Hi everyone! today Yoko would like to take you to Chiang Mai again, this trip we will travel from Mueang Chiang Mai to Amphoe Mae Wang. Our destination of this trip is to see view of sunrise and the sea of fog at Baan Landoa Resort.

Are you ready! Let's go!

Before we arrived the destination, there are many beautiful and interesting places on the way between Mueang Chiang Mai to Amphoe Mae Wang started with Wat Umong

"Wat Umong"

The temple was built in Lanna period. The ancient Lanna tunnels are adorned with murals but nowadays there are faded and almost completely gone.

The Buddha statue is enshrined inside the tunnel.

We met the little model with traditional northern clothes at the temple.

There are many ancient Buddha statues and beautiful Buddhism architectures with doctrines at Wat Umong.

Went to upstairs, there is the ancient Pagoda which was built in Lanna period.

This is the statue of Tan Panya Natha, the Buddhist monk who ever stayed and taught Dharma to the people at this temple.

After "Wat Umong" We stopped at "Grand Canyon Chiang Mai"

"Grand Canyon Chiang Mai"

It was the place where the owner used to dug the lateritic soil for sell, until they found the water underground and stopped the business. So the owner developed this place to be water park for tourists and travelers to enjoy vacation.

After we finished "Grand Canyon Chiang Mai" we went straight to "Baan Landao Resort", our destination.

On the way to "Baan Landao Resort" at Amphoe Mae Wang you will see the beautiful landscape of nature like this. I guarantee you need to stop and take some photos like us.

White buffalo

After stopped to see the beautiful of nature, then we arrived at "Baan Landao Resort"

"Baan Landao Resort" is far from "Grand Canyon Chiang Mai" about 30 Kilometer, the road to this resort was quite steep but you still can go with Eco car like Toyota Vios with carefully.

The atmosphere around resort.

Because of the resort located at high point of the mountain, so we can see the beautiful view from the top.

Outdoor restaurant with nice view and good weather for dinner in the evening.

Our accommodation

Inside the accommodation was very nice and cozy.

Outdoor bathroom

We went to sleep early prepared for woke up early in the next morning to see sunrise and the see of fog at 6 am.

Beautiful sea of fog at "Baan Landao Resort" in the morning.

The sun was rising.

Beautiful view of sunrise here.

We had breakfast with the ray of sunrise. This resort is a very good place for relax and enjoy nature.

After we finished breakfast and checked out from "Baan Landao Resort" we went to Karen village down the hill. If you visit their village please don't forget to buy some handcrafts from them.

In addition to Karen Village, near the resort there is elephants sanctuary, this place you can enjoy riding elephants tour in the forest and feed them.

If you are going to travel in Chaing Mai, we hope our article will help you about the plan for enjoy your trip.

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Thank you and Bye Bye. ^ ^

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