Pang Ung and Pai, I believe that many people have long heard this name.

But me, I have never been there yet, haha. So I must take on this journey. I have long wanted to experience and to feel the cold weather of the North.

As for Pai, I also wanted to go for a long time already. They said this town is very lovely and I really wanted to feel it.

So the plan started, we plan to feel the nature at.... Pang Ung.

Then we will go see the light and the fun at....Pai City.

I hope that this trip will be more or less beneficial to those who want to travel to Pang Ung and Pai city at Mae Hong Son Province without private car.

Let's take on the journey together and I will show you that money is not an excuse of traveling.
Please stay tuned to our page if you are a fan of economic journey whether it is reasonable or quite nonsense haha.
Page: Mai-Kee-Baht and I will take you to travel with not many Thai Baht.

Start of the Journey

This trip we have 5 people, including me.

We meet at Don Mueang Airport as there is an Air Asia promotion of 690 THB for Bangkok - Chiang Mai flight.

The reason we take the flight is because we want to buy time as we have a very limited time.

We plan to fly tonight and spend a night at the airport.

And set off to Pang Ung in the morning right away.

The flight takes off from Bangkok at 20.35 p.m. and arrives Chiang Mai at 21.45 p.m.. It is approximately a little bit more than an hour flight.

It's really so short, I sit tinnitus for about an hour and arrive at the North, Chiang Mai Province.

So what now? We intended to find something to drink so that we could sleep well at the airport.

One of our friends say that, hey guys! there's a topnotch restaurant here called Kaew Pla Pao, let's go and drink some beer so that we could sleep tight.

But when we arrive there.....D*mn.....the restaurant is already closed, feeling so down, so what now?

And then we realize that we have an uncle at Chiang Mai so we call him and ask whether he can find a place for us to get by tonight as we will leave early tomorrow morning.

An uncle says just come to sleep at his place. We are so glad that we could just scream out loud as we have a place to sleep now.

He said " just wait there, I will send someone to pick your guys up", and a moment later, someone did come, but....

It is the open ride, haha. Anyhow, we have to thank an uncle a ton for sending someone to pick us up.

Just start the journey, we already feel Mai-Kee-Baht, great!

Driving for a while and we arrive, but...well....!!!!

The name of this place is called Predi Kansura (Predi Liquid Store)......are we going to sleep at the liquid store tonight?
Sleeping here, we could have gotten so drunk, haha.

Anyhow, a big thank to Uncle Tim for giving us a place to sleep tonight, thank you very much ;)

Anyway, if you go to this store, I can guarantee that you would enjoy every bite of the liquid and get drunk from every bottle.

If you ever come to Chiang Mai, please don't forget to stop by at this store, the owner is extremely kind.

Predi Liquid Store is located on Thippanet Road, opposite to Cultural Center of Chiang Mai. There's 7-11, drug store and XYM hotel nearby.

Glass and liquid, we are so ready to get started!

Then everything is finished. Tomorrow, we will start travel at 5.00 a.m. in order to get on the bus to Pai.......... #@#$)(%*^_ Mae Hong Son (drunken now).

!!!!! 8 a.m. already

So, we are late!!! Super late!!! Get to hurry now!!! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

We buy sticks of grilled pork just in front of his store, but how are we going to go to Arkhet Bus Terminal?

Then the uncle said just wait for the red car (Local Song Taew Taxi) here and he will do the talk with the driver, is 30 THB each ok? we said ok!

**** Going around in Chiang Mai, I recommend you to have local people to do the talk and you will get a cheaper price ****

I must say that Chiang Mai is a very beautiful city. If I have a chance, I must come visit.

But now, I must hurry to Mae Hong Son first. We are on the red car for about half an hour and we arrive at Arkhet Bus Terminal.

To get to Mae Hong Son, it seems like Prempracha Transport is the only company that provides this service, if I remember it correctly.

The timetable is as above.

The bus to Mae Hong Son is also available, but I recommend you guys to take the van as it's faster. But if you have time and would like to enjoy the atmosphere along the way, it's also a reasonable choice.

So here is our ticket, it is 250 THB each and we will arrive at Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal.

Before setting off for the journey, let's make some cool post, haha.

After that .......

7 Hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally arrive at Mae Hong Son.

After we arrive at Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal, what's next?

That's right, what's next? I'm not quite sure. What I know is that we need to take another ride from Sai Yud Market. But the problem is how can we get to this Sai Yud Market?

As the trend goes, a crowd of people will come and ask you where do you want to go, haha.

