Nihao, today I’m going to take you to Hainan, the origin place of Hainanese Chicken Rice 😂

Let me start by telling you the background of this trip first, and you are more than welcome to skip this part.☺️

Well, the story starts by the fact that we are a Chinese migrant family. My grandma and grandpa escaped with their family to abroad from Hainan, hoping to pursue a better life elsewhere (taking no valuable property along). There were three boats, one sailed to the U.S., the second one disappeared along the way, and the third boat stopped at Thailand. Then, my family settled in Thailand and I was born, yay! Then, all their children were raised well; everyone is either earning their master or PhD degree abroad like what our grandparents have expected. This year, all the children wanted to go back and pay respect to our ancestors there, and thus our Hainan trip has begun.

📍Haikou, Hainan Island, China

I believe that many people have heard of Hainan before. It’s located on the south of China, close to Hong Kong. Chinese government is trying to make Hainan a tourist destination. In winter, Chinese generally escapes the cold and enjoy the beach here.

And today, I’m going to take you to tour Hainan Island.

This place is quite a mixture of vintage and hipster, haha.

🏛 Qi Luo ancient street – this street was built in 1925 with 1.2 km long. It’s so beautiful. I love it so much. When taking photos, it gives me a vibe of Europe (just like Bath in the UK, haha). The atmosphere around is featured with lots of sculptures showcasing how people in the past was living their lives. These sculptures were very cute. In addition, there’re a lot of shops that we can shop. I mean, just by taking photos is already such a good pleasure.

🎥 Feng Xiaogang Movie Theme Town- This theme town gives you a feeling of Hollywood where they would build a town for shooting movies. The only difference is this theme town gives you a feeling of ancient Shanghai when the mafia was around. I see lots of pre-wedding shooting here too. It’s certainly a worth visit destination when visiting Haikou.

⛩ Nanshan Cultural Tourist Zone – This is considered a largest Buddhist garden in China. It enshrines the 3 Faces Guan Yin Bodhisattva Statues, jade and golden temple, and Nanshan temple. Teens probably won’t feel it’s a worth visit place but me and my boyfriend love it here. The garden is so beautiful but too bad that photos are not allowed inside. More importantly, it is said that Guan Yin here is very sacred where all your wishes will be granted. Therefore, a lot of Chinese come and pay homage to the Bodhisattva here.

P.S. The authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice shop is also here, for more information, please leave your comment and I will send you some photos as I cannot read Chinese, haha. You will see photos of our several ex-prime ministers in this shop too. I recommend you to try out yourself. Well, the chicken is more delicious than the one in Thailand and as of how, I cannot explain too, haha. It’s fatter and softer. Let’s say I eat it almost every meal during my 4 days trip here. Luckily, we also bring Thai sauce too, so the taste is so super delicious 😂

If you are still looking for places to travel, try Hainan.

I stay here 4 days and 3 nights, there’s also a direct flight from Bangkok to Haikou.

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 Wednesday, January 3, 2018 12:10 PM