I suddenly feel that I would like to go some places where have very great atmosphere surrounding with mountains

I am curious to be touched with the soft wind without worry. I would like to phase out from the hasty life and find some peaceful place to chill out and have a sip of cocktail. Meanwhile, I can do some good activities in this trip at the same time.

However, the place where I wish to go, it should not be far from Bangkok that much. Eventually, I could make this trip happen by spending 2 days for this trip.

We will go to Suan Phueng district as this trip will be like a hipster trip, hence we decide to discover all places shown on map of Suan Phueng

We have also highlighted 3 outstanding attractions;

1. Aristo Chic Resort - It is the chic accommodation surrounding with mountains http://www.aristo-resort.com/

2. Alpaca Hill - This is an open air zoo, the animals are very tame. All of animals are also tolerant to be taken a photo, touched and played with. Most of people may think that there are only Alpaca available in this zoo but there are actually various animals awaiting for you to visit.

3. Night market has just started operating for 4 weeks, the atmosphere is so nice. You can also sip the good taste of cocktail.


We are ready now, it is time to start our trip from Bangkok to Ratchaburi. We continue heading to Suan Phueng, we have passed Ban Hom Tian. Then, we can see big T-junction, there is 7-Eleven glocery on the left hand side (it is necessary to buy some food at the grocery because we need to continue driving further for 20 kilometers and there will be no 7- Eleven available during the distance). We then turn right and drive straight forwards. Here, you go. The resort is on the left hand side, it is the same way to Alpaca Hill.

We finally reach Aristo Chic Farm, there are 3 room types which are suite, villa and hut.

This is villa zone, it is not far from the reception. It is located on the hill, there are 2 floors in the villa.

To see spectacular view from this point.

While, we are waiting for checking in to Hut room type, we would like to take this opportunity to take some photos in villa zone.

This is the view for the pavement to the room, the is also public park where you can enjoy flirting your lover >_<

We continue walking till the end of the pavement and chill out.

(As you can see the one beside me, she seems not interested in taking photo)

So, it is time to go to the accommodation now, we get the room in hut zone. This room type is surrounded by mountains. The ambience is so great.

We would like to show you that how wide it is, we are enjoyable with panoramic view.

The view of pavement to our room

The upper photo is suite room types, there are 2 bed rooms and the Jacuzzi is also available in front of each room. The lower photo is hut room type and our room is here.

The room is decorated in white tone.

There is a bath tube for soaking our body and have a sip of wine at night. We can imagine how nice it is.

The door connecting to the balcony is at the end ridge of the bed.

After getting off from the room, we are chill out at the balcony.

So, we would like to lead your attention to see the view at the back area of the room... We decide to not go elsewhere, I prefer to get some rest and we will go out later.

Please follow us ^^

This corner is very cool and it is suitable to take a chic photo over here:)

Modeling photo

We can also have a group of geese to join in our photo shot.

They are very lovely ... And they make us hungry as well (- -")("- -)

This might be because it is time for having dinner... So, we will walk to the restaurant for having our dinner over there.

The restaurant is up to the mountain, it is close to villa.

The restaurant has covered the area for 2 floors but we unfortunately forget to take photos. Please do not be so sad because we still take some photos on the 3rd floor for you.

The below photo is the view once we look outside from our table.

We get our meal 4 menus.

The signature meal is Kaeng Riang (Thai authentic style soup, cooked with various types of veggie and shrimp paste... it is also cooked with home made curry). Once, we try this menu, it is so good to have warm soup in the cold weather. For another menu is Bracken Fern salad (the veggie is very crispy, it looks appetizing)

After finished the meal, we chill out for a while.

It is so late night... there is no light along the road, we recommend you to turn on very high level of light if there is no cars passing in the opposite side (Please do not look at the back mirror if you feel scary 5555+)

We drive from the resort and turn right and continue driving for 23 kilometers. We drive pass Ban Hom Tian for a while, then we can see the place for chilling out on the right.

