Bluesky Khao Kho

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"Bluesky Khao Kho" is a mian restaurant of "The Bluesky Resort Khao Kho". The restaurant is designed in European style with moderate space. Airy and beautifully decorated. It is an open air, no air condition. Customers can choose to sit in building or at balcony to watch green mountain view of Pha Sorn Kaew together with floating fog. Let's watch the view and have a meal together.

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Food and drink menu.

'Bluesky Salad'
Enough portion for few people to try. Chicken, fried bacon and fresh vegetable. Salad dressing reminds me of Japanese sesame salad dressing. Recommend.

'Shiitake Roasted with Soy Sauce'
Enjoy eating dry roasted mushroom but soft texture, slightly salted. Recommend.

'Deep Fried Pork with Kaffir Lime Leaves'
Crispy sliced streaky pork with little kaffir lime leaf scent. Recommend.

'Stir Fried Seafood and Basil with Fried Egg'
Selective seafood well stir fried with strong taste. Well done.

Overall ambiance is calm and beautiful in terms of nature itself and European decoration. Very good service. Ingredients are fresh and clean. The taste is also nice. It is the right place to drink and relax with stylish nature.

Thank you very much.

Restaurant details;
Bluesky Khao Kho
Open hours 6.30AM - 9.00PM

Hotel information;
The Bluesky Resort Khao Kho
96 Moo 5 Campson, Khao Kho, Phetchaboon 67280 Thailand
Tel : 0-2247-7310-11 (8.30AM - 5.00PM on Monday to Friday), 08-1355-0500, 08-2457-7801

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