What is there at Mae Kampong? I really wanted to go and see with my own eyes. When my friend, Manai, told me that he will go to Chiang Mai for work, immediately, I ask to join and start to plan the trip.

One month before the journey, Manai got his travel date, so we go to buy the new train ticket. But!!! I'm sorry it has been fully booked long time ago. Anyhow, our dream is yet totally collapsed, we got the old, air-conditioning, sleeping train called "the Express Train no.13".

The lower bed for me is 841 THB and the upper bed for Manai is 771 THB. We leave Hua Lamphong at 19.35 p.m. and reach Chiang Mai at 08.40 a.m.

I plan for the trip and book the room at Mae Kampong beforehand.

"Samranchon Mae Kampong Chiang Mai" offers a room which comes with a bathroom. It accommodates 2-3 people. The room price is 700 THB each including breakfast and dinner. Although I come alone, I pay 1,400 THB anyway.


Here is the van transportation to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs.


The departure time from Warorot Market - Mae Kampong is 07:40 , 11:40, and 15:40.

The returning time from Mae Kampong - Warorot Market is 09:20, 13:20, and 16:10.

The round trip fare is 300 THB.

(P.S. For those who travel back to Bangkok by train, the latest time you should come back from Mae Kampong is 13.20 p.m. because the train leaves Chiang Mai at 18.00 p.m.)

After a month of waiting, our departure time finally comes. We leave from Bangkok Railway Station or Hua Lamphong on 9th November.

Yay yay, we are now ready for the Northern trip, let's go to Mae Kampong with me, Manow!!!

I haven't got on the old train for two years because I change to take the new train instead. Now I almost forgot how classic it was.

Like usual, I don't want to just sit. I walk around to the restaurant. Let's familiarize ourselves with this classic vibe.

The old and the new train park near each other.

After sitting quietly alone for a while, my eyes spot something interesting.

I must find out what I can take for free?

The train leaves on time. Soon, I ask Manai to go to the train's restaurant. This rice and omelet set is 130 THB. Bon appetite with the omelet legend on our old train.

It's quite a good sleep and now we almost reach Chiang Mai.

I don't know what else to do so I just walk to the restaurant again to get a cup of hot coffee.

Now I finally got the answer from this guy who has been working on this restaurant for more than 30 years that the box I saw earlier was to put the menu in the old time.

After getting out of the train, I and Manai are separated. From the review I read, I can just take the Red Song Thaew at the front of the station and it would cost about 30 THB to Warorot Market. But when an auntie approaches and asks if I wanted to go with her and she will go right away, I agree, haha. The fare is 50 THB.

When I reach the market, I find the restroom right away. Warorot Market is quite big. It sells a lot of souvenir. Now I'm very starving. After walking here and there I find food at the basement. I have the Northern food called Khanom Chin Nam Ngiao, it is 20 THB.

So here we are at Chiang Mai and I can enjoy Sai Ua, Northern Sausage, at Mae Kampong later.

Then, I come to wait to take the van, I choose to go to Mae Kampong at 11.40 a.m.

Ban Mae Kampong Chiang Mai is located at Moo 3, Huay Kaew Sub-District, Mae On District. The total area of the village is about 6.22 square kilometers. It is about 50 km. away from downtown Chiang Mai. Due to the typical mountainous terrain and sitting 1,300 meters above the sea level, it is cold and humid throughout the year.

It takes only about an hour to reach here. The road is not as curvy as the road to Pai.

Here is the drop off and pick up place of the van. At first, I wasn't thinking to go anywhere yet but straight to my homestay. But to go to the Giant Chiangmai, Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center, and a famous check in place at Sawang Ka Ta Coffee shop, we must join with other people to save cost. If less than 5 people, we must each divide the 500 THB together but if we have more than 5 people, it's 100 THB each.

Well, since we already came in the van together, let's join the trip with them, otherwise, it could be expensive by myself, haha.

It's not so far but the road is quite curvy. If you drive yourself, you must be very carefully as the road is quite narrow and uphill.

"The Giant Chiangmai Thailand", the first check in place for our Mae Kampong trip.


If you are scared of height, you could just wait above.

There're 6 of us in this group, we agree to spend about 40 minutes here before moving onto the next destination.

Then, I also got myself a shirt written Mae Kampong. I negotiated to get a 9 THB discount, hehe (it's the shop opposite to this coffee shop). If I didn't buy it here, I would be so regret as I didn't see such a shirt anywhere in Mae Kampong Village.

"Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center" (It offers food, beverages, and room services.)


The rooms are so cute but I din't have much time here so let's go straight to Pha Tham Lot Cave.

Slowly walking along the stream and breathing in the fresh air while sipping a cup of fragrant tea is simply a happy time.

Then, we walk from Teen Tok Project Development Center towards our third check in destination.

"Sawang Ka Ta Mae Kampong"


I just want to sit here all day long.

After having a sip of a refreshing drink, you could change a slipper and go down for photo time.

Please do not sit there for a long time and after taking photos, please do not forge to bring back the chair.

Wow, time flies, it's already 16.00 p.m. The van drops me at Samranchon. My accommodation is on the hill so a little walk is needed.

"Samranchon Mae Kampong Chiang Mai" (It is 700 THB each including breakfast and dinner. Even I come alone, I pay 1,400 THB for a room equipped with private bathroom.)


I love it so much where a waterfall is flowing by.

