This is my first review, I do not know what to write and I have never know that Pattaya have these gorgeous places. Normally, I just go to walking street and just heard about "The Sanctuary of Truth" last week. My first feeling is "What!!! do we have this place in Pattaya???"

Oh my GOD!!! a lot of foreigner - -* where have I been??? So I plan to go there on Saturday 26 September 2558.

I have been to 3 places

1. The Sanctuary of Truth - The biggest wooden castle in the world (very beautiful and neatly sculpture)

2. Nong Nooch Pattaya Garden & Resort who wins the world flower show of England for 6 years

3. Wat Khao Chee Chan where the biggest Buddha image sculpture is located. (I find this place because I lost my way hahahaha)

These are the most of the world which I have been passing around for ages, now it is time for me to visit


Let's start with "The Sanctuary of Truth", if you drive from Bangkok, you can take motor way or Sukhumvit Road. Then from Dophin Circle turn right to Na Klue Road and continue to Soi Na Klue 12 and the sign. (Or just follow goole map)

"The Sanctuary of Truth" was built by Khun Lek Viriyapan the owner of Viriya Insurance

It opens from 8.00am - 6.00pm. (If you come early there will be less people)

There is a guild who will explain to you about the history of the castle then everyone is free to take photos.

The entrance fee is 500 baht, a little high price but it is very valuable !!!

If you reserve the ticket online at their website, you will get 50 baht discount.

It is a mega project to sculptured the whole castle and we very elegant !!!

Is it beautiful?

So elegant!!!

Here is the entrance...

The whole castle is made by wood especially the main post which is made from a 600 years Ta-Khian. The castle is built without a nail, they use the ancient technique to stick each part together (That's what they said, I only know that it is so beautiful)

Buddha's relics is located at the center of "The Sanctuary of Truth"

You can see the sea from this door.

(Private moment hahahaha)^^

The art on each side of the wall is telling us about historical and beliefs from each religious to convey in symbolic of sanctuary of Truth art.

There are some renovations inside but we still can take photos as usual : )

Every sculpture item has it own meaning (I cannot explain all of is better if you can come to visit by yourself^^)

Actually every corner here is so beautiful but the tour group is coming so we better go. (I am so curious why we only take a few photos...may be because we are stunned with its beautiful^^)

This sculpture conveys about parents (I do understand that people like to see lots beautiful photos more that these alphabets^^)

The restaurant>>>

In conclusion :

1. If you have never been there, you should once in your life. I guarantee that you will be very impressive

2. If anyone that wait for the castle to complete, you probably have to wait forever because there is no deadline as they always adding new part all the time. If you wish to go there just go. And one more thing, there are only foreigners who come to visit.

3. If you would like to take photos you have to arrive there around 8.00am because the tour group will arrive around 10.00am.

4. For anyone who misunderstanding, please understand that this is not a temple even it looks alike and do not worry about heat because inside is not hot.


2. Nongnooch Pattaya Garden & Resort located on Sukhumvit road, opposite Cartoon Network, away from Southern Pattaya around 20 KM. There are many style of garden in 593 acre. We might not be able to go in to every corner of the garden with in one day.

Entrance fee 150 baht (You can visit these site for promotion or price will be around 110 baht)

Let's GO!!!!

Walking around here in winter would be very nice. But I have never seen winter season in Thailand, there are only summer and rainy season T_T

You can buy a ticket for shuttle bus or walking through sky walk.

Car showroom (Wow!!!)

Look at all these license plates...Oh my god it is must be very expensive.

French style garden with big ants

Actually it is very big but because I am so afraid of insect so just take one photo and go...- -*

French style garden

It is really big garden and my camera lens cannot take all of it in one short. (So please help to support me for new camera... hahaha)

Telephone boxes

Stonehenge is also here...

Please do not forget your sunblock because the sun is very strong or you better come on winter.

But the sun light can help us to get such a nice photos without flash ^^

So tried..walking back to our car - -"


The last place to visit today is Wat Khao Chee Chan opens from 6.00am - 6.00pm.and no entrance fee. The temple is located near the silver lake wine yard. Actually we would like to go up to the mountain for taking photo of sunset but we get lost and find this temple at around 5.50pm.

We really want to take more photos but the sun is already gone so we walk back to our car - -*


>_< Season Five Hotel Pattaya where we will stay tonight. It is located on Pattaya so 5 (Central Pattaya). It is also a new opening hotel with nice room and good service. From the bedroom we can see through the bathroom so that you will not feel lonely such a good design hahahaha....

Because the room is very big that why you are so important ^ ^

The room is very nice, big and very comfortable, make us do not want to wake up. So we ask for late check out around 4.00pm. >_<

If you do not want to go out for your breakfast, there is breakfast provided such as eggs ham bacon soup etc.

At the pool, you can order drink at the bar and chill out with the sunset atmosphere...It is just so nice but I do not have time because when we come back it is already too late. At least we can take a photo. The pool is very quiet, feel like private pool : )

So I would end this review here, thank you very much and good bye^^


 Wednesday, October 21, 2015 3:52 PM