"The frontier of the east, beautiful forests and splendid waterfalls, plenty of ancient civilisations,

and the commercial venue between Thailand and Cambodia"

Hello there!!! Above is Sa Kaeo Province slogan.

Sa Kaeo is my hometown but I have never travelled here during long weekend before.

So today I will take you all to travel to Sa Kaeo by following the province slogan

Ok...Let's go>>>

This trip I get a new watch "Zoom" : ZM.3826M

The watch is in a nice design with one pointer and big front.

I was confuse a little bit at first but once I know to read it, it is really for teenager like me hahaha^^

Let's see how much it can be used in the tough time like this>>>

The first place that I would like to take you all to is Pangsida Waterfall which is the most famous waterfall in Sa Kaeo located in Pangsida National Park. But first let stop by Sa Kaeo trainstation to remind myself in the past.

It has been 10 years already that I have not been back here. When I was young, I had to take the train to Bangkok all the time....

At this moment, I feel fresh and happy.

Time passed by but a good memory is still keep with us forever.

I do not know if some of you feeling the same when you come back to the place that you have been there when you were young.

(I think I am getting old now - -")

Taking photos of good memory and moving on to Pangsida National Park

In between, I have seen good views and nice atmosphere of my hometown which I have never seen before or I might never interested in.

Sometimes, if we wake up early we can see a lot of beautiful thing and find your new happiness.

No need to hurry, drive safe and absorb a beautiful nature on both side of the road and breathe in fresh air

Finally, we are here at "Pangsida Waterfall"

The entrance fees: Adult 40 THB, Child 20 THB, and Car park 30 THB which only 10 minutes drive from the entrance.

The waterfall is away from the parking about 5-10 minutes walk, located below cover by many kinds of tree.

The top the waterfall >>>

And here is "Pangsida Waterfall"

Pangsida Waterfall is a waterfall that flow from the cliff 8 metres high to a big pond.

It is such a relaxing place with shady atmosphere. Moreover, you can swim in the pond as well.

There will be a lot of people coming to hang out here later in a day.

After enjoying the nature at the waterfall, we continue to the viewpoint at the top of the national park which is about 25 km. from the waterfall. The officer told me that if we are lucky enough, we might see the foggy sea from up there. That's really made me excited. ^_^

We stop by Butterfly Salt Earth, are there any butterfly left for us to see ?

Normally, the high season here is in June.

Luckily, there are some butterflies left to see.

Let's continue to the viewpoint...

All the way to the viewpoint is non-asphalt road and not smooth so it takes sometime to get there.

Finally we are here "the viewpoint of Pangsida National Park"

Today we come quite late so we do not see the foggy sea.

But we see beautiful view of mountain which is the best location for sunset.

And the last destination for today is "Sdoke Kok Thom Temple" which takes about 1 hour from the waterfall.

It takes a lot of time because I get lost hahahaha^^

"Sdoke Kok Thom Temple" is the biggest historical site in Sa Kaeo and

it is a the biggest Khmer historical site in the Eastern part of Thailand located at Kok Song District Sa Kaeo Province.

After the adventure trip, it is time to go shopping at Rong Kluea Market which takes only 30 minutes from here

Sorry that this part I do not have any photos because I have to carry shopping bags for my lady - -*

And these are some tourist attraction places in Sa Kaeo.

With a limited of time we cannot go to all places such as Lalu, Kao Si Wa Cave, Nana Thammasathan, Kao Cha Kan and so on.

There are so many interesting places waiting for you to visit and it is not mass tourist attraction places. So we have more time and space to take photos without rushing.

Lastly, thank you everyone for visiting my page and follow me. If there are any mistakes please accept my apology.

Do not just read the review, you should come to visit Sa Kaeo by yourself.

It is another place where you can spend your Slow Life, away from busy city.

Just go out and you will see that Thailand have more interesting things than you think.

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Thank you very much and goodbye

กินเพลิน เดินเที่ยว

 Tuesday, November 10, 2015 9:35 AM