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Anyone who love the nature and taking photos, Switzerland is one of the best places in the world that people would like to visit. Most of the time we see Switzerland in Spring, Summer or Winter with a lot of snow. Let's see for yourself how is it going to be in Autumn.

The last week of October, I have a chance to go to Switzerland during season change. So see it for yourself and decide whether it suits you and how beautiful it is.

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Camera for the trip

Nikon D750, Lens Nikkon 14-24 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8, 70-200 f4

22-23 OCT 2017

The first photo of Switzerland after passing the border at Simplon Pass. The environment has changed from mountains and big trees to be mountains and pine trees that is now changing the colour. Sadly, the weather is not good.

Our destination today is Zermatt which is located to the southern part of the country. Pine trees are now changing the colour. From this point we can see Matterhorn which is the symbol of Switzerland but it is snowing and cloudy we can see it clearly. T__T

On the way to Gonergrat Station

At Gongergrat, there is heavy snow so we cannot see Matterhorn but we enjoy so much with the snow.

24 OCT 2017

Today we stay at Kandersteg and drive to Lausanne for one day trip ...We take the urban road to enjoy the wonderful environment which we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Stop by at Gruyère ... We really like this town because it is a small town with castles surrounded by grassland like in the tale. It is so amazing especially with snow on the mountain as a background.

Arriving in Lausanne beside Geneva Lake...

Before go back we also stop by at the vineyard in Lavaux where everyone calls Lavaux vineyard terraces ... Vineyard and the sunset....let the photo explains itself.

25 OCT 2017

Begin the day with Blausee at Kandersteg, this is the second time to be here. Last time was in spring, and this time it gives us a different feeling but still beautiful as always.

Then driving to Thun Lake

The viewpoint is near Spiez Train Station

Driving along the lake and taking some photos

The highlight today is to take the train BRIENZ ROTHORN BAHN to see the view from the top of the mountain. Regretfully, the train only service for half way after 22 October. It is very impressive here.

On the way back to the hotel, we stop by Brienz Lake and take some photos. For anyone who likes taking photos, we recommend you to drive to take a train around Brienz Lake and Thun Lake which are beside Interlaken. Sadly that we have only limited of time here, still missing many points.

26 OCT 2017

We move to the Eastern part of the country, we stay at the hotel on the top of the mountain near Chur. We stop by Lauterbrunnen which is most of the time people are passing by to go up to Jungfrau. But for us this is another city that we have visit.

While heading to the hotel, we take the wrong lane so we pass through this point and its ….Wow!!! We stop by and have our lunch box here. It is not far from Interlaken.

Due to traffic in Luzerbn, Google map suggest us to go to Andermatt instead and there are snow covered in all area. The route might be difficult but you will see the marvellous view along both side of the road.

Finally… arriving at the hotel…zzZZ

27 OCT 2017

Our plan today is to have a day trip to St. Moritz but it is raining and cloudy as well as in Zermatt. View of both side of the road is so amazing but we do not have that many photo as we expect due to raining.

Along the road…

At Zermatt…it already passed the changing season…. Autumn in Zermatt

28 OCT 2017

Today we have to cross the border to Italy.

In the morning we stop by a small lake “Badesee Davos Munts” at Lumnezia Mount where people come to relax.

This is what we see while driving out of the hotel….


passes Lugano which is a border city and we stay at the hotel beside Coma Lake,


The view from both side of the road are so amazing…..^^

VALLE VERZASCA, a small village in Lugano, even it is still in Switzerland area but it does not look like Swiss at all. However it is still very beautiful as itself.

It is the last place in Switzerland that very impressed us before continue to Italy.

Alright, how is it…The season change in Switzerland????

If we compare Switzerland with Japan, Japan will be more colourful. However, Switzerland is still beautiful with its grassland, lakes and mountains that covers by snow, feeling like heaven on earth. Moreover, it is a very peaceful country not too busy. Switzerland is one of the place that you would fall in love and never be disappointed. If you can get a cheaper ticket and can mange where to stay and where to go this trip will not be that expensive. Our trip is not over 60,000 THB within 9 days (8 days in Switzerland and 2 days in Italy). And we travel by driving , staying in an apartment and cooking by ourselves so everything is cheaper. If you are interested in the our ideas of travelling, just check on the link on the top page.

We hope that this review would be useful for all of you especially for the one who wants to go to Switzerland.

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