Here we are... It is the night market where has just opened for 4 weeks, it opens on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

There are various food and drinks to be sold in this market. This market is established by restaurant owners and resort owners.

It is not too crowded because it has not been well known yet but we can guarantee about the atmosphere and drinks. Be ready to get drunk :)

The weather is so nice. It is really relaxing ( For those who would like to come here with your lover, we are so sure that you will be successful in flirting due to this romantic moment.)

We recommend these 2 shops, they are close to the rest room. The owner of both shops are very friendly, The taste of their drinks are very good.

We prefer to take some drinks here and do not want to go to the resort yet.

Hence, I am reluctant to mix the drink myself and serve to my lover.

As you may see how we get drunk 555+ (We come here for 2 but get drunk only one, another one will be drunk in the room because there is a Jacuzzi with various lights like a pub)

To have a sip of wine and soak our body in the Jacuzzi.

We wake up at 6 am, we are hurry to take a shower and have breakfast. We are served with boiled egg in a small pan and pork porridge (But it is not necessary to choose because you are able to have them all)

All right, the last photo at this this resort before we continue our trip to another place.

We forget to tell you that this resort also have sheep and horse, we take the photos with sheep only because we do not see the horse.

So, it is time to go to Alpaca Hill, we drive from the resort heading to Alpaca Hill, it is 6 kilometers far. We decide to have some coffee on the way to Alpaca Hill, the view is really spectacular, this coffee café is located nea The Resort Water Park.

It is actually on the right hand side on the way t Alpaca Hill.

We continue driving to Alpaca Hill. Here we are, Alpaca Hill!

After parking our car, we walk directly to the ticket counter, the ticket fee is from 290 baht to 790 baht. You can see all types of animal for all ticket price but the activities are different in according to the ticket price. There are variety of packages, please feel free to choose your own choices. If you would like to feed Alpaca, you can actually buy food for Alpaca for 100 baht for 3 dishes at the ticket counter.

After purchasing ticket, we will get orange bag for feeding Alpaca. We also get blue plastic cap to cover our shoes.

To wash hand and walk through the entrance.

We are now inside Alpaca Hill, we start feeding Alpaca and take photos (Because if you enjoy feeding Alpaca without taking some photo, Alpaca will ignore you after the food is run out)

If you have some food, many animals will be around you. Otherwise, you will be ignored.

Some animals have a straight face... even though, you try hard to play with them but their faces are still the same posture all the time.

Next is hamster.

They are so lovely once they sleep ^^

There are also some birds, you can actually take the photos and play with them, they are very tame.

Next is dwarf kangaroo.

Wallaby ^^

We forget to tell that there is a tour group come to Alpaca Hill today, all animals seem so full. And they seems annoyed once we want to feed them but they are not interested in us.

Capybara, this animal is imported from Peru in South America, it is mammalian animal. It looks like mouse.

It has it outstanding point which is big and good at swimming (But, as we have seen this Capybara is quite slow. This might be because it is so full.)

Prairie Dog :)

This is the giant turtle which is recorded as the 3rd large turtle in the world.

Ferret ^^ They are sleeping.

Chinchila ^^ It is so soft like velvet

They sleep so deeply due to nice air.


We are able to play, touch but they sometimes do not interested in us ... ;P

On the way to the exit, there is a group of sheep... This group always eat even they will be feed by tour group but they are never full (Please be careful, the sheep will step on your feet while feeding them).

After feeding this group of sheep, we would like to end up our trip at Alpaca at this point.

On the way back, we have seen New Land before we reach Ban Hom Tian, there are many activities available over here.


For us, we will shoot the arrow.

If you do not know how to shoot, there is a staff to teach you how to shoot for free, the price is actually included in the ticket price for 100 baht.

Good posture... but the mark is so clean. That is the reason which she does not allow me to take the photo of the mark.

This trip has ended up... where will it be for next trip???

^__________________^ Thank you very much for your attention for this review...:)


 Tuesday, November 3, 2015 10:08 AM