Do not panic, walk outside and you will see Tuk Tuk parking outside. Then I go to ask him,

"Uncle, are you going to Sai Yud Market, how much is it?" He answered "Yes, I will. But what market again? I don't know Sai Yud Market (seriously?). But going to the fresh market is 30 THB."

He then said this fresh market is where we can take a Song Taew to Pang Ung.

So we say ok, haha. 30 THB but not sure if we can make it on time or not.

Once we arrive at Sai Yud Market, we feel it's so quick. 30 THB is so not worthy, it may have been only 5 minutes, each person 30 THB and it is 150 THB altogether.

Here, a yellow Song Taew is parked and written Mae Hong Son- Ruam Thai (Pang Ung). A big long sigh and relief as we have a minibus to Pang Ung now.

We are still on time. However, if we wish to go to Pang Ung, we have to manage time well.

To Pang Ung

Sai Yud Market -Pang Ung

The first minibus is at 09.00 a.m. and the second round is at 15.30 p.m.

Back from Pang Ung

Pang Ung- Sai Yud Market

The first one leaves at 05.30 a.m. and the second one is at 11.00 a.m.

They will come and pick us up from our place, he is really kind. Calling in advance is also recommended.

Before anything, let's find something to eat, feeling quite hungry now. But it seems like they didn't sell anything here. Anyhow, here is called Sai Yud Market (late and stop market), we arrive here at 15.00 p.m.

So everything must be stopped already (may be?), haha.

The food is ready so is the driver, so let's get on our journey. And our first stop is Pang Ung.

It is 80 THB each person and we will arrive Pang Ung.

In fact, here they also have Mae Hong Son Airport.

But my budget is less than that, otherwise, I would take the flight, haha. And we won't have to throw up or sit on 7 hours bus that we could almost forgot how to walk, haha.

But I also have to say that, if you were on the plane, you would miss all this view!

The views of the two sides to Pang Ung is like......incredibly beautiful, and in addition to that...

We also go pass school and get to talk to the students and ask them about the meaning of Pang Ung.

They said, Pang is the place that forest people stay and Ung refers to a water pond, muddy and wet, something like this.

This is the charm of traveling in the local way that allow us to talk and feel the local language.

Let's go enjoy more of the views!

We also go pass village.

And finally, we are arriving at Pang Ung..... (echo voice)

This super tiring journey is all gone when I see this thing.

Not a long journey, it is only approximately an hour travel.

Talking about accommodation, they provide both houses and tents services here.

A big tent is 300 THB and a small tent is 200 THB and we got one each.

At Pang Ung

When we talk about Pang Ung, what's it highlight? It's something like this.

That's not yet it. Pang Ung also offers something lovelier that that, which is black swan. The thing is they come in pair, so so cute.

Oh well, this is not black swan.

The activity at night is nothing but "Moo Kata" or Thai style pork barbecue grilled.

The price is very friendly.

The whole set is 300 THB. It comes with a charcoal, stove, pork, vegetables, dishes and chopsticks.

The pork is available in a set of 80 THB.

The water is 10 THB per bottle.

Beer is 55 THB per bottle (no additional charge.

Oh, talking about electricity. The power will be cut off at around after 22.00 p.m.. In fact, there's not much power used anywhere.

There's also a few light along the walk way to the bathroom. So we need to rent an electronic lamp for 100 THB and it stays all night. We can rent it at Pang Ung and in fact it is the only store in Pang Ung.

The night activity can be nothing other than eating pork and drinking beer.

As well as appreciating the surroundings and watching black swans walking back and forth. All this happen under the 9 degree Celsius weather, a bit shaky!

Let me tell you this, this place is really extraordinary!

But there's one thing that we really should not be doing, especially in the forest and in the cold weather, it can cause a forest fire.

I saw people from our next door tent go to release the "Khom Loi" or floating lantern.

The early morning, let's get up and feel the mist at Pang Ung. But how come it is so cold? haha.

This is mist.

Let me tell you that this is Thailand and certainly not a foreign country.

&*^l(&jlieg!@#$%^&* OMG! It is so cold, my mouth is shaking and smoke is coming out of my mouth.

Let's take a walk and see what they have.

Let's take a look at the bathroom.

Here....there's no water heater. The water has the same temperature as the weather. I really don't want to think about it....

Of how taking a showing at 9-10 degree Celsius would feel must be super cold!!!

The bathroom is separated for men and women with shower. The toilet is offered in both traditional (sitting toilet) and modern style (flushing toilet).

Inside of the place (at the bathroom area), there's also a Nature Trail.

