It's a first trip to discovery the sea of mist in this winter.

This is the first time ever in my life to write the review. It's a real story that I intend to save as my memory but as it was already written. Thus, I think it's much more helpful to share it to you rather than keep it with myself. So, we can travel in Thailand together. If you are ready, let's go....

There are many photos and travel reviews about the sea of mist, mountains and Phu Thap Boek on social medias such as Facebook. After seeing all these beautiful stuffs, I feel like I'm in the heaven above the clouds. Unfortunately, that was only from other people's Facebook because I have never been and experienced it in real.

Thus, ! Let's better go out and see it with our own eyes. It will surely be more beautiful than those from the computer screen.

It's just a perfect time when my friend who was a university classmate called to ask me to make a trip together but where to go then.....Of course!, Phu Thap Buek is destination of this trip. Let's do it....

The day arrives and I drive from home about 5-6 hours. The first night we stay over at Khao Kho, the so-called Switzerland of Thailand and the resort is similarly named as

KaokorSwiss Resort ^_^

When arriving, let's first pay homage to Buddha images for the fortune and prosperity in life.

My friend arrives right after I finish thus let's go straight to the resort. It's exactly located at the viewpoint.

I enjoy the atmosphere, breathe in the fresh air and have enough rest to be ready to explore enough tomorrow so I can cover the 5-6 hours of driving.

Day 2: we wake up in the morning and recharge ourselves with the breakfast from the resort.

After being full from breakfast, let's go out to the first stop at the Weapon Museum/Khao Kho Memorial/Itti Base.

The memorial was created to commemorate and honour the heroic and self-sacrifice soldiers who fought to protect the nation for us to live peacefully and happily today.

We continue to Khao Kho Royal Palace.

The weather is really good. Unfortunately we are unable to visit inside the palace. Let's enjoy the refreshing atmosphere and fresh air outside then.

We stop by to power ourselves with lunch at Nai Toi Restaurant. (It's super delicious, anyone who passes by please try).

We are a group of 4 adults with 1 child and we pay totally about 800 baht for lunch. It's pretty reasonable.

And we also stop at Route 21 for coffees.

Next Station! Our next stop is Wat Phra Thad Pha Son Kaew. It's the highlight spot. It is a must for you to visit if you come to Phu Thap Boek.

However, my friend drives me around the mountain to try a new coffee shop where is recently opened before going to the temple. The atmosphere is great but the price is a bit too high.

It's called Pino Latte. The coffee taste is not that good. Perhaps, this is because it is brand new shop and things are not settled yet. If you are around, please give a try again.

And finally we arrive at Wat Phra Thad Pha Son Kaew ^_^

The temple is very beautiful. Unfortunately, the Buddha Images are being restored but I still have photos of overall atmosphere for you. (It's very crowded even on a weekday.)

Let's go to...Phu Thab Boek (finally hahaha)

We drive from Lom Sak District, it is said that the road is steep and curved thus I have done a bit of the research whether we can go up with a sedan car. And yes, we can because it is said that we can even ride the bike up here.

Then let's make it...we are already here let's go....

Driving up the steep hill about 40 minutes to arrive at our accommodation. It's almost the hilltop. (You can only camping at the hilltop, there is no lodging.)

The view at my first sight is really worth the wait and long driving for many hundred kilometres from home to here.

On the hilltop of Phu Thab Boek, we are so close to the clouds more than ever. I feel like I can possibly touch the horizon.

I arrive up here in the late afternoon nearly the evening and it's pretty cold thus I really have to put on a warm jacket.

And we have dinner here at this restaurant because it's very close to our accommodation.

Suddenly, the fog is rising and getting thicker to cover the hill. The hill therefore becomes so silent and we can barely see anything. Not long after, the wind blows it away.

Let's sleep here tonight. The weather is refreshing and cold as we are at 1,700 meters height above sea level.

Oh, I plan to wake up and stargaze at night. If I am lucky enough and the sky is clear, I will try to take photos of the stars (I have not done this before and I don't even know how to adjust the camera. Let's try to work it out.)

I don't expect this kind of cold weather thus I don't have that warm clothes with me not even a pair of long pant. Therefore, the cold is fully in me, let take enough out of it in this winter hahaha.

At this time is 03:40 AM in the morning.

I wake up with a shot pant and go to the viewpoint. It's so cold. Then I point the camera to the stars and adjust its mode to ISO 100 Shutter Bulk Speed 100 seconds. And here how the photo looks like.

I open the shutter too long causes the star moving. (They are still stars, aren't they? hahaha).

The cold weather causes shaking hands and I can't press the shutter anymore. I can only take 3-4 photos. If I have another chance, I will redo.

And it's over 04:00 AM in the morning, let me get back to sleep so that I can wake up again to see the sea of mist in the morning.

The new morning at the hilltop of Phu Thap Boek

Let's continue to have a look all photos from the destination of this trip without having long explanation.

The skyline, the first light of the new day

Finally I can see the sea of mist with my own eyes. T_T

Later, we go out to find something to eat and drive around to the coffee shop in Phu Thab Boek.

The cabbage farm is a signature of this place.

The coffee shop is in another hill, but we make it.

A jasmine tea is so nice-smelling.

A little kid; shop owner.

We are back to one of the highest viewpoints at Phu Thap Boek again.

There are many people, let's take a look the sea of tents instead of the sea of mist hahaha.

And I would like to end this trip with the sea of mist photo. Let's travel together again next time. ^_^


If you read till this point, I would like to thank you for following and going through this trip together ^^.

What more important is that I want you to travel and get the new experience. It doesn't matter whether the destination is fare or near. You just have to go and travel. You may happen to find many interesting stories during your journey. You can enjoy spending times with your companion. Friends and friendships that have been lost can be back like this trip.

If you like this review, please feel free to press like, to share or even to save the photos.

Thank you very much for following.

# Shut down your computer, pack your bag and see you again. Let's go!

Akarapon Nukoonwutiopas

 Monday, October 26, 2015 11:19 AM