Phu Chi Phoe is located in the area of the Watershed Management of Maeyod, Khun Yuam District which is near Thung Bua Tong of Doi Mae U-Kor with the high level of 1,818 meters above the sea level. This place is the scenic point for admiring the sunrise and the sea of mist scenery that has beautiful mountain ranges. And if you guys travel during the blooming season of Dok Bua Tong (Wild Sunflowers), you guys would have a chance to see the view of Thung Bua Tong of Doi Mae U-Kor in the high angle as well.

Tourists who ride 4WD car could drive straightly to the scenic point of Phu Chi Phoe or there is a renting car service which costs 800 baht for hiring a car per round and 200 baht per person per round. Tourists could ask for the renting car service from the accommodation, resort or shop. And for those who would like to stay overnight on Phu Chi Phoe, the Watershed Management unit of Maeyod also offers an accommodation service withe wide selections of accommodation to choose from whether for groups or small families, they even offer the area for put up tent as well.

Getting to Phu Chi Phoe

Use the same route that head to Thung Dok Bua Tong of Doi Mae U-Kor, the Watershed Management of Maeyod. Before reaching Thung Dok Bua Tong approximately 5 kilometers, there would be a direction sign to turn right. The road condition is a laterite road and it is pretty steep. Upon reaching at the Watershed Management of Maeyod, tourists have to park the car and continue walking to the scenic point with the distance approximately 1 kilometer. Even though, the distance is not far but it is the steep ascent way up to the mountain, thus, the officer suggests us to take a rest from time to time, if you feel tired then don't force, mostly it will take approximately 30-45 minutes climbing. Moreover, tourist is suggested to start climbing around 05.30 in the morning to be in time for admiring the first light of the day and should also take along the flashlight with you.

GPS coordinates of Phu Chi Phoe, google map.

The ascent way up to Phu Chi Pho with the distance of 1 kilometer.

Some parts of the ascent way are pretty steep and no rail to hold, thus, please beware while you are climbing.

Finally, we reach at the destination, the weather is pleasant cold, however, I would like to take off the sweater as walking up here makes my body sweat.

We are not in time to see the sun rises up from the horizon, but we catch up with the beautiful golden light that shines on the mist that continuously flows by.

On the descent way, if you guys look to the right hand side, you would see Thung Dok Bua Tong (Wild Flowers Field) of Doi Mae U-Kor.

This is the scenery in front of the accommodation in the area of the Watershed Management of Maeyod. The view is extremely beautiful with a balcony to sit back.

There is an officer checkpoint on the decent way, at this stop point, there is a fresh coffee shop for having some coffee while admiring the beautiful view, sitting with legs hanging down among the cold wind that flows along.


Phu Chi Phoe, the Watershed Management of Maeyod, Mae U-Kor Subdistrict, Khun Yuam District, Mae Hong Son Province
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