You can try to take a walk as there's many things here.

And this is what they said whoever comes across will be lucky.

It is white swan. And we find them, we must have a very good luck.

Before taking a long journey, we need to fill up our stomach.

Here, at this and the only Moo Kata store.

Instant noodle with a boiled egg. It's not that I'm so desperate and cannot think of anything. In fact, this is my best idea, an instant noodle soup with egg, a 25 THB meal.

At around 11 a.m., the minibus is here. The same yellow taxi of Pang Ung - Mae Hong Son.

It will take us right to the Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal with a fare of 90 THB per each person.

- The airfare from Bangkok - Chiang Mai is 690 THB.

- Accommodation at Predi Liquid Store is free.

- Food + Liquid + Beer + Full moon, I don't quite remember, it is about 300 THB (shared by 5 people).

- Red car to Arkhet is 30 THB.

- The van from Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son is 250 THB.

- Tuk Tuk to Sai Yud Market is 30 THB each person.

- A Yellow minibus from Sai Yud Market - Pang Ung is 80 THB.

- The tent is 100 THB (shared by 5 people).

- Moo Kata is 100 THB (shared by 6 people).

-The electric lamp is 20 THB (shared by 5 people).

- Beer is 55 THB per bottle, altogether may be 6 bottles and if I remember correctly, it is 66 THB (shared by 5 people).

- Instant noodle is 25 THB.

From Bangkok to Pang Ung is 1791 THB per each person (only an estimated cost).

Now we are going to Pai and the driver drops us off at Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal.

He also tells the bus going to Pai that there'll be more passengers going to Pai so he asks the minibus to wait.

Again, this is a song taew (minibus) and it is 100 THB each.

So we sit about 3 hours but this 3 hours is so packed, I must say it is more packed than the public bus in Bangkok.

Someone is also sitting on the roof. And finally we arrive Pai with a packed journey on the minibus.

In approximately 3 hours and we finally arrive at Pai.

The first thing to do is to rent a scooter and it's really surprising to see the rental fee is so cheap. It is only 100 THB per each scooter.

Then, we put our luggage at our place. Tonight, we will be staying at Baan Katisod but where is it?

So we called to ask for the direction and the owner told us to drive straight and we will arrive.

Umm, it seems like we know the route so well? Then, we unfold the map that we got from the scooter rental shop and we see that it is located at Wat Phra That Mae Yen.

Then, we look for the Buddha statue that is situated on the mountain. It is quite a simple observation, so we just follow that and we find the place.

From the long travel, we will rest for now as we will start our trip early morning.

We buy a one day trip to see a fog mist viewpoint at Huai Nam Dang. It is 300 THB, why is it so expensive? TT

The night atmosphere here is nothing much but eating, drinking beer and enjoying the fire among the cold weather.
*** For one day trip, we can buy it from our guesthouse ***

And the guy on the red jacket is the owner, his name is Kati. He is a very teasy guy but it makes things all fun.

We wake up since 5 a.m. to explore Pai town.

If we asked what Pai has for travel, the answer is many many places to see.

But our first stop is Huai Nam Dang National Park.

At 5 a.m. the van comes pick us up right in front of our guesthouse.

one day trip of 300 THB is for a round trip transportation fee.

Actually the drive is not that long but it's long when they go around to pick people up from other guesthouses.

Will it be worthy for 300 THB? But once we arrive here, I say, it is extremely worthy.

Let's come and enjoy the sunrise together.

Here also has flower beds, it is so beautiful. I really want you guys to see. 300 THB is indeed more than worthy.

The sun is almost arisen now.

The view here is so breathtaking!

Souvenir is also available.

For accommodation, last night we stayed here.

Baan Katisod (Katisod guesthouse) is 600 THB per night.

Oh well, this is haystack, haha. Last night we didn't sleep at haystack but this cat did. It also stayed with us the whole night, it is super cute.

Now, let's turn to look at our accommodation.

And this is a close up photo of the owner. If you are staying here, do not get him wrong as a worker, haha.

We stayed at a cement house. In fact, the wooden house is also available but we didn't want to absorb too much of this atmosphere.

This is because we had quite a lot back there at Pang Ung. We wanted to enjoy and had a bit more comfortable stay so we chose to stay at this cement house.

If you also would like to stay here, please visit:

Now, let's continue our journey in Pai !!

When talking about Pai, I think this town is not small and, in fact, it is quite big.

But how can we get all around this Pai town, Pee Kati, the owner of guesthouse opens up the map.

And tells us to drive along this route, may be we won't get to go every places but it is easy route for riding a scooter.

