We go out unexpectedly and suddenly...These are the words that can be remembered for this trip, no plan, and no preparation. Just think that we want to leave, we pack our things and leave immediately, maybe because travelling is part of our soul.

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This trip, we are travelling by personal vehicle. It takes around 4 hours from Bangkok to Kannajaburi Hey! Kannajuburi Hey! Kanchanaburi Hey! yes.. that's correct now!!!

We arrive at Kanchanaburi province now but the sky is overclouded again, oh! but we forget that this is the rainy season. So, we might or might not face a rainfall.

Travelling here from Bangkok is not complicated. We pass to Petchkasem route, heading to Muang district, Kanchanaburi province. After that we are heading to Kaeng Sian intersection to Sri Sawat district on the route no. 3199, a short cut route to Tuang Na dam, then you will pass through Khuean Srinagarindra National Parkใ Go straight to the same route which heading Erawan waterfall. People who visit there before would be familiar with it, Erawan waterfall turn to the left, Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall goes straight forward... and you will see a sign like this then you go straight to enter it.

You have to pay the maintenance fee first when entering. Details are in the picture below.

Since we bring our own tents, so we pay only 30 Baht/person for the place's maintenance fee. For people who do not bring your own tent or sleeping equipment with you, national park also provides those equipment for rent. There are also a restaurant and a welfare shop here. You don't have to worry about the shower room, they have provided you enough shower rooms for travellers...you can travel here without bringing anything with you.

Adding some more details...Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall is located in the area of Khuean Srinagarindra National Park where the source of the water flows from Kala mountain, it passes through the different level of waterfall to Srinagarindra's reservoir. Here is one of the waterfall which is well-known because of its beauty, and convenient route.

We arrive at the place and explore the place to make our tent. We find this place and cry out so loud Yeahhhhh, it looks like a VIP place. Feeling a little jealous that we want to roll into the tent but we just have to keep the feeling and take a pic only. We should have arrived here early Durrrr....

But there still a lot of places to make a tent. The main point is the same place to see the sunrise but we arrive there in the evening, so the weather overcast. If we go there early morning, we would see a beautiful sunrise.

Turning back to the setting tents area, we see a twilight sky. This is our tent area for today. Do you see our tents?? it is so far away there. We come so late and because we go there during a long holiday, lucky there is space left but... so pity we can't be at the front line.

Back to morning of the next day, after we set up a tent and finish cooking an instant noodle then go to bed. Since we afraid that the rain could fall but so lucky for us that it does not rain and flood our small tents. Really Thank You... This morning the sky still cloudy, we find a place to sit and chill out to see the mountain view which is so far away. Having a slow life in the morning is good enough.

Before late morning, Ja Whai market, Ja Khun waterfall are crowded. We have a quick explore the waterfall first because the weather is so hot in the late morning and the place would be more crowded. We first tell you that Huai Mae Khamin waterfall has totally 7 levels which are separated into 2 routes, left and right or upper and lower sides. We prefer to call it left and right. Walking straight to the left level 5,6,7. On the right are level 4,3,2,1. We are going to start from the right side first because we walk straight down, suitable for having morning exercise.

As we told before, the waterfall falls from level four which is located at the same level of the tents area and flow down level by level, but we are going to walk from the bottom level upward so that we can walk continuously to the top. There is a beautiful small waterfall in the each level. Some point is consisted many level of waterfall too. Starting from here. Let's go.

We start walking from the lowest level, follow the pathway, we have a chilly walk until the end of the walkway. ( it's pass over the first level) We will see this sign. We consider as this is the starting point to explore the waterfall here.

We walk upward follow the sign, let's go!!!

This is a small level of waterfall before you reach 1st level. You can see its beauty even this is only a small one. ( Actually we have already seen level 1,2,3,4 from here)

We walk for a while to reach level 1, Dong Wan.

Waterfall is not quite high, the small level of waterfall is overlapping as in the picture. You can see the clear water without any explanation, along with a nice weather in the morning. The weather is so good to be at the beautiful waterfall which makes us more enjoyable.

We walk up a bit to the 2nd level, this level is called "Man Khamin"

This level is not quite high but its distinct is a width. Even we use 12 mm. camera lens, we still can't take an overall picture of the area. We can play with water at this level. The water is so clear like this that everyone want to get into the water.

We walk up from the waterfall level 2 and heading to level 3. There are many beautiful small waterfalls between this 2 levels. We have a short time stop at these points to take a photo until we think that we could not reach the top point. Well...It is really beautiful.

We are enchanted by a small waterfall between level 2-3 for a moment. Finally we come to the 3rd level which is named "Wang Na Pha"

"Wang NaPha", The name is suit with this level because of the nature of the cliff. The water fall down to the bottom. This is another level of the waterfall which we think is very beautiful.

We finish taking a photo at the 3rd level now. Just walk up a little bit and reach the 4th level which is named as "Chat Kaew"

As we told you that this level of waterfall is the same level where we set our tents. It is quite wide, large and be the most beautiful of all the 7 levels of Huay Maekamin Waterfall. But, we can't play with water here. We can only look at its beautiful. No matter who just wakes up Or just arrived, they would visit this level first.

We appreciate the beauty of the waterfall from level 1-4. If you feel tired, you can take a rest to drink water and have a meal first. But, if you still be strong, let continue to level 5,6,7. Starting from crossing this bridge.

A path way to Huay Maekamin Waterfall level 5,6,7. It is difference way to 1,2,3,8. Now this is a way to enter the forest which is not that cruel. Actually, it is quite comfortable, just no paved a walkway like other low level waterfall.

We walk for a while and see the sign "Lai Chon Long", the 5th level waterfall.

When we see a sign, we try to look for a waterfall but...um...we don't know how to describe it by word since other level of waterfalls fall so strong.

All right, we should not lose hope at this level.Let's continue to level 6 and 7 and look at the completed of the forest and listen to the sound of water flows along the way.

We walk for a while until we reach "Dong Phi Suer"

This level is a small waterfall. The characteristic of this waterfall is the water which is passing through the layers of stone cascades down beautifully. We can go to play with water at this level. We could say that we spend so much time at this level.

We held a motto that what we want to do, we do it with our heart because a place like this can not find at the house's back.

After I spend a lot of time at level 6 of the waterfall. Let's go to level 7 " Rom Klao"

This level is considered as the most beautiful one. A lot of the people come to play with water here because it is the top level, so the clarity of water can't be defined by word. Many people climb up here, you have to take care of yourself because no staff guarding here.

Our goal is completed to visit all 7 levels of Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall. We can tell you that this place is considered as one of the beautiful waterfall which is not far away from Bangkok and you can comfortably visit here, utilities are fully provided. Whoever is looking for a place to travel which is simple, convenient, doesn't have to take a long walk and close to nature like this then Huai Mae Khamin is one of the place we would like to recommend.

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