village. After that, we go for lunch at Charoen Rat Dim Sum. The restaurant is located before Hua Hin 58 Alley. You can also use Google maps to direct you there. It's next to Duck noodles of Mr. Piw.

We order foods such as Back Kut Teh, Dim Sum and Siopao. They are delicious. This meal costs 397 baht. I order a box of 2 Siopao for me to take away but unfortunately my grandchild eat them all.

We want to go for beach horse riding but unfortunately it is raining. We want to buy roti from Than Roti Mataba but the restaurant is close. Thus, we return to the resort to digest, rest and swim till 05:00pm we go for dinner at Pa Ruay Poo Pen at Kao Takieb.

The restaurant doesn't look nice and my first impression is the seller doesn't seem to care to make conversation or to be friendly whether you want to eat here or not. However, it is recommended by Kung from page Eat Like Kung Jung therefore let's give it a try.

A closer look at the restaurant

My grandchild is sleeping since we are in a car. We park pretty far. (It's difficult to find parking. We have to park right to the edge of a street and drive backwards)

She is still asleep in the restaurant. We wake her up but it didn't work. We try to put crabmeat into her mouth and she eats all though her eyes still closed. Then she stays fully awake with big eyes after having scalded cockles. She urges us to feed her more and more.

All dishes are delicious and fresh though the seafood sauce is a bit too spicy. The restaurant doesn't look nice. It's similar to street food stall but inside is very clean without any flies. More than that the seller is very attentive by showing us how to extract the crabmeat. Importantly, the price is affordable at 1,305 baht and 5 baht discount is given making 1,300 baht in total.

You can order take away foods to the hotel with 50 baht extra charge.

Good bye Pa Rouy Poo Pen, I will come back next time.

We continue to take a walk at Hua Hin Night Market. It is really crowed, no parking. We have to park the car at Ban Hua Hin Municipal School N12°34.35288, E099°57.47442. Parking fee is 20 baht.

I aim to try Jae Nid ice cream but I can't find it after walking around. I decide to ark a street vendor and it's said that the restaurant is close. What a pity!

What happens to me, no beach horse riding, no Roti and no ice cream. Perhaps god doesn't want me to get fat.

We take just a few photos and then return to the resort. We are afraid that we can't control ourselves from many yummy foods, thus we don't walk that long but I already point some of them to try next time.

We wear blue shirts on the Mother's Day. We check out from the resort and go for a beach horse riding. If we can't make it this time I think my grandchild may be really mad and the mother of Parma Traveller may ask for Louis Vuitton handbag as an appease gift. Therefore, it's better for the Pharma Traveller to take them to horse riding.

Today is Mother's Day. It's quite crowed and no parking. We drop off grandchild and the mother to go for horse riding first while Pharma Traveller is to find parking.

She rides on the horse with pink bow tie called Milo for 20 minutes at 300 baht.

After a long wait since the first day arriving in Hua Hin, my grandchild finally joyfully completes the mission of horse ridding. She is crying out to be home now.

We stop at Khomapastr before going back home to buy some souvenirs for dad as Mom's order. We park at Villa Market. Luckily, it's a sales season. There are quite many people in the shop.

After shopping, we go for lunch at Debo Cafe Hua Hin 37 Alley.

Restaurant decoration is very cute similar to those in Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai. It should have been better if the weather is cooler like Chiang Mai. It's pretty uncomfortable without air-conditioning in this kind of heat.

Inside equipped with fans and outside is open air area. The lovely scene is doggies that run around the restaurant.

Again there are many people on Mother's Day. I think every restaurant is full with people. It's quite long waiting thus we ark for our grandchild meal first. Otherwise we have to go to convenience store. The service is very good though it doesn't seem to be thoroughly service but it's very attentive. The food is delicious no need to add any seasonings. This lunch costs 603 baht.

After main course, we finished up with dessert at Together Bakery & Cafe in Dechanu Chit Road. This cafe is also recommended by Kung's page as well. The Pharma Traveller emphasises that we must not miss this cafe.

A coconut cake is so luscious and fresh. Those who like a soft coconut cake will surely like it. A Thai tea cake is not too sugary. The mother of Pharma Traveller likes it very much. A Doufuhua with young coconut meat is also very delicious. My grandchild even lifts a cup and finishes it all. It's sweet and scented. Everyone impresses therefore we buy take away home quite a lot. We pay totally 1,825 baht.

We have enough souvenirs so we head back to Bangkok.

It's the end of the trip, how do you like it? Have you been in any of these restaurants? What do you think about them? Are there anything you like to recommend us? Hua Hin is close to Bangkok and I firmly believe that I can visit, eat and stay there often. Meet with the Parma Traveller again in the next review because I have to continue lifting up the cases of medicine.

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