Let's go!!! Our first stop is....

Pai Hot Springs

The two sides view is not ordinary as well, very beautiful!

Pai Memorial Bridge

Kong Laen Pai Canyon

Love Strawberry Pai

Once we arrive, I have to ask myself why I'm here, haha. Strawberry farm, anyone?

Coffee in Love

It is still a coffee which is not different than the one we used to have, but what makes it different is this view.

The price is quite reasonable.

Santichon Village

All I can say is we have come in the wrong time, haha. There's nothing here and it is super hot!!!

Wat Nam Hu

It is a very beautiful temple. Let's go pray inside.

And these are all the places that I have been to. After getting back from Huai Nam Dang, it is already 10 a.m..

After having some food, we are riding along the route as suggested by Pee Kati.

Altogether, it takes about 4-5 hours.

Upon we return, we order cold beer to freshen up.

Pee Kati then said, did you guys go see the sunrise, it is quite beautiful at Wat Phra That Mae Yen.

Although we are quite tired, but since we are already at Pai so we must have the most of it....So, let's go to Wat Phra Tat Mae Yen and in fact, it is just beside our guesthouse.

Well, just look at the staircase and we are already tired. Lucky that we can also ride the scooter from the other side.

But wait, at our level, what are we waiting for? Let's scooting up, haha. Walking up? May be other time, haha.'s quite high up.

And this is what we see, so worthy.

But this place is full of foreigners, I thought that I'm in a foreign country, haha.

This is such an incredible ending of the day. But no, not yet.

We still have one last stop that we must go when coming to Pai, that place is.....

Pai Walking Street

A place for food and souvenir (the price is quite affordable)

I also like this, juice in a bamboo tube, 10 THB for a refill.

And this is a recommended gift shop, the owner is so kind and hospitality.

He said it's ok not to buy, we can start by taking a group photo, haha.

But for travel, it's not yet the end. Tonight, Pai also has a concert.

I must say we are very lucky in this trip. And the better part is Pee Kati,the owner of he guesthouse is our tour guide.

So, what are we still waiting for? Let's go!

There's a lot of strange music tonight. So this must be the charm of Pai. I think I fall in love with Pai now.

In between, a big thank to Pee Kati for treating us beer.

And what's more, after we come back to the guesthouse, while we are talking and enjoying beer time, a foreigner friend also joined us.

Although there's not many activities at night but fire and beer, we feel so happy.

It's much more enjoyable than singing and shouting at KTV. So this is our last night at Pai, Mae Hong Son.

Today, let's wake up early and appreciate the atmosphere
at... Pai City..

Look at the temperature, it is 11 degree Celsius, isn't it cold? haha.

Late morning today, I would like to recommend Khao Soi and egg for 40 THB, so delicious!

The restaurant is beautiful and the owner is also very lovely. As for the location, I cannot tell.

But if you were leaving from Baan Katisod, the restaurant is located at the turn before getting up on the bridge.

Last thing now, I highly recommend you guys to pre-book a return ticket from Chiang Mai so we will have the idea of when to take the bus.

Otherwise, you could end up like us whom has no bus left. However, we end up calling to book Sombat Tour ticket and my big apology for not remembering the phone number. Before going on a long journey, let's find something to eat. It is a rice porridge, located right in front of where we take buses from Pai.

Summary of the estimated cost:

From Bangkok to Pang Ung is 1791 per person (an estimated cost).
Song Taew from Pang Ung to Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal is 90 THB.
From Mae Hong Son Bus Terminal is 100 THB.
2 scooters for 2 days with a rental fee of 100 THB per scooter per day, the total cost is 400 THB divided by 5 people, it is 80 THB per person.
Housing is 60 THB per night, 2 houses and 2 nights is 2,400 THB and it is 480 THB per person.
Pai - Chiang Mai transportation fee is 150 THB and Chiang Mai - Bangkok is 500 THB.
In total, it is 3,191 THB. (The food is excluded but I only have 3,500 THB in my pocket).

I also have a VDO of Mai Kee Baht, Pang Ung - Pai, please enjoy this work.

I would like to say thank you for reading from the beginning until the end.

If the information is wrong, please accept my apology.
I went to this trip in the early of 2015.
If you have any query or for more information, please go to our Mai Kee Baht page.

Let's take on the journey together and I will show you that money is not an excuse of traveling.
Please stay tuned to our page if you are a fan of economic journey whether it is reasonable or quite nonsense haha.
Page: Mai-Kee-Baht and I will take you to travel with not many Thai Baht.


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