🌸During the end of March to the start of April, everyone goes to see the Cherry blossoms in Japan. But it’s so crowded! What if I go during the last half of Songkran festival? Will there be cherry blossoms then? Where are some nice places to visit? This time we’re going to the Kanto region or around Tokyo! If you are tired of shopping in the city, try leaving Tokyo! Let’s go!

Date🗓: 18-23 Apr 2017

Flight✈️: Depart from Bangkok - XJ600 and Depart from Tokyo - XJ607

Stay at Kawaguchiko: Fuji Royal Hotel Kawaguchigo

Stay at Tokyo: Oak Hostel Zen


Day 1 〰️ 📍// Narita Airport - Kawaguchiko - Chureito Pagoda //

▪️XJ600 Thai Airasia X reached Narita airport around 7 AM. We took the airport limousine bus to reach the expressway bus terminal then took the bus to Kawaguchiko. The bus stop is on the 4th floor of this building so it’s very convenient if you want to travel to Kawaguchiko from the airport. For the bus, I recommend that you reserve in advance on this site https://highway-buses.jp/thai/

▪️When we arrived in Kawaguchiko, I left my baggage at the station and went to the Chureito Pagoda first because the sky was so clear that we could see Mount Fuji. To reach the Pagoda, I had to climb the stairs. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom so it was worth it!

Day 2 〰️📍// Around Kawaguchiko - Shibazakura festival //

▪️In the morning, I went on the Kachi Kachi Ropeway first because you can walk from the hotel (for the Retro bus, get off at no.11). From here you can see the panorama view of Mount Fuji. 🗻

▪️After getting off the Ropeway, I went to buy the Retro bus tickets at the Kawaguchiko station. I bought them today because I will have to use them for 2 days in Kawaguchiko. During this time, there is the Shibazakura festival but after asking, I learned that the flowers haven’t fully blossomed yet so the admission is free. The flowers were nice and colorful even though they are not blossoming much.

▪️In the evening you can take a walk around the lake (for the Retro bus, get off at no.18-19) the cherry blossoms are blossoming beautifully.

Day 3 〰️📍//Kawaguchiko - Ueno//

▪️ Because I loved the cherry blossoms at the bus stop no.18-19 very much, today I decided to go there again because I wanted to take more photos. Luckily, in the morning there aren’t many people :D

▪️In the afternoon, I traveled into Tokyo by bus again and got off at Shinjuku then Ueno as I stayed there.

Day 4 〰️ 📍//Ameyoko Market -Ueno park - Shinjuku //

▪️Today is shopping day!!!!🛍

Pass: Tokyo wide pass

Day 5 〰️ 📍// Hitachi Seaside Park - Shibuya //

▪️I went to see the nemophila flowers at the Hitachi Seaside Park at Ibariki which is not far from Tokyo (80 minutes by train). You easily can go there as a one day trip. I wasn’t disappointed with this trip!
▪️ In the evening, I went for a walk in Shibuya (and the famous Shibuya crossing!)

Pass: Tokyo wide pass

Day 6 〰️📍// Nezu Shine - Shopping - Narita Airport //

▪️ On the final day I didn’t have a plan so I went to the Nezu Shrine. The orange torii poles were very beautiful and there are hundreds of them. It wasn’t very crowded either :D

▪️Left for the airport to board the XJ607 Thai Airasia X Pass: Tokyo wide pass.

No matter how many times you go to Japan, it’s never enough…you must try it at least once!