I stay on the second floor, my room is named Thanwa (December) with private bathroom, no AC but only fan because the weather is cool and gets colder at night.

After taking rest for a while, charging battery to my phone and camera, and showering, I'm now ready to go down to Mae Kampong Village to enjoy the evening atmosphere.

Please be careful of being slippery at this hill and just a bit further, it'd be our next check in destination.

Lung Pud & Pa Peng Coffee House Mae Kampong


The cake is so yummy. I think staying at Mae Kampong, we don't need a proper food but just coffee and cakes would be more than adequate.

Everyone must take a photo here when traveling to Mae Kampong but coming alone could be a bit difficult to do so.

"Po Aui - Mae Aui Noodle Shop"

What an envy scene! One is eating a noodle soup while enjoying a waterfall view. I also really want to have some but my stomach has no space due to coffee and cakes.

Here is such a local atmosphere and I think they could be puzzled by what the city people are doing here.

Here is the overall atmosphere and I will come back tomorrow morning again to capture more details.

"Wat Khantha Phruksa" is a main temple of Mae Kampong Village.

Ubosot in the Water This Ubosot is where religious ceremonies are performed. It's built in the middle of the water. There're only two of this type of Ubosot left in the North. One is a temple in Mae Chaem District and the other one is here, Wat Khantha Phruksa, Huay Kaew Sub-District, Mae On District, Chiang Mai Province.

Then, I go back to my homestay. It's a bit pity that the vast space was under construction so we have to sit in this corner instead.

After dinner, it's time for bed. Tomorrow I have a plan to visit Kiw Fin with the same group of friends and the van will come pick me up at 05.30 a.m.

I'm ready since 04.30 a.m. but the weather is too cold so I look not so ready, haha.

"Kew Fin - 1,517 meter above the sea level"


The road is narrow and curvy and we must be super careful. I think the best option is to hire a car up here, it's only 100 THB each.

Let's wait for the first light of the day...

I just take photos with every signs although there's a queue. Well, I think it's quite fun taking photos for one another.

"Mae Kampong Waterfall" is a waterfall which is flowing through Mae Kampong Village.

It feels so good here, I seriously don't want to leave.

(Opposite to Mae Kampong Waterfall) is a noodle shop called "Once Upon A Time". Too bad that it's still too early, so I didn't get to try it.

On the way back, I asked the van to stop me at the next check in destination. I then have to say goodbye to my trip mates, see you guys later :)

"Chom Nok Chom Mai Coffee Shop Mae Kampong"

At this coffee shop, it is also a viewpoint for enjoying the entire view of Mae Kampong (the rooms are also offered, which is quite an interesting option). It opens from 08.00 a.m. so if you come here early, you need to wait a bit.

Here is the popular corner but please be cautious as well.

Soon after walking down from this coffee shop, I already reach my homestay.

Well, there're quite a lot of dogs but don't be afraid, they are quite polite.

Rice porridge with tea and coffee is our breakfast. Then, I take some rest before showering and packing up. Then, I carry on my backpack and walk around to capture more atmosphere of the homestay.

"Mae Nim Sai Ua Shop Mae Kampong"


I eat alone and I have to say that every dish is so yummy. So awesome, I love it. This food costs me 1xx THB.

"Maew Doi Gallery" It's a place for cat's slave, there're lots of cats here.


" Ple Ka Tua- ME&YOU Mae Kampong "


And let's end our trip with passion fruit juice, so refreshing.

Now, let's see how much we have spent for this trip.

The old AC sleeping train ticket for lower bed is 841 THB, the round trip is 1,682 THB.

The room at Samranchon, one or two people is the same price, which is 1,400 THB.

The van to the Giant, Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center, and Sawang Ka Ta is 100 THB.

The van to Kiw Fin, Mae Kampong Waterfall, and I stop at Chom Nok Chom Mai Coffee Shop (and walk back myself) is 100 THB.

The van to Mae Kampong from Chiang Mai is 150 THB, and round trip is 300 THB.

Red Song Thaew from railway station to Warorot Market is 50 THB.

Red Song Thaew from Warorot Market to railway station is 30 THB.

All of this is 3,662 THB.

Food and beverages are excluded.

"Like usual, here is a fun video for this trip."

At the end of the review, I also got to walk around to take more photos of several accommodation in the village for more options. The room fare is 500 THB up.

"Ban Ing Doi Mae Kampong" (it is located on the opposite side of Samranshon.)


Walking down a bit, you will see this noodle shop and when walking in further, there're more accommodation available.

"Chaiyapol Homestay Mae Kampong Village"


"Ban Por Luang Mae Luang Mae Kampong"


"Khum Nam Houy Mae Kampong"


"Huen Rim Nam"

"Ban Thanthip Rimnam" Tel: 093-185-2025 and 090-760-8079

Huen Bokhak Chiang Mai


"Him Thannoi Mae Kampong"

"Huen Ai Aud Mae Kampong Homestay", here is my favorite of all because it's not so far from the community and also has a waterfall flowing by.


"Ban Kut Tung" Tel: 084-374-7591

And here is the last one that I could take a look, "Mae Kampong Pai Daeng".

Finally, please don't forget to follow my journey here >>> https://th.readme.me/id/ManOvv

and also my other fan page as well >>>


Mae Kampong is so easy to travel to, let's start the journey now.

And see you guys again in my next trip, "No Private Car, We Can Still Travel to Ban Pa Pong Piang Rice Terrace". Thank you so much for reading until this line...


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