This trip we mainly go to visit the green places. We are going to a rice terrace where it is surrounded by the fog... Our destination is Mu Cang Chai and Tu Le, Yen Bai province, Vietnam which is located around 300 kilometres away from Hanoi city. We are looking for a rice terrace, a high terrace which the rice is planting on a flat ground up to the top of the mountain :)

We travel with a team of 16 people. We have trouble with booking the ticket since there are both cheap and expensive tickets offer, we average the expense of 3 nights 4 days by booking a night flight on the first day and last day so that we can travel for the whole 3 days. This trip we invite our gang to go adventure and stay at Vietnam home-stay. Let see what we face, enjoyed, excited and see how beautiful the place is.

We have a night flight, we arrive at Noi Bai Internation Airport, Hanoi and charter the bus for the whole travelling trip because we go with a big group so it would be difficult to move from place to place :)

Vehicle and guide stand by to pick us up at the airport. We sleep on the car tonight to reach Mu cang chai in the morning. We drive at the speed around 40-60 kilometers/hour. It sounds really slow because Vietnam has limited driving speed at less than 80 kilometers/hour and because you have to drive through the roads that are surrounded by the mountain so you have to drive slowly. We arrive at the accommodation at 5.00 a.m. It is a home-stay accommodation style that we book in advance. It is a real simple accommodation that we have to live together with the owner. I think it is cute, let me sleep before going out to travel.

We sleep on mat and mattress. They provide blanket and pillow and charge 7 USD per person. I am thinking whether the toilet is enough for our team or not? and I can surely say that it is not enough. There are only 2 shower rooms, so I sometimes take a shower but sometimes I am not haha.

Let's see our breakfast, a boiled instant noodle with fried egg. I think it is delicious and if you don't believe, you can try cooking it by yourself during the end of the month.

After our stomach is filling up, we are going to go travelling next then. We rent a motorcycle by ask for a help from the house's owner. The store rides 8 motorcycles for 16 people to the house but the rain fall haha, don't forget to wear an anti-knock helmet. I am so happy that I have a chance to use a raincoat...We are going to fight for it.

We ride to seek for a rice terrace which has round shape and it is located on the mountain. We ask villagers along the way to the destination.

We stop to take a picture of a beautiful view. We have plenty of time for the whole day trip so we can take risk of losing the way.

We find a way to go up to the hill but we have to park the car down there and walk up.

The route is wet, we would have to take the motorcycle of the villagers but we prefer to walk so that we can enjoy seeing the view and greeting withe villagers along the way.

The way goes up to the mountain.

We don't know how long the distance from the place we park the motorcycle to the place we are walking up here.

We walk slowly and find a corner to take a photo.

Now we found a rice terrace in round shape on the top of the mountain ^_^

Our stuffs are ready; raincoat and waterproof bag.

Let's go to the next point, we stop at some point and lost our way sometimes but it's so much fun.

We stop along the route to take photos when we see a beautiful view.

Our first day here, you can see the verdant view. After that we go to look for our dinner. I have to apologize that I didn't take any picture since we take a long time to look for a Suki restaurant. We eat and sleep right away. But, beside our house is seem to be like a meeting point of youth villagers. They come to sing and dance here which we could not miss it so we go to join. The shows are Vietnam beat the wood dancing style and camp fire dance.

We can dance with any songs.

We dance until we sweat and go to sleep.

We are going to Tu Le this morning for traveling and stop to take a photo at the beautiful view point.

From Mu Cang Chai to Tu Le, We take more than 2 hours to reach home-stay. We rent each motorcycle for 10 USD/ day, riding on a motorcycle again. We have so much fun honking a horn, do similar thing to local people there.

We ride around the city to find a rice terrace which sometimes it makes us lost our way.

The rain falls, the fog appears.We lost our way.

Home-stay at Tule. We are having breakfast.

Sticky rice, fried pork and chili paste.

We take a long distance to go back to the airport on the last day. For souvenir, we focus to buy a beer, coffee, tea, fish sauce and snack at small store. Our tour guide feel confused that we are not interested to buy souvenir from the store that he recommend but when we reach the small store, we buy things like there is a hot sale. My pocket is empty now.

Overall trip looks good ^^ It is an appropriate time to travel here during July - October. You can choose to visit any place, it almost covers with green and yellow fields. It comes to the end of the trip and we have to go back home because love is waiting for us to be home :)

Forget to tell you that chartering the bus for the whole trip costs 500 USD, included fused and highway. Tour guide costs 100 USD for the whole trip. The whole trip costs around 4,500 Baht per person, included ticket fee. We have less time, less money so we have to spend it economically ^_^.

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