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Chinese Promotion 2015

Hi everyone!

An international cuisine called "The Dining Room" has invites Executive Chinese Chef LI Shu Tim, head chef of Chinese cuisine at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to create special menus for dinner buffet line. Apart from stationing at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong since 1989, the chef has been invited to show his cooking skills in various countries including Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. His special menus will be offered everyday till this October 4, 2015. Let's try.

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Inside dining room is still beautiful, extensive and luxurious as usual.

We will start with special dish for Chinese food festival.
'Peking Duck' Duck's skin gives soft texture with sweet smell, eating together with chewy steamed pancakes and topped with mellow sweet sauce. Very delicious. Recommend.
'Barbecued Suckling-pig' Skin is sliced perfectly, crisp and scented serving with sweet sauce. Recommend.
'Roasted Pork' Skin is crisp while meat is chewy, slightly flavoured. Top with Peking Duck's sauce is quite nice. Recommend.

'Chilled Pork Ears' Crisp with sweet-smelling. Recommend.
'Chilled Pork Leg' Comes in large pieces plus strong taste and scent. Well done.
'Fried Shrimp in Cream Dressing' Fresh shrimp well covered with delicious salad cream dressing. High standard.
'Jellyfish' Deliciously chewy. High standard.
'Grilled Chicken' Looks good with scented skin. The meat is slightly dry. Okay.
'Stir Fried Beef' Outstanding scent. The meat is soft with strong taste. Recommend.

These two menus can be ordered with waiter.

It is Boiled Rice in Shrimp Soup that gives sweet smell. Clear soup provides shrimp paste feelings. Strange taste but yummy.

Softly homemade thin rice noodles plus remarkable soup that mixed with intense chili oil. Goes well with tender tomato. Can't miss. Recommend.

There are also other menus offering as usual.

'Cold Seafood'

'Steamed Crab Claw'
Highlight menu of this restaurant. Shell has been cracked. Recommend.

'Sushi / Sashimi / Roll'

'Smoked Salmon / Salad / Cold Cut / Cheese'
Parma Ham is very nice, eating together with green melon. Recommend.
Duck Chest Salad which comes in large piece giving dedicated taste. Recommend.
Well selected Smoked Salmon serving with side dishes. High standard.

'Carving Station' is also another highlight. Can't miss.
'Grilled Lamp Ribs' Beautifully cut in pieces. Giving soft touch without smell. Very delicious. Can't miss. Recommend.
'Sirloin Steak' The edge is slightly chewy but middle part is moist and soft. Eat with your favorite sauce. Recommend.
'Salted Salmon' Moist texture with tender taste plus sauce. Well done.
There are also ham, chicken and a la carte pasta.

At carving station, you can order 'Foie gras' that comes in large thick piece, moistly cooked. Recommend.

'Thai Food'

'Dessert' Mango with Sticky Rice is recommended.

The buffet includes variety of drinks consisted of Pu-erh tea, Thai Oolong No.17, Superior Jasmine Mao Feng, Roselle juice, Flower tea, Orange juice, Mango juice, Singha drinking water, tea and coffee.

For drinkers, there is free flow of Tsingtao Beer at 888++THB (Net 1,046THB)

House wine at 888++THB per bottle (Net 1,046THB)
Premium wine at 1,888++THB per bottle (Net 2,223THB)

There are various menus which I have tried only some of them. However, after tasting, menus of Chef LI Shu Tim are mainly focused on scent following by texture and end with clear taste. It is considered as another good experience without traveling Hong Kong. They also offer other delicious dishes which are accepted by buffet eaters. If I have a chance within this 4 October, I will return.

Thank you so much.

Promotion Details
Chinese Promotion 2015
Dinner Buffet 18.00-22.00
Monday - Thursday at 1,690++THB (Net 1,990THB) and for children 845++THB (Net 995THB)
Friday - Sunday at 2,090++THB (Net 2,460THB) and for children 1,045++THB (Net 1,230THB)
Additional free flow of Tsingtao Beer 888++THB (Net 1,046THB)
Today - 4 October 2015

Restaurant Details
The Dining Room, L floor
Breakfast: 6.00 - 10.30AM
Lunch: 12.00 - 2.00PM
Brunch (Saturday-Sunday): 12.00 - 3.00PM
Dinner: 6.00 - 10.00PM

Hotel Details
Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel
494 Rajkamri Rd., Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel : 0-2254